How to decorate the wall above the bed in the bedroom?

How to decorate the wall above the bed in the bedroom?

How to decorate the wall above the bed in the bedroom?

Thanks to the original design of the wall above the bed in the bedroom, you can fully transform the interior of this room with its own specifics.

Let’s start with simple solutions. Don’t redecorate the entire bedroom. It is enough to decorate one wall above the bed and the desired effect will be achieved. Thanks to the non-standard design of the headboard, you can completely change the interior design of the entire room. In this case, the bed will remain the same.

For example, by decorating the wall with tiles, the bedroom will be filled with a unique atmosphere.
Why was the wall behind the headboard chosen and not the others? To begin with, it should be said that it is the only surface that does not catch the eye of a person before going to bed. In this case, no matter what design you choose for such a wall, you can easily fall asleep and wake up without any problems, without worrying about an unexpected image in front of your eyes. Further, it should be noted that you subconsciously perceive the design of such a wall as a continuation of the bed.

If there is modest and simple furniture in the bedroom, as well as with a small budget, the originality of the wall behind the headboard will distract the eyes from the inexpressive furniture. What can serve as a wall decoration other than traditional wallpaper? This material presents ideas for decorating the wall above the bed in the bedroom.


The tile will be quite appropriate as a decor for the wall in the bedroom. Before using it as a decoration, an infrared warm wall covering should be prepared in the form of a film heater, the heating parts of which are laminated with special electrotechnical polyethylene or polyester. This design is a protection against electrical breakdown. The film becomes airtight and waterproof. It is used as the main and additional heating.

Recently, colorful mixes have been considered a fashionable design trend. Companies that produce tiles are also engaged in the production of similar sets. They go on sale in the same way as panels or ordinary plain collections.

wood paneling

When choosing this wall design option, you can stop at one of the types of decoration:

  • It uses salvage, antique and artificially aged board, of the type you see in Indonesian boat marinas or barns.
  • Photo wallpapers with an original image that will focus on the wall are also suitable.

In the first case, you will have to fork out, but then you will get a noble design, and in the second – a budget and easy-to-work design.

Soft panels

If the walls in your bedroom are cold and it is a corner room, then it is necessary to insulate them with soft textile panels that are mounted on a “sandwich” of soundproof three-layer materials consisting of two sheets of hard metal, PVC, fiberboard or magnesite board and a layer of insulation between them . The noise from the street will practically not penetrate into your bedroom.

Repainting can be replaced by installation

If you are not an adherent of an active wall design solution, then you should not immediately repaint them. Add some white and bring down the overall tension. There is a powerful theory behind this wall decoration. For example, during the day you can glue a new cube. In this way, over time, you will achieve an individual design solution in your bedroom.

No decor is allowed on the wall. In this case, it can also have an attractive appearance.

The old housing stock, in a way, plays into the hands of apartment owners who do not want to have decorated walls in the bedroom. Otherwise, we can say that in order to achieve this goal, plaster is knocked down and the old brick is cleared. If you find an uncomfortable “native” color, cover the wall with white water-based paint.

Painting above the bed

Another way to decorate the wall in the bedroom above the bed and divert attention from the annoying surface is to place a picture, which after a while can also become boring, but in this case, you can completely replace it with a new one. It’s much easier than re-wallpapering or refinishing wood paneling.

Bright paintings on the wall above the bed in combination with a bedspread. This contrast makes the interior of the room complete.

In this photo example, the paintings are a kind of accent of the room.

Modular pictures

Wall decoration with moldings

The simplest and most effective solution for decorating the wall above the bed is a contrasting layout of polyurethane or gypsum molding on its section. In this version, the design will immediately acquire classic features, and the wall will become a full-fledged element of the interior.

Wall above the bed decorated with molding

Patterns on the polyurethane wall add charm to the cozy interior of the bedroom

geometric shape ornament

Are you looking for a simple design for the wall above the bed? The best option in this case would be a chevron. This drawing is pretty easy to make. It will be unobtrusive and fashionable. To do this, take masking tape and stick stripes that match in color.


Residents of our country, who were born in Soviet times, will note that the carpets on the walls are an anachronism. But in fact, everything is not quite so. Modern products are very attractive, and in a sitting position on a bed, a bare back will be more pleasant to lean on a soft cover than on “cold” wallpapers.

Carpet on the wall above the bed in the interior of the Art Deco room

Carpet above the bed in the bedroom in ethnic style

Photo panels or 3D panels

Another option for decorating the surface above the bed will be wall panels on which a photo print is applied. You can place them in a rather unexpected place – a corner. Teenagers will be delighted with such decor.

Wall mural

One of the most common wall decoration options above the bed in the bedroom. But they lose their appeal if the pattern covers the bed. Before you buy photo wallpaper, you should decide on the height of the headboard. In this case, the decoration of the wall can be done by specialists who will print the panels according to clear sizes. To do this, they only need to provide the desired image.


The main danger of such a design is creative chaos. Not everyone can give frames of different formats a harmonious combination. But if you decide on a hanging scheme, then the “internal content” will fade into the background. In this case, even children’s creativity or illustrations from comics can be enclosed in frames.

A good photo example of the implementation of the gallery above the bed

Photos placed on a shelf are also a popular option for decorating walls.


This option will not work only if the bed is too close to the wall. But the curtains here will be appropriate if there is no window next to the bed. They can be constantly changed depending on the mood.

The canopy will add romanticism to your bed.


If the original brickwork is missing, and you want to decorate the bedroom in the loft style with newfangled tiles in the “brick” version, then you can spoil the overall design of the room. Better play a little hooligan and use airbrushing to come up with something creative.


An easy way is to apply a stencil to a painted wall. If the wall is plain, then the ornament should be contrasting, and the stencil should be proportionate. Fix it to the wall with adhesive spray. It should fit snugly and not leave smudges.

Design solutions

Pay attention to other ideas that you can implement yourself in the bedroom.

Custom size wood shelf

Mirrors of different styles on the wall opposite each other

A long wooden headboard will emphasize the eco-style of the room

Drawings on the wall above the head of the bed

It can be elements of nature, animals, patterns.

As well as inscriptions made by hand or with the help of special stickers.

A few more examples:

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