Interesting small bathroom design ideas

Interesting small bathroom design ideas

Interesting small bathroom design ideas

A combined bathroom is popular in modern apartment projects, but in old houses, where it is done, the owners think about redevelopment during repairs. However, the combination has a number of advantages, including the ability to implement design ideas and simplify the communications layout. Another plus is cost savings. One room is cheaper to finish than two.

Design of a small bathroom combined with a toilet: stylish solutions

There are several simple rules, thanks to which the room will look not only comfortable, but also beautiful:

  • visually expand the space by highlighting zones – they can be emphasized with multi-colored tiles;
  • when planning sewerage, take into account the slope and cross-section of pipes.
  • installation of a hanging toilet bowl – such models are more expensive, but they allow you to win a place;
  • apply at least two lighting options;
  • replace the bathroom with a shower.
shower cabin


When preparing a project, it is advisable to immediately take into account that a lot of little things are stored in the bathroom. To do this, install lockers and drawers. The laconic design looks good in the picture; in everyday life, assorted bottles and jars on open shelves create a sense of disorder.

A few more tips to help create comfort without sacrificing practicality:

  • A corner cabinet can be multifunctional, in addition, it will help to designate zones.Corner cupboard
  • For a small room, light colors are suitable, they not only increase the volume externally, but are also more practical – traces of splashes will not be so noticeable on them. Dark tiles are appropriate only near the toilet.
  • Instead of a mirror above the sink, you can place a mirror cabinet for storing various little things.mirror cabinet
  • The heated towel rail can be placed in a niche behind the toilet. This is not very practical, but will facilitate engineering solutions with water drainage.
  • In a tiny room, the abundance of finishing details looks bad. Therefore, thinking about how to equip it, it is better to refuse difficult decisions.
  • The bowl sink is stylish, and the countertop becomes an additional work surface.Sink-bowl
  • When purchasing finishing materials and furniture, they take into account functional features – temperature changes and high humidity.

A large number of mirrors, glossy surfaces and glass details will make the room visually more voluminous, however, measure is also important here. Overdo it – you will feel uncomfortable. Multiple images violate intimacy.

Bathroom without a toilet with a washing machine: interesting ideas

Many make a choice in favor of a separate bathroom. It is especially relevant for families with children. Of course, in this case, problems with the area are inevitable, but even on a few square meters, with due ingenuity, you can place everything you need without sacrificing the aesthetic side. The same principles are preserved that are followed when designing combined latrines: division into zones, the use of techniques that allow visually expanding the room, the use of various lighting options.

It happens that installing a washing machine is difficult. The correct choice of the unit and the little tricks that the designers offer will help to solve this issue:

  • For a tiny bath – models with vertical loading. They are specially designed for small apartments and take up very little space. The downside is the reduction in the number of cabinets and shelves at a convenient level above the lid.Top loading
  • The location of the machine under the countertop with a sink provides several advantages at once: more working space, it is easier to supply water and connect to the drain.
  • With a sink with a side drain above the washer, a washbasin pedestal is not required.Under the sink
  • The most daring and creative can use the wall mount. Minus: installation is possible only with a mini-unit on a supporting structure.
  • Many people like the placement in the closet. In this case, you can make shelves for storing bath accessories from above.
In the closet


When choosing where the washing machine will be located, you need to pay attention to the connection to communications and the availability of outlets, especially when implementing the idea with a cabinet.

If there is very little space, redevelopment may be required. It does not have to be radical – it is enough to provide a small niche due to the protrusion towards the corridor. From the outside, it can be masked by a cabinet.

Bathroom design without bathtub with shower

A compact box is convenient for business people who have a day scheduled by the minute, and for pensioners – for security purposes. It makes it easier to buy a pet. The main advantages in refusing a bulky wash basin are obvious: taking a shower saves time and water, there is more space for household appliances

When developing a project, you must immediately decide between industrial development and individual. The advantage of the first is simplicity, you immediately get the design in the kit. The disadvantage is that it is not always possible to catch the style, bulkiness. The advantages of industrial boxes also include a combination of several functions – from hydromassage to the effect of a bath. But they cost more.

The most rational would be independent equipment of the bathing area. You can install partitions made of transparent or frosted glass, plastic, or limit yourself to curtains. For the bottom of the shower, ceramic, acrylic or tile pedestals are suitable. In each case, you need your stock. Sometimes you have to change the angle of the slope and drill additional drain holes.

Designers offer various placement options – in a corner or in a niche. In addition, there are original ideas when the shower becomes the central detail of the interior. It all depends on the size of the room and taste:

Corner booth
  • The classic style involves light colors and a minimum of decorative elements. We choose materials from natural stone or its imitation.
  • For rooms of small volume – modern with a lot of mirror surfaces and glass. Colors are light with small bright spots.
  • Mediterranean style combines blue, white and wood. Lightness, simplicity, airiness, but taking into account the purpose.

We must not forget about the little things. Not only beauty, but also ease of use. The package includes shelves for bathing accessories, hooks for towels. Clotheslines will be needed by families with children and the elderly. It’s ugly, but necessary.

Bathroom in Khrushchev: photo

The main problem that the owners face is a tiny bathroom (only 3 m² combined and 2 m² separate). And you also have to take into account the features of walls, corners and ledges. But even here there is the possibility of a creative approach that allows you to fully realize even a minimum of space. The main thing is to think carefully about planning. But a small amount of work can make it possible to carry out repairs very cheaply, especially if it is done by hand.

Ventilation in such houses leaves much to be desired. Despite regular checks, hoods are often useless. In order not to spend money on cosmetic repairs, it is better to immediately choose materials that are not afraid of high humidity – ceramics, glass or plastic and special paints.


It is necessary to make sure when buying that everything is certified, does not emit harmful substances when heated and the use of chemicals. Regular cleaning of the hygienic room is the preservation of health.

If you prefer a traditional bathtub, you can purchase an asymmetric acrylic bathtub that doesn’t take up much space, and a washbasin can be installed above its narrow edge. The decision should be made in favor of an open type booth.

Now there is a large selection of small-sized hanging and corner cabinets, toilets with a vertical drain that save space. It is better to hide the washing machine under the sink, preferring compact models.

Sometimes it’s hard to wait in line. In this case, the zones are arranged one behind the other. Then the one who washes will not have to jump out, wrapped in a towel, if someone from the family needs to urgently visit the “corner of thought.” The toilet is mounted closer to the doors, then – a screen partition. It is not necessary to lift it to the top. This space is ideal for placing linen strings.

There are also a few secrets in the design:

  • beware of variegation – 1-2 primary colors and accents;
  • light colors – increase the space, although impractical: you have to keep order, wipe the walls and shelves;
  • we lay the tiles on the floor diagonally – this will also help create an optical effect of spaciousness.
  • we avoid pretentiousness – laconic design wins.

When choosing a design, do not forget that design solutions can not always be implemented in real apartments. A small bathroom with a shower does not allow you to fulfill your plan. At the last moment it turns out that something does not fit. In this case, include fantasy. You should never sacrifice convenience. Believe me: an extra shelf is better than the minimalism and sheen of metal due to the beautifully curved design.

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