Ideas for decorating the wall above the sofa in the living room with a photo

Ideas for decorating the wall above the sofa in the living room with a photo

Ideas for decorating the wall above the sofa in the living room with a photo

Decorate the wall above the sofa in the living room in such a way as to make the interior attractive and harmonious. It is better to use proven solutions, there are enough options and you need to consider many examples in order to choose the right one. It is not necessary to be a designer at all, most of the ideas are quite realistic to implement on your own.

How to decorate the wall above the sofa in the living room: photo, in a modern style

Modern design offers freedom in the choice of options, so many concepts can be implemented. The main thing is that all the elements are combined and the situation is harmonious with an emphasis on the wall near the sofa. Some interesting solutions are presented here:

  • Large clock. It can be either a full-fledged product of a sufficiently large size with or without glass, or a fashionable composite version. In this case, the mechanism and the arrow are placed in a certain place on the wall, and numbers or other symbols are attached separately. The result is a piece of jewelry that is both practical and aesthetic at the same time.
  • Allocation of space above the sofa due to bright coloring or the use of textured plaster. The simplest technique that allows you to focus on parts of the wall. To enhance the effect, you can use lines, graphic patterns, or simply highlight the outline.
  • Spectacular lighting can be the very highlight that will decorate the wall behind the sofa and give it a special charm. Lamps are placed above, below or even on the wall. They can simply illuminate the surface or highlight certain objects, if necessary. A separate option is an LED strip in plasterboard niches or in special baguettes, which gives a soft diffused light.
  • Interior stickers allow literally in half an hour to transform the walls and turn a boring plain surface into the main and central design element of the living room. There are a lot of options – from motivating quotes or words to silhouettes of famous objects and any images – flowers, buildings, abstract shapes, etc. You can buy ready-made kits or order your own unique version.
  • Various niches and decorative elements made of drywall. When carrying out repairs, you need to think about this moment, inside you can arrange the decor, place the backlight, or use similar elements as bookshelves.

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You can combine the two solutions if it suits the design concept and allows you to make the wall above the sofa in the living room more expressive.

How to decorate the wall above the sofa in the living room: in a classic style

Classic is not one, but several directions that imply a thorough approach to design and a choice of options that are not subject to trends and fashion trends. On the one hand, it is easier to choose decorations, on the other hand, you need to find something that will seem banal and make the atmosphere more expressive. Let’s take a look at some good examples:

How to decorate the wall above the sofa in the living room
  • A niche in the location of the sofa, which uses luxurious wallpaper in a contrasting color or an option with a pattern that attracts attention. The traditional solution for the classics, which is often complemented by a massive ceiling plinth. Despite its simplicity, the result is attractive.
  • To highlight part of the room, you can paint the wall in a contrasting color, and hang classic-style wall lamps above the sofa. They not only decorate the environment, but also serve as additional lighting for reading on the sofa or doing needlework. Highlighting an area of ​​a room with light is one of the commonly used techniques.
  • You can place built-in or ordinary open-type cabinets or with glazing on both sides of the sofa. In this case, it is important to choose beautiful furniture and think about what to place on the shelves to make the interior more attractive and stylish.
  • With the help of a baguette and expanded polystyrene decor, an imitation of luxurious stucco is created. You can make several rectangular segments or even glue halves of columns on the sides, it all depends on the style of the living room and the features of the room.

In the classics, restraint and thoroughness are important, you should not use flashy colors, too contrasting elements. Bright light is also not suitable, here dimmed lighting or ceiling lamps with diffusing lighting are more in place.

Wall decoration above the sofa in the living room in a Scandinavian style

This direction is loved by many for its simplicity and functionality. In addition, when carrying out repairs, the costs will be an order of magnitude lower, since the Scandinavian style is characterized by asceticism and the use of the most affordable materials and solutions. As for the design of the wall, the following options are most often used:

  • The surface is painted white or another discreet shade. In this case, the wall serves as a background, and the main design falls on the decor, which must be selected with great care.
  • Most often they use large paintings in thin frames, they look simple and tasteful. Moreover, the images should not be too bright, black and white options or compositions in neutral colors will fit perfectly.
  • Another common technique in this direction is modular paintings. In this case, the image is divided into 2 or more elements. Or they sell a set of different paintings made in the same style, creating a harmonious composition.
  • A separate look, often used now, is empty frames, here they pick up elements with a beautiful design that can be painted in a contrasting color to enhance the effect.

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You can use dim lights or a garland of frosted balls to give extra comfort due to artificial lighting. These are often sold in IKEA stores.

How to beautifully decorate the wall above the sofa in the living room with your own hands

It is worth analyzing several interesting design techniques that are used infrequently, but allow you to make the living room more original. There are actually a lot of ideas, you can use the described solutions as they are, or come up with something of your own based on them. The most original and stylish options for decorating the space above the sofa in the living room:

  • The laminate on the wall looks beautiful and is simply attached – using a polyurethane compound. This option can be an improvised headboard or reach the very ceiling. The panels fit perfectly, so for their installation you only need to make guidelines in the form of lines. Usually, textures are selected that imitate the type of wood that is suitable for the overall design of the living room.
  • A brick wall or part of it fits perfectly into modern styles, and in a loft it is a kind of business card. You can imitate it by using clinker tiles, which are simply glued to the surface. And you can do it even easier – apply a layer of mortar and paint the masonry, and after the surface has dried, paint it in the desired colors.
  • A good solution is to paint the wall with stripes from the darkest tone at the bottom to the lightest one at the top. Such a gradation will perfectly fit into a modern setting and is guaranteed to make the wall behind the sofa the main element that attracts attention. You can draw broken lines or use any other graphics if it is appropriate.
  • Using squares for wall decor. They mark the surface and apply elements of different colors with paint, it looks stylish and unusual.
How to decorate the wall above the sofa in the living room

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In some cases, fabric will be an excellent solution; it is stretched in a large frame. It is advised to choose options with a rough texture, they look better on the wall.

photo wallpapers

This is a great solution that allows you to quickly transform the wall and give it almost any effect. The main thing is to clearly combine the pieces so that there are no displacements at the joints. As for the original options, there are several:

photo wallpapers
  • Landscape or panorama of the city – if you choose an interesting image, it can be a great addition to the interior. Moreover, it is not necessary to cover the entire wall, you can decorate only part of it.
  • Photo wallpaper with a 3D effect is an unusual way that can add volume to the surface. Most often, varieties with segments of different sizes are used, they look especially realistic and literally transform the wall.
  • Imitation of brickwork or other material. If you do not want to glue clinker or apply and structure plaster, you can use a simpler method. It is both cheaper and much easier in terms of labor intensity.
  • Various abstract compositions are selected according to a certain style and can depict anything.


When choosing photo wallpaper, you need to pay attention to their quality – the paper should be strong and dense, preferably resistant to abrasion.


Not only attractive in appearance, but also a practical solution that allows you to arrange decorative elements and use shelves to store the necessary little things. Suitable for almost all styles, it is worth analyzing some interesting ideas:

  • Smooth tiers above the sofa are a classic that is always relevant and allows you to arrange all the necessary decor. A good solution is to make a niche to place shelves in it, but this is not necessary.
  • Asymmetric position involves the placement of elements with a shift. But even here it is important to think about how best to fix the structures so that the wall looks harmonious, and not like a chaotic heap.
  • Niche from the shelves. Simply put, two cabinets are placed on the sides of the sofa (the modules are hung on the wall with them, it looks unusual) and there is a horizontal compartment on top, which can have different sizes. It all depends on what will be stored there, under the order you can make a system for any living room.
  • Segments of different shapes and sizes. These can be individual squares, rectangles, hexagons, or irregularly shaped structures. They themselves look unusual, and if you think about what to put on the shelves, you can focus on them even more.

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You can make the shelves even more spectacular by using LED backlighting. It can be placed both at the bottom and at the top.


A fashionable technique that allows you to make the living room unique, because you can pick up memorable pictures and place them in front of you, creating a composition. We can use different options:

  • Family pictures or photos of each of the relatives. It is important to choose frames that will be combined and create an interesting composition. Here, a number of factors are taken into account – from colors to image features.
  • Beautiful photos of nature or cityscapes. The main thing is to choose high-resolution images that will look beautiful and allow you to see everything down to the smallest detail.
  • Interesting pictures from the Internet or ready-made design photos, specially designed for use in the interior.

On a note!

Sizes can be either the same or different. Frames are most often used, but they should not be too massive.

You can decorate the wall above the sofa in the living room yourself if you find a suitable solution from the review and implement it taking into account the characteristics of a particular room and personal preferences. The main thing is to observe the measure and carefully select each element of the decor.

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