Interesting narrow hallway design ideas

Interesting narrow hallway design ideas

Interesting narrow hallway design ideas

The entrance hall is one of the most important elements in the apartment. The design of a narrow room at the entrance should be multifunctional, practical and have its own style, but at the same time be combined with the design of other rooms. A small area and the almost complete absence of natural light require a competent approach to the arrangement of the premises.

Design of a narrow hallway with a wardrobe

The first thing that is important to do in such a room is to visually expand the space. To do this, you should use light shades when decorating the walls – beige, vanilla, peach and others. For the ceiling and floor, you can choose darker colors, but so that they are in harmony with the design of the rest of the rooms.

On a note!

Furniture should be arranged so as not to block the passage.

The most popular design option is a narrow wardrobe. It contains a bar for clothes, all kinds of shelves and drawers. And the main element of saving space is sliding doors. You can make a version of the wardrobe without doors, but in this case there should be an ideal order. In addition, dust will settle on open shelves and things.

In modern stores, you can choose the filling of the cabinet individually.

Main types:

  • Modular. Consist of separate blocks with different content.
  • Embedded. Located in the niche of the room. In fact, the shelves and frame are attached directly to the walls and everything is complemented by sliding doors.
  • Corner. A facade with a sliding mechanism is used.
  • Diagonal. The doors are at an angle.
  • The shape of the cabinet depends on the type of hallway. He can be:

    • concave;
    • convex;
    • direct;
    • have rounded edges.


    If space allows, an open modular storage system can be attached to the side of the wardrobe.

    Different materials are used for such cabinets:

  • An array of wood. Durable, but expensive.
  • Chipboard. Eco-friendly, but short-lived.
  • MDF. Durable and practical.
  • Doors can be of any color, with a mirror, pattern, pattern or photo printing. The color should be chosen based on the design of the entire corridor so that it fits harmoniously.

    For a complete and comfortable filling of the cabinet, it is important when planning to distribute the areas of use. It can also be supplemented with lighting. Light creates comfort and lightness in the room.

    Thus, a narrow hallway can become truly comfortable and multifunctional.

    Design of a narrow hallway in a modern style

    A variety of styles can be attributed to modern ones; when choosing, there is scope for the customer’s imagination. Popular destinations:

  • Modern classic. Solid wood furniture with glass, bronze fittings, laconic finish. For decor, bronze or crystal figurines, stucco, paintings, floor or wall mirrors in wide frames, banquettes are used. Colors – brown, beige.
  • Loft. The combination of wood and metal, decorating walls under brick, tile, wood imitation. The floor is most often covered with tiles, stone or boards. The room is decorated with the help of metal products, novelties of designer mirrors in metal frames. Colors – white, gray, black, brown.
  • High tech. Used glass or glossy coating, metal. The main rule of this style is minimalism. Colors – white, gray, metallic, black.
  • Provence style. Everything is made of wood, the floor is in the same style. It is decorated with such accessories as clocks, wall key holders, umbrella stand, cozy pouffes, mirrors in wooden frames. Colors – vanilla, pale blue or pink, olive.
  • Important!

    It is worth paying attention to the lighting of the space. With the help of light, you can create accents in the interior, it is more convenient to dress and apply makeup with it.

    Mixed styles are often used to match the overall tone of all rooms in a house or apartment.

    Beautiful design of a narrow hallway in Khrushchev

    The corridor in this type of house is small, narrow and lacks natural light.

    To visually expand such a space, you can use calm tones in the design of the walls:

    • beige;
    • vanilla;
    • peach;
    • cream;
    • pastel.

    For the ceiling it is better to choose a white tone. As for finishing materials, they must:

    • easy to clean;
    • be moisture resistant;
    • withstand temperature fluctuations.

    The main finishing materials are paint, non-woven wallpaper or plaster.

    On a note!

    If you make a floor that goes into the corridor and beyond, for example, into the kitchen, the space will look larger.

    After decorating the room, it is necessary to select furniture. It can be made to order on an individual project or you can buy a suitable standard size. In color, it should fit the entire style of the hallway. It is important to remember that when choosing furniture with a glossy finish, the space visually increases. You should also pay attention to the front door and select the color scheme of the interior for it.

    You can consider using furniture with open spaces – it creates a feeling of airiness and lightness. When choosing an entrance wardrobe group with hooks for clothes, it is better to give preference to narrower options. They can be with an ottoman, a shoe rack or small storage boxes.

    A mirror on the floor helps to increase and deepen the space. It can be placed separately on the wall or built into the cabinet door.

    Next, you need to think about lighting in a small hallway. There must be a lot of it. Organization options:

    • spot with the use of lamps and illumination of niches (or mirrors);
    • built into the ceiling;
    • using LED strips.

    On a note!

    Such unusual decorative elements as photo frames, clocks, “houses” for keys create coziness and comfort in the hallway.

    Despite the small size of the corridor in Khrushchev, the design of the hallways can be both stylish and practical at the same time.

    Hallway design ideas with a mirror

    The mirror is an important attribute of the hallway. It allows you to create a comfortable design, lighten the space and look good before leaving the house.

    Options for mirrors in the hallway:

  • Embedded in furniture or wall. The most convenient and practical option. In size – most often they are made in full growth, which adds lightness to the room.
  • Outdoor. It takes up space, but if the style is observed, it fits perfectly into the design of the corridor. It can be adjusted to the required angle of inclination, as well as rearranged to another location.
  • located in the door. A good option in terms of saving space, but in this case it is not recommended to slam the door.
  • Comes with a shelf/cabinet. Multifunctional design. Small items can be placed on shelves or in drawers, as well as supplemented with spot lighting.
  • There are many options for the shape and design of the mirrors themselves. They should be considered directly for a specific design project.


    When determining the location of a mirror in space, it is important to consider effects. It should be noted that the horizontal will visually expand the space to the sides and reduce the height, while the vertical will increase the room up and make it possible to look at full height.

    How to arrange furniture in a narrow hallway

    Proper design involves planning. Therefore, you need to define:

    • how many shoes are used constantly and where it is better to place them (wardrobe or separate shoe rack);
    • whether the clothes will hang at the entrance or everything is located in the closet;
    • where guests will put things;
    • do you need space for accessories (gloves, scarves, hats, and others);
    • how many mirrors do you need;
    • do you need an ottoman (or a banquette) for sitting shoes.

    To make it clear the location of all things, it is better to schematically draw a corridor project.

    There are several options for arranging furniture:

  • Linear. If the corridor is narrow and long, the width of the furniture should be small (40-45 cm). It is preferable to place it in one row against the wall so that there is an easy passage. In this case, the wardrobe is best considered with sliding doors and, in order to save space, immediately with a mirror built into them. It is logical to refuse furniture that will clutter up the passage. A shelf for clothes with hooks should be considered hinged – this way there will be more space.
  • Angular. It is similar to the first option. But in this case, one corner is selected for the main storage location and a modular design is installed. It may be closed or open. Such a system is capacious and original.
  • U-shaped. Usually such a hallway looks like a square or a narrow rectangle. Therefore, the furniture here fits to a minimum. The best option is on the one hand a wardrobe with a variety of fillings, which will help to accommodate the maximum amount of clothes, shoes and accessories. On the other hand, a mirror to the floor.
  • Narrow corridors can be decorated:

    • stylish floor vases;
    • unusual forged products;
    • photo frames;
    • umbrella stands.

    On a note!

    Proper design and proper arrangement of furniture contribute to the creation of a multifunctional and stylish hallway.

    A well-designed entrance hall with a stylish design and properly selected furniture will create a favorable first impression when entering an apartment or house. A narrow corridor can be multifunctional, containing more than it seems, and at the same time look harmonious.

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