Interiors of a living room with a fireplace: 99 successful photos

Interiors of a living room with a fireplace: 99 successful photos

Interiors of a living room with a fireplace: 99 successful photos

A fireplace in the interior of apartments is installed not only as a source of heat, but also for decorative purposes. The presence of a fireplace makes the room cozier, and the atmosphere is warmer and more comfortable. It becomes the central part of the living room, so the interior as a whole will depend on its design.

What are fireplaces?

Installing a solid fuel fireplace in urban apartments is not allowed. The only exception are apartments located on the top floor of the house. But in this case, a well-designed chimney is required, facing the street, running through the attic and roof.

For modern apartments, you can choose a hinged or corner fireplace. The second option fits more successfully into a modern interior. Corner designs look more refined and compact. To make a choice, it is worth understanding the features of the models available to urban residents.

False fireplace

A false fireplace is a design that imitates a real hearth. Its frame is constructed from drywall or brick, and the exterior finish is made from the desired material. Such a model can be installed in any part of the living room, arranging it for the general style of the room.

It is not uncommon for designers to use artificial fireplaces to decorate a room. They may contain flames drawn in chalk or decorative firewood.

Electric fireplaces

Electrical products are easy to use in an apartment. Their main elements are made of wood and glass. This is the best option for those who want to have an analogue of a wood-burning fireplace in their home. At the same time, it does not need a chimney, is easy to maintain and runs on electric energy.

With the help of a decorative electric fireplace, you can illuminate and heat the room. The indisputable advantage of such models is affordable cost, safety for human and animal health. To power such a device, just plug the plug into the outlet and enjoy the beauty, adjusting the heating temperature if necessary.

There are mobile electric fireplaces, made as a heater or humidifier.


Biofireplaces are a relatively new device in interior design. It runs on biological fuel in the form of multi-colored granules: solid alcohol, sawdust or bark, compressed peat.

An ideal option for city apartments, given the fact that they emit a minimum amount of carbon dioxide during operation. Accordingly, the installation technology does not require the installation of a chimney or a special ventilation system. When the pellets burn, very little ash remains, so the maintenance of the biofireplace is minimal.

Finishing methods

Almost any material can be used for facing electric or artificial fireplaces, since the surface does not warm up to high temperatures. The most popular finishing materials include:


The leading position among finishing materials for decorative portals is occupied by ceramics. In addition to high refractory performance, the material is distinguished by a wide range of colors and patterns.

Thanks to the applied glaze, the surface is easy to wet clean and repels moisture. The original shape of the tiles will help make the fireplace the main decorative element of the living room, decorated in any stylistic direction.


The tree does not have heat-resistant characteristics, but if you follow a number of recommendations, you can easily ennoble the fireplace with it:

  • The material is pre-impregnated with a special fire retardant;
  • The furnace is equipped with a protective screen;
  • A ventilation system is provided;
  • With the help of wood, not the entire portal is lined, but decorative inserts are made;
  • Ash and alder are not used.

Otherwise, there are no contraindications for the use of wood when decorating a fireplace.

Fake diamond

Artificially created stone is quite popular due to its low cost compared to its natural counterpart, and similar characteristics.

The material is moisture resistant and durable, does not require special skills when working. For the same reasons, preference is given to artificial bricks.


When choosing such a finish, you do not have to spend a lot of effort, time and money. The technological process is as simple as possible and does not require additional strengthening of the structure. At the same time, it is worth choosing materials that meet fire safety requirements.

A huge range of colors allows not only to choose a shade that suits the style of the room, but also to easily change it if necessary.

10 photos of examples of corner electric fireplaces in the interior of the living room

If the living room space allows, then you can choose a fireplace of any shape, but for owners of small rooms, preference should be given to corner models with the effect of live fire. It will occupy any free corner, near which you can arrange a recreation area.

Models of corner fireplaces

Corner fireplaces in their design are divided into two groups: symmetrical and asymmetrical, each of them has its own characteristics.

1. Symmetrical

The choice of such a model for the living room will require a special arrangement of furniture and original framing. This is the case when the fireplace and its cladding will play a major role in interior design, and the rest of the items should competently complement it.

The advantage of these models is their ability to heat the room, so it is ideal for apartments with insufficient heating. Often, symmetrical fireplaces are flat or semicircular, they fit perfectly into a classic interior and are used to zone the living room. On this model, you can safely choose the owners of premises with a small or medium area.


This type of fireplace is suitable for a spacious living room, as it requires a lot of free space. An asymmetric model can be made in any shape, even the most non-standard, but at the same time retain its original purpose.

The design option depends only on the owner’s imagination, which makes it possible to fit it into any interior style from classic to high-tech. An original solution for decorating a living room in a modern style, which will certainly make the room unique, cozy and respectable.

What to look for when buying:

To make the right choice when buying an electric fireplace for the living room, it is not enough just to decide on the design. In this case, a few professional tips will help:

  • Power. The degree of heating of the room will depend on this indicator. If the device is assigned not only a decorative function, the power should be calculated based on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hall;
  • The size. An important point, since its location and the arrangement of other pieces of furniture depend on the dimensions;
  • Designer decoration. When choosing an exterior finish, it is necessary to build on the general stylistic direction in the room and apartment;
  • An additional advantage will be the ability to adjust the brightness of the flame and temperature;
  • If possible, you should give preference to a model equipped with an air humidification and aromatization system.

Compliance with simple recommendations will allow you to choose a fireplace that will not only decorate the living room and heat it, but also make the interior much more comfortable and harmonious.

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