Instructions for working in the Prodboard kitchen constructor

Instructions for working in the Prodboard kitchen constructor

Instructions for working in the Prodboard kitchen constructor

Kitchen project designer Prodboard works online. For correct operation, developers recommend using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer version 11.

Do you want to design a kitchen? go to Kitchen Builder

First, let’s look at the functionality.

  • switching to full-screen mode is carried out by pressing the corresponding icon on the right toolbar or the F11 button, turn off – the Esc button;
  • scrolling the wheel on the mouse allows you to zoom in or out of the model;
  • with the right mouse button held down, you can move the model up and down, with the left mouse button you can rotate, change the projection;
  • to delete an extra element, use the Del key;
  • in the left menu panel there are thematic blocks, including the ability to specify the initial parameters of the room, select the interior decoration, equip it with the necessary furniture and appliances;
  • the project can be saved. When creating several projects, you can return to any of the saved ones through the “My projects” button;
  • Help button will provide additional information.

Step 1. Creating a room, you must set the initial parameters.

To switch to the “Room” mode, you must click on the corresponding menu icon located on the left side of the screen. Creating an accurate project begins with the parameters of the room, therefore:

  • set the “Dimensions of the room”, indicating the exact data on the width, depth and height of the room;
  • we will arrange in “Walls and Columns” all the available features of the kitchen: partitions, boxes, columns, etc.;
  • mark windows and doors on the plan. Each element is presented in several views, you only need to select the one that is available in your space and specify its dimensions by clicking on the object after transferring it to the project.

Step 2. Choosing the decor of the room.

In the “Materials” menu item, select “Room decors” set the design of the walls, floor, specify the presence of floor and ceiling plinths.

Step 3. Arrangement of furniture.

The program offers a large selection of furniture, including lower and upper cabinets, shelves, pencil cases, tables, chairs. We go into the catalog and select the lower, upper sections of the kitchen set. For the built-in stove, you can install canisters.

Step 4. Adding technology.

The kitchen must have the necessary appliances: a refrigerator, a stove, an extractor hood, you can additionally install a washing machine and a microwave oven.

Important! Each element of furniture and equipment has its own dimensions. To create an accurate project, you must specify the desired dimensions.

The finished image will be created by decorative elements that are in the Catalogs: dishes, cutlery and knives, sets, spices, paintings.

Step 5. Refine the color of the furniture.

The designer allows you to set the color of each element of furniture: facades, countertops, cabinets. On the “Materials” tab, you can set any shade of the selected element, and in “Fronts, handles” you can choose the type of facade, the main and alternative colors, as well as complement the image with fittings.

By also ticking the wall panel, you can choose the color of the apron.

Step 5. We look through the resulting project.

On the right toolbar there is an Animation Mode button, by enabling which you can view the functionality of the headset. By pressing the mouse button on the desired piece of furniture, you can open the doors of cabinets, pull out drawers.

At this stage, you can revise some elements and replace them with others, change the parameters. Go to the “Project Structure” item and click on the desired module.

Step 6. Save.

To save the resulting design project with the possibility of further editing, you need to go through a simple registration on the site. Registered users can save multiple projects and return to them.

At the top of the screen there is a button “Finish an application”, which will allow you to make a preliminary calculation of your kitchen.

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