How to decorate a children’s room for a girl 12 sq m – design and photo ideas

How to decorate a children's room for a girl 12 sq m - design and photo ideas

How to decorate a children’s room for a girl 12 sq m – design and photo ideas

Starting planning a children’s room of 12 sq m for a girl, one should be guided by several principles:

  • choose the best design;
  • the interior should be transformed depending on changes in tastes and age;
  • pay special attention to furniture and its arrangement;
  • choose the optimal combination of practicality, environmental friendliness and space safety.

At the same time, the shape of the children’s room and the presence of natural light are of no small importance.

What are the popular styles for the nursery today?

Children’s spaces are usually performed in several typical styles.

Classical. The most common is the classic, which is always relevant and attractive. Delicate, pastel shades, light furniture, and an elegant chandelier prevail here. If we talk about finishing materials, then this is natural wood, high-quality wallpaper, parquet.

In the classic children’s room there is light textiles, a soft rug on the floor. The walls are decorated with pictures in beautiful frames. Among the additions you can put a dressing table.

Provence and country. This style is the most comfortable, warm and friendly. It is chosen by residents of large cities so that they can fully relax at home.

Style colors create a good mood. If the windows of the room face the north side, the sunny shades of the interior and warm artificial light will give a special atmosphere to the space.

This style is characterized by floral motifs, floral prints on wallpaper, flowers in paintings, textiles, as well as live plants. Furniture in soothing shades, wooden details with the addition of forged decorative elements.

Thematic style. The child can arrange a room in the style of your favorite cartoon. It can be furniture with stickers with characters, textiles, photo wallpapers.

Modern style. Is the most democratic. There may be various materials, a combination of plastic and wood, leather and textiles, glass elements. One of the walls can become an accent wall, where a large poster or photo wallpaper will be placed.

Scandinavian style. A distinctive feature is the colors of the sea wave: blue and blue-green. Airy, light style, with bright accents.

How to arrange furniture?

A room for a girl is a multifunctional space where she not only sleeps, but also relaxes, plays, does what she likes, learns lessons and meets friends.

You can consider zoning with open shelving. In this way, it is easy to separate the recreation area and not deprive the interior of natural light.

A desk, if possible, should be placed in front of a window so that light enters the work surface. Add some pouffes, a small sofa or chairs where you can relax during the day or receive guests.

What furniture to choose?

If we talk about choosing a bed, it is better to stay on a single bed with an orthopedic mattress. Under the bed there may be a storage system that will accommodate a blanket and bed linen.

In a room for two girls, you can choose a bunk bed or place two beds along one wall.

You can also put the beds opposite each other.

Or choose the option of a corner location.

Children’s furniture should be practical, comfortable and multifunctional. Therefore, modular options or transformers are often selected. They help organize space and not load it.

It is convenient to use compact storage systems that fit perfectly into the interior. First of all, let’s pay attention to wardrobes. Chests of drawers, boxes, boxes for various little things will also be used.

Books are best stored on open shelves located on the walls or racks. They will not clutter up the room, and the remaining space can be filled with small accessories or potted flowers.

What textile to use?

Pay attention to textiles: bedding, bedspreads, window decoration. It is very important that it is combined and harmonized with the interior design.

It can be a contrast to the rest of the finish, become a central element that will attract attention. In this case, the rest of the details should be more relaxed.

Color solutions depending on the age of the girl

Psychologists advise for a young child to give preference to pastel shades. Since bright colors can become a source of irritability.

At the age of 5 to 7 years, you can decorate the room more diversely, which has a positive effect on the development of creative abilities. Here you can already involve the child in creating your own space.

At the age of 7 years, it must be taken into account that it will be necessary not only to organize a place for doing homework, but also to create a comfortable environment that will not distract the child. Diluted shades of light tones are becoming relevant.

A teenager already independently creates his own space. At this age, original ideas, unusual finds and a fresh look at the world appear in the interior of the room.

Next, let’s look at the color combinations of children’s rooms, regardless of age.

The stereotypes of pink for girls tend to move into the design of the room. For lovers of this color, we recommend using its numerous shades. Each princess will be able to choose the one that will be most pleasant to her.

In addition, pink can be successfully combined with colors such as white, beige, ivory, gray, brown and even turquoise. The palette of combinations depends on the intensity of the main color.

Gray is also actively used in the interiors of children’s rooms. Light gray shade visually enlarges the space. Complement it with details of rich colors: crimson, lilac, purple and the interior will sparkle with colors. The main thing is the correct dosage of a bright shade.

The design is often based on white. It is combined with any paints, therefore it is a universal choice for a children’s room.

Similar to white beige color. It is neutral and warm, so if the room is located on the north side, it will be the perfect solution to give the interior coziness and freshness. A popular shade of beige is peach.

A combination of delicate blue or light turquoise, subtle menthol, ultramarine with white or tiffany color is well suited. But it should be remembered that this cold range is only suitable for rooms with sufficient natural light.

Children’s room in shades of green sets up calmness, positive and creativity. Use the right tones for rooms on the north or south side. The further south, the colder the shade.

Wallpaper plays a basic role in choosing a color for a room. We have prepared a separate article in which we talked about all the secrets of choosing wallpaper for a girl in a nursery.

Some interesting ideas

Let’s pay attention to the decoration of the room. Here are just a few elements that will make it more interesting:

  • stickers (stickers) for walls, which can be geometric shapes, hearts, stars, in the form of animals, trees, flowers, clouds;
  • posters;
  • stylish toys;
  • tents, huts, houses;
  • original shelves for books, toys and various trifles.

Now let’s take a look at the overall design. What will make a room comfortable?

  • Bright accent wall;
  • Stripes are able to expand the space. A short wall will become visually longer due to horizontal stripes;
  • An advantageous finishing option is wallpaper for painting, they are easy to adjust to any changes in the room;
  • Unusual details will give originality to the interior.

Children’s room design 12 sq m

Next, let’s look at the finished photo projects of children’s rooms of 12 sq.

Project 1 is designed in a classic style, with a warm and soulful atmosphere. This is the sister and brother’s room. The main idea of ​​the room is different wallpapers on the walls and a partition between the beds.

Handmade details adorn the walls, enliven the atmosphere in the room.

Project 2 – created in the style of “Alice in Wonderland”. Fairy tale in every detail.

Project 3 from South London. Shows serenity and peace.

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