Interior design of a small living room

Interior design of a small living room

Interior design of a small living room

Today we will talk about how to properly organize the space in a small living room, about modern ideas of 2019, about how to choose a design. And be sure to show everything in the photo examples in the interior.

small living room layout

In order to determine the organization of space, it is necessary to take into account the layout of the room. Let’s look at what small living rooms can be.


An ideal option for a small living room is a square shape. There is no need to visually adjust the space. In such a room, you can arrange furniture, both along the walls and in the center.


A narrow rectangular room needs proper planning, as the standard position of the door is opposite the window, which causes the effect of a corridor.

To get rid of it, there are several design tricks:

  • increase the doorway or even abandon the door and arrange the opening in the form of a wide arch;
  • curtains for windows choose light, slightly draped along a horizontal line;
  • make wide walls glossy or use a vertical pattern;
  • lay the floorboards parallel to the narrow walls.

Option for a narrow living room with a berth.


If you have a corner living room of a non-standard shape, then take care of sufficient lighting for each area. Most often, such a space should be made light, giving preference to unusual forms of furniture.

With a balcony

The balcony in the living room allows you to add natural light. Modern designers often use a technique that allows you to use it as a summer option for expanding space.

Some increase the room at the expense of the loggia, insulating it.

How to arrange furniture?

The main task of designing a small living room is to visually expand the space. Therefore, you should not furnish it with massive furniture, but rely on compact options.

When choosing furniture for the living room, listen to a few recommendations:

  • furniture should not look large and absorb space too much;
  • light shades will make it easier;
  • adhere to the correct geometric shapes;
  • diversify the light background of upholstered furniture with bright decorative pillows.

A good option for a small room is the use of furniture that can be easily transformed. For example, a sofa bed or a sofa with pouffes, which can be assembled into a corner or placed around a small table for tea drinking with friends.

Color solutions

The choice of color scheme for the living room depends on the location of the windows and the sufficiency of natural light. The southern rooms can be “cooled” a little and refreshed with cold shades, while the northern ones need a warm range.

Small-sized rooms need to be visually made more spacious. Therefore, light colors are most often used here, which do a good job of expanding the space. A pastel, beige palette of finishes, combined with light furniture and glass accessories, makes the living room light and bright.

Dark colors, on the contrary, visually hide a small space and make it gloomy. Designers are advised to abandon such colors so that the interior of the living room is more pleasant and comfortable to be there.

It is not excluded the addition of bright details in the living room, which will harmoniously look in the whole appearance of the room. It can be an accent wall, furniture, carpet or other decor that will stand out from the crowd. But this technique should not be used for a large number of elements, otherwise the interior will seem overloaded with colors.

An important role in the color of a small living room is played by wallpaper, read about the latest trends and novelties of this year here –

Style Tips

The choice of the style of a small living room should be taken responsibly. We list those that are most often used in its design.

  • Modern. Differs in functionality and convenience. Wood, concrete and glass harmoniously exist here. Graphic details on the walls make the interior interesting, while sofa cushions, a rug and a plaid soften it.
  • Scandinavian. Embodies lightness and freshness, so it is great for a small living room. White walls, ceiling create a background that expands the boundaries. In order for natural light to fill the space as much as possible, you should abandon the curtains on the windows. Interesting details can be lamps of unusual shapes, paintings, bright decorative pillows.
  • Provence. The subtlety of French manners is combined with rustic simplicity in a romantic Provencal style. In such a living room there are lace curtains, floral patterns on a delicate background in beige, pink or peach shades. Various graceful figurines, porcelain vases and live plants become an addition to solid, rather massive furniture.
  • Classic. Neutral calm shades, natural materials, lamps made of glass or crystal, paintings and mirrors in gold frames are the distinctive elements of this style. Modern technical innovations easily fit into the atmosphere of the classics.

Although you can usually find massive curtains on the windows in such an interior, in a small living room on the shady side it is better to make a lighter option or pick them up with elegant ribbons. The beauty and symmetry of the space is complemented by stylish clocks and paintings.

Techniques for visual expansion of space

Making a room bigger is easy by knowing a few secrets from interior designers:

  • Refuse large patterns and prints on the walls, give preference to plain surfaces or small patterns.
  • Mirrors add light and expand the space. They can be on the wall or in the form of furniture inserts.
  • Do not overload the room with many small details.
  • It is acceptable to use gradient coloring of the walls, which will add brightness to the room. Be careful, this technique can visually overload the room.
  • Pay special attention to lighting. If there is not enough natural light, add lights so that there are no dark areas.

Interiors of a small living room

Let’s look at beautiful interiors where a small living room looks elegant and stylish.

It’s also smart and compact.

with a fireplace

The hearth has a unique ability to turn even the simplest interior into a room where homeliness, comfort and a welcoming atmosphere reign. When organizing a fireplace in the living room, you need to know that it will become a key element.

Of course, it is impossible to install a traditional fireplace in a city apartment. But the range of electrical analogues allows you to adapt it to a decorative portal and create the necessary atmosphere.

Most often, the fireplace is installed near the wall with the TV.

Also, directly below it.

Read more about the interiors of the hall with a fireplace here.

With a clock on the wall

The clock in the living room is often an element of decor. Stylish in their execution, they will be a great addition to the design of the walls.

An important point when choosing a wall clock is the style in which the living room is decorated.

For Provence, it can be a clock with a wooden frame, for a classic one – a sophisticated mechanism in a gold frame, for Scandinavian – only arrows on the wall.

Modern Ideas

Among the trends of recent years, one can observe a tendency to combine several rooms into one to increase small-sized areas. So, for example, the living room is combined:

  • with kitchen;
  • loggia.

This technique is very successful in most cases.

Eco-friendly and safe materials in decoration are the next modern trend. Light natural shades behave well in small rooms. Bright accents are also acceptable.

The minimum amount of furniture will make the living room more spacious: stop at upholstered furniture, compact storage systems and abandon the traditional massive walls.

An excellent option would be pieces of furniture that are easily transformed and moved in space.

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