Interesting ideas in the interior of the bedroom in 2021

Interesting ideas in the interior of the bedroom in 2021

The bedroom is where we spend a third of our lives. It provides a great opportunity to retire from the hustle and bustle and problems, sleep and gain strength after a hard day’s work. The design of the room plays an important and probably key role, creating a harmonious environment for rest and relaxation. The bedroom design of 2021 is formed by well-defined boundaries and separated styles. The art of subtle combinations of the eclectic trend prevails in the design.

Bedroom interior 2021: classic design

In a traditional style, a bedroom can be decorated by combining several directions and currents. It can be Baroque, Art Nouveau, Greek style, Renaissance and others. The classics are characterized by an emphasis on eye-catching wood carvings, antiques, velvet drapery, natural furniture, gold glitter, crystal and silk.

Decorating a room according to traditional canons is not an easy task. The direction does not tolerate liberties, requires expensive materials and attention to detail. Advantages of the classic:

  • Relevance. The classic never goes out of fashion.
  • Significance. The status of housing designed in this style does not need to be artificially raised.
  • Naturalness. Natural materials are used for decoration.
  • Clear rules. The classic is focused on specific design rules. She does not tolerate any blurry frames and experiments.
  • Ease of selection of furniture and decor. Almost all manufacturers have classic models in their product line.
  • Some flexibility in design. The owner has access to a strict English style, airy French or another, more suitable in meaning.
  • Natural color texture. The use of natural materials ensures the use of natural shades in the interior.

It is a mistake to think that the classic has no flaws. Like any other style, it also has weaknesses:

  • Fixed frames. Retreats are not allowed. Bright posters, neon lettering, 3D floors and bold color schemes categorically do not match the chosen style.
  • Lack of minimalism. The ultimate practicality and conciseness inherent in neoclassical interiors are unacceptable in strict classics.
  • The high price of furniture, finishing materials and decor. Classics – the direction is definitely non-budgetary.
  • Wide scope. For a small small bedroom with low ceilings, the classic style will be out of place.


Modern styles imply the presence of a TV or a technological workplace, which is inappropriate for the classics. However, they can be made hidden: the TV is placed behind the hinged doors of the cabinet, and the laptop is behind the hinged lid of the bureau.

In the classical style, much attention is paid to furniture, decor and finishing materials. The latter should be made of expensive wood or stone. If they make an imitation using budget materials, they try not to be conspicuous. From the furniture in the room set:

  • bed;
  • bedside tables;
  • dresser;
  • bench;
  • rack;
  • armchair;
  • dressing table, chair or pouffe;
  • cupboard;
  • console;
  • desk and chair.

From the decor in the classics, paintings with traditional subjects, mirrors, beautiful stucco, columns, pilasters and textiles prevail. The interior will be organically diluted with photos stylized antique or retro. From drywall, you can build an alcove at the head of the bed or install a fireplace portal. Salon interior solutions offers a wide range of materials to implement any of your ideas.

Modern Bedroom Design: New Trends for 2021

Designers in the new season continue to promote the ideas of minimalism. But the conciseness of the interior does not imply its asceticism. The room becomes more functional, it becomes much cozier and more comfortable. According to modern trends, the interior should be focused on the principles of environmental friendliness and creating optimal conditions for healthy sleep.

Even the classic style is beginning to be dominated by minimalist and eclectic trends. Interiors decorated with great pomp become more elegant. A shade of a sea wave appears in the color texture. But it is not used as the main one, but to dilute boring white and gray tones. To enhance the status of the room can be decorated in a neoclassical style. It involves the creation of historical interiors with the help of modern finishing materials.

A variety of styles, as well as new trends, allow you to decorate the room, following modern trends. Designers identify a number of principles for creating an interior:

  • Minimalism. It involves the creation of an attractive interior, where space, functionality and a clear organization of space will be organically combined.
  • Classic. Today, this style is one of the most popular, mainly because such interiors do not go out of fashion and are always relevant.
  • Loft. It allows you to expand your consciousness and combine diametrically opposed motives. He is not alien to the combination of antiquity and innovation.
  • Provence. The province of the same name is known for its fragrant lavender fields, fragrant spices, delicious cheeses, cozy houses, as well as the charm of the sea and sunlight. These components have become an integral part of the design in this style.
  • Country is sophistication and practicality, naturalness and simplicity, the embodiment of a rustic spirit.


Modern design trends are characterized by smooth and complex lines. The style contains glass, plastic, wood and stone. Elements allow you to create an unlimited number of concepts for organizing space.

Budget interior: simple and tasteful

Budget interior design is also appropriate for middle class people. To make the room look simple but stylish, you need to follow a few important design rules. First of all, remove excess furniture (which is especially important for small apartments). They leave only the most necessary: ​​a bed, a wardrobe and a couple of bedside tables.

The conciseness of the budget design also applies to the decor. The choice of the latter should be approached consistently and deliberately. A sliding wardrobe with mirrored doors is perfect for storing things. Reflective surfaces can expand the limited space of a small room. The colors should be dominated by pastel colors: peach, light gray, sand, soft pink and white. Too bright colors should be avoided.

For lighting, a small central chandelier and several wall sconces are used. When choosing fittings, the ability of devices to scatter light is taken into account. It should be soft and slightly muted. In a large room, zoning is advisable: install a small floor lamp next to the dressing table or dressing room. In any case, to change the intensity of lighting and create the desired mood, it is advisable to install a system with a regulator.

What are the trends in the interior of the bedroom in 2021

The design of the bedroom in the new season will not change dramatically. The design of the women’s sleeping quarters traditionally has a romantic connotation. It can be characterized by the presence of a much greater decorative effect. As a rule, girls are provided with a two-zone space: a sleeping place and a “working area” with a computer, as well as a place for cosmetics. The focus is on maximum functionality.

From shades it is desirable to choose pastel colors. If the size of the room allows, you can install a bed – a sofa bed is more suitable for a limited area. A closet, bedside table and chest of drawers with a mirror will dilute the interior. Flowers in vases, paintings and wall lamps are used for decor.


Oversized double beds and wardrobes are unacceptable – they destroy the romantic atmosphere. It is better to use compact furniture in neutral tones.

The men’s bedroom is decorated, trying to fit maximum functionality into a minimum of details. Suitable directions: classic, hi-tech and minimalism. The ideal colors are blue, gray, black, brown and beige.

The central place in the formation of style is given to furniture. The bed and wardrobe are taken as the basis. There are several ways to organize space. A full bed with an orthopedic mattress or a folding sofa next to which there will be a small bedside table are examples of minimalist design. The floor is lined with bright laminate or parquet. Traditional wallpapers are glued to the walls, decorated with decorative PVC panels. As decor, figurines and paintings by contemporary artists are used, which bring individuality to the design.

The design of the matrimonial bedroom should be based on the preferences of both spouses. If the room is designed for a couple, zoning is not done in it. When children sleep with their parents or the room is combined with an office, they are divided into separate zones. The room is dominated by a light color scheme. This solution is especially relevant for small apartments.

The walls are finished with a variety of materials, but more often they simply paint or stick wallpaper. The combination of shades and textures allows you to radically transform the room. You can put a laminate or linoleum on the floor, and a soft carpet next to the bed. It is desirable to use a suspended ceiling (carved or stepped).

The room in which they sleep occupies the most important place in the entire apartment and creates an atmosphere of complete relaxation. Whatever style is preferred, it must have a feminine, masculine or family ego. This aspect is taken into account when selecting decorative elements, furniture and textiles.

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