Interesting bathroom interior design ideas for 2022

Interesting bathroom interior design ideas for 2021

Interesting bathroom interior design ideas for 2022

A small bathroom often baffles owners. There is nowhere to swing, but I want a beautiful repair. The latest trend is to make the bathroom as functional as possible. The interior should be designed so that the owner can make the most of the space.

Small bathroom interior design in 2022

In every small room, you need to increase the space at least visually. This is best done with plenty of lighting and mirrors. To maximize the functionality of every corner of a small room, it is better to use more shelves and hanging drawers that save space.

On a note!

Wall-mounted sinks and toilets are another way to visually enlarge the space, it is better to place them in the corners of the room.

Using tiles can increase the space in the room. For this, a large tile of light colors is suitable. Heavy decorations and lamps on the walls should be avoided. When it comes to a large bathroom, high-quality ceramic tiles will be the most expensive part of the renovation, but in a small room you can afford relatively expensive tiles, the area is smaller.

Open space is what matters in a small bathroom. And it will be much easier to clean up if everything around is not cluttered with different things.

A small bathroom is not a sentence, sometimes it is even easier to deal with it than a large one. If you visually enlarge the space in such a room, you can create a modern design without feeling claustrophobic.

Bathroom interior with corner bath

A corner bath will fit well into the interior of the bathroom in 2022. It looks more beautiful than usual, and modern technologies allow you to create bathtubs of the most bizarre shape.

This solution has advantages:

  • The unique design is created by a combination of smooth lines and hard edges, which “neutralizes” the massiveness of the structure.
  • A corner bath saves space, as it does not require the entire space of one of the walls. There will be space, for example, for a sink or toilet.
  • A corner bath is larger than a standard bath, so it is considered more comfortable, because it can be positioned in different ways, like in a jacuzzi.
  • A solution with a corner bath looks aesthetically pleasing and modern, if only because in the corner where it is located, you can place a colored panel of ceramic tiles that will complement the design.

A corner bath is good for classic, minimalist, loft and modern styles. They are popular and applicable everywhere – both in small rooms and in more spacious ones.

Classics in the interior of the bathroom

The classic design of the bathroom means “sweep”. The main characteristics of this style are rich decoration, elegance, and most importantly – spaciousness. In the bathroom, to create a classic interior, you need:

  • good lighting;
  • symmetry in the placement of furniture;
  • clear geometry;
  • the predominance of natural materials;
  • lack of modern technology.

Plumbing is best chosen in a single style, so that together with the decoration a whole picture is created in which there are no bright contrasts. The color scheme, whether it be light or dark, should be in restrained, even muted tones, without catchy accents. You need to try to create a sedate, even rich atmosphere that does not scream about how expensive it is, because everything is clear. Primary colors:

  • beige;
  • white;
  • gold;
  • black;
  • grey.

Of the materials, wood, metal, and stone are suitable, the main thing is the naturalness of the finishing material, this will add luxury to the decoration.

The room is made brightly lit, without dark corners, both spot lighting and chandeliers and sconces are allowed. All lamps are chosen in the same style, so as not to disturb the harmony.

Modern interior ideas with a shower: new items

Eco-style is becoming more and more popular. Now naturalness is welcomed everywhere: in makeup, hairstyles and clothes, in interior design. The bathroom has become not just a sanitary room, but a full-fledged room, it became necessary to create a beautiful design in it, so naturalness has penetrated not only into the design of living rooms, but also into the interior of the bathroom. Making a washing place with a shower without a cabin is not very aesthetically pleasing, so it is recommended to consider at least screens.


To cater to changeable fashion, it is best to use a stone – for example, marble. Although, in order not to spend fabulous money on repairs, you can stop at ceramic tiles or panels. Furniture with natural wood details will also complement the interior.

Hanging cabinets, shelves and mirrors are an excellent solution for both large and small bathrooms, as they visually increase the space without creating a feeling of heaviness. This is especially true for small bathrooms, because in these you usually need to add air and space.

If there is no space for a large bath, you can replace it with a shower. A 100% right decision would be a shower with glass walls, and at the floor level, without a threshold. This option will make the result of the repair fashionable and modern.

Choice of bathroom color

The bathroom can be beautifully decorated in any color, the main thing is to apply it correctly:

  • Black. Good for large bathrooms, as it visually reduces, “eats” the space, and in small rooms, on the contrary, it needs to be increased. So that the room is not completely dark, it is better to dilute the interior with white elements. In such an interior, you need to think over the lighting very well so that it is not dark. However, in black, you can perform a very elegant, deep and modern renovation.
  • Brown. The design of the bath in this color gives vent to fantasy. At least because brown has many shades: beige, olive, chocolate, clay, and so on, so everyone will choose to their taste. The popularity of this color is due to the relevance of eco-style, because brown symbolizes natural materials, such as wood, which is now as popular as stone. In addition, several different shades can be combined in one interior to create a more interesting and complex design.
  • Green. Another close companion of the popular eco-style. In combination with white, you can create a very pleasant design, light, warm. If such a bathroom is diluted with indoor plants, you can create an atmosphere of real tropics. You just need to make sure that the plants tolerate high humidity and temperature changes well.
  • Blue is always in fashion and by choosing it, you can definitely make a good repair. In addition, it has many shades, which, in combination with white or sand, will create a very elegant design in Scandinavian style.
  • Gold. A complex color with which it is important not to overdo it. It is used in combination with white, and white should be dominant, but there is also a combination with black, dark green or blue. The main part of the room is best done in one of these colors, and the details and part of the wall tiles in gold.
  • Pastel shades. Beige, pale blue, lilac, light green and other light shades are a reliable solution for bathroom decoration. It looks elegant and helps to visually enlarge the space in small bathrooms.

First of all, the choice of color is guided by personal preferences. Before you equip the room, you need to choose a color scheme.

Economy class bathroom interior

It’s not always possible to go big on renovations, but that doesn’t mean that on a tight budget, it’s impossible to create a pleasing bathroom design. With a rational approach, you can make the bathroom a real place to relax, and realize all your design dreams.


You can save on finishing materials. You don’t have to splurge on expensive stone sinks or equally expensive marble finishes. Beautiful design is not always expensive.

Each style requires different costs. For example, with a tight budget, you should not count on a neoclassical or classic bathroom. One of the best options is minimalism, since excesses are not welcome in it, functionality and restrained elegance are more important. The same style welcomes compactness, which looks more expensive than a pile of different items.

The idea of ​​“inexpensive but beautiful” is realized both with the help of neat furniture and the choice of colors. It is better to use light, muted colors in a budget design; you should not choose bright combinations so as not to get a tasteless interior. Optimal – white, woody, beige. When skillfully combined, these shades look expensive, and it will be better than too bright colors that are difficult to combine with each other.

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