How to choose the right wallpaper for the kitchen

How to choose the right wallpaper for the kitchen

How to choose the right wallpaper for the kitchen

Most people choose wallpaper for the kitchen according to their personal ideas of the ideal room. Intricate graphic shapes, pastel colors, flower patterns – the solution with wallpaper wall decoration is quite popular in drawing up a design project.

How to choose wallpaper for the kitchen by color

The walls are finished with moisture-proof materials to easily remove stains and dirt with the help of chemistry. The durability of such material is also important.

When choosing wallpaper, pay attention to:

  • practicality;
  • resistance to various pollution;
  • strength.

The impact of high temperatures, steam is taken into account – soon this can lead to a loss of neatness.

When choosing wallpapers for the kitchen, they choose high-quality and practical options in such a way as to maintain the overall style.

When choosing a suitable wallpaper color, take into account that the color perception of the shade is influenced by light sources in the kitchen, the layout and size of the space.

The color of the walls should match the shades of kitchen furniture and be combined with the overall style. When choosing wallpaper, it is useful to study design trends.

The number of colors and shades of wallpaper is huge. But when choosing the right ones, you should adhere to the design, location and parameters of the kitchen area:

  • In a small area, it is undesirable to glue wallpaper in dark shades. They visually reduce the space, which cannot be fixed even with a minimal amount of kitchen equipment. They will create a gloomy atmosphere.
  • As for the large and spacious kitchen, decorating the room with light shades will make it even larger, which will also deprive you of comfort. It is important to correctly combine several colors so that they complement each other.
  • If the kitchen is located on the north side and is devoid of abundant sunlight, then you can equalize the lack of bright colors with pastel shades (sky, light yellow, white).
  • In a room located on the south side, the presence of bright colors is acceptable.
  • Note!

    To avoid contradictions and maintain the integrity of the design, you need to be guided by the color of the headset and other accessories.

    With the best option, the color of the kitchen set may differ from the walls by several tones. Dark furniture is suitable for light tones of wallpaper. And vice versa: with a dark wall finish, the kitchen set can be of milky shades. Accessories in the form of blinds and curtains should not contradict the unity of the surroundings.

    Wallpaper for the kitchen in a modern style: advice from professionals

    Designers will most accurately tell you what color is trendy. Photos of stylized interiors give an idea if the chosen design is suitable, or whether it is worth focusing on other colors. Therefore, first of all, it is worth studying what is relevant this season.

    The trend of the season is the opposite of colors. Design performance is becoming brighter and more interesting. A bright accent deprives the interior of monotony and creates an environment that can set the appetite. In modern interiors, canvases of bright colors are applied to individual walls to draw attention.

    The trend of delicate pastel shades is not far behind. This solution creates home comfort, and also delimits the space, for example, into the living room and dining room.

    There are several stylistic options:

    • classic style;
    • country;
    • provence

    When choosing a room in a classic design, wallpaper options with elegant stripes, an ornamental pattern or a floral pattern are selected. Both pastel and burgundy colors are suitable here. Photo wallpapers imitating frescoes, architectural compositions or ancient columns are suitable.

    Design in the style of Provence and country is created using colorful wallpapers. Such variations can be with floral displays or a print in the form of wildlife, branches, berries and fruits.

    On a note!

    According to experts, the Scandinavian style is in modern now, which means white wall decoration. When choosing this color, materials with a washable texture are suitable for walls near work surfaces.

    Black and white, beige and turquoise colors are not inferior in popularity. Colder ones in the interior should be accompanied by bright textile accessories or a headset.

    A distinctive feature of modern interiors is minimalism, which also affects the choice of design.

    Plain wallpaper is a good choice. So that the design does not seem very boring, it is supplemented with textures. For example, the decoration of one of the walls is carried out with photo wallpaper with abstraction or a beautiful landscape.

    What wallpaper to choose for a small kitchen

    It is recommended to take into account not only the color scheme when choosing a finish. Take into account the functional properties:

  • Ease of cleaning. Kitchen wallpapers are exposed to pollution of various types and scales. Therefore, they must withstand repeated exposure to detergents. That is why typical paper options are not a suitable option.
  • Wet strength. Vapors and moisture are a constant problem for wallpaper finishes. If you choose the wrong wallpaper, then they can peel off.
  • Abrasion degree. Constant cleaning leads to damage to the surface of the wallpaper. They are divided by strength, and it is better to choose the most resistant ones for kitchen walls.
  • Kinds:

  • Non-woven. Budget finish, which may also fit in the design. Most often they are embossed and painted.
  • Vinyl. They have amazing strength and withstand heavy use without structural damage.
  • The liquid wallpaper. Their application is similar to decorative plaster. The decorated wall is obtained as a fabric. Many models are not moisture resistant, which is taken into account when choosing a material.
  • Glass fiber. Wallpapers containing fiberglass in their composition definitely have heat-resistant properties and also repel moisture. They have a relief, which is regarded in two ways. The relief can create not only an interesting design on the wall, but also accumulate pollution.
  • On a note!

    The main space of the miniature kitchen will be occupied by windows and a suite, so the space for wallpaper remains minimal. It is enough to create an accent on one wall, highlighting, for example, a dining area.

    When choosing wallpaper for a small kitchen:

  • It is better to abandon the idea with dark colors. They visually reduce the room and create a gloomy atmosphere.
  • Wallpaper with imitation of a brick wall. A universal idea that will not create a lot of trouble.
  • Wallpaper with a “wooden” effect. They create a semblance of wooden cladding, which will also add zest to the design, even if it is the decoration of the kitchen in the apartment.
  • Often green shades are chosen for a small kitchen space. Many replace this color with artificial plants.

    Ideas for the kitchen-living room

    The combination of kitchen and living room is suitable for large areas in an apartment or house. Due to the need for zoning, just the wallpaper will divide the space. It is better to decorate the kitchen area in one color or imitate tiles. The main emphasis in the interior can be done on naturalness. The area near the TV, sofa will look elegant if you decorate it with bright wallpaper in a patterned or ornamental design.

    Designers recommend several styles for the kitchen-living room:

  • Ecostyle. The choice of materials in favor of natural. Ecostyle consists of complex compositions bestowed by nature: leaves, trees, stones, etc. Usually, the kitchen is not cluttered with appliances and furniture for free movement around it. Naturalness and lightness are the main features of ecological style.
  • Loft. Loft style requires large footage, panoramic windows and high ceilings. A bold style of wall decoration is welcome here – wallpaper imitating metal, wood, worn bricks. Lighting can be from a whole composition of lamps. Such an interior view of the kitchen-living room will resemble an old factory, which looks creative.
  • Retro. The aesthetics of the 40s of the 20th century are increasingly seen in modern designs. Manufacturers of finishing materials and furniture factories offer a choice of ready-made wallpapers or accessories for retro kitchens. Floral variations on the wallpaper and kitchen sets with high legs, interesting weaves – all these are echoes of the retro style. Here the kitchen is furnished with all appliances, and the living room goes well with it.
  • Kitchen design can extend to other rooms. For example, in the hallway, complementing and expanding the style.

    Of all the wallpaper color ideas for a standard kitchen, a small kitchen or a kitchen-living room, it is worth relying on personal wishes, trends and patterns that can suit a particular apartment or blend perfectly in a private house.

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