Kitchen 10 sq m – design and more than 100 photos in the interior

Kitchen 10 sq m - design and more than 100 photos in the interior

Kitchen 10 sq m – design and more than 100 photos in the interior

When planning a kitchen design of 10 square meters, designers think in advance about the use of each useful meter. Today we will tell you how to place everything you need in a small space, while maintaining comfort and functionality.


The placement of furniture and appliances in the kitchen depends on the layout of the room. There are three main types of layouts:

  • angular;
  • rectangular;
  • square.


The most optimal interior solution for the design of a small kitchen is the placement of a corner set along the walls. Cabinets and shelves are arranged at an angle of 90º to each other.

According to the designers, such placement of elements of the kitchen set saves space. The efficiency of using the main functionality is increased due to the convenient location of each element.

There are two forms of corner sets:

  • L-shaped. Due to its versatility, this form is very popular. The elements of the headset are arranged perpendicular to each other.
  • U-shaped. Headset elements are placed along 3 walls of the kitchen. This option takes up more usable space compared to the L-shaped headset. Despite this, designers note its practicality and functionality. Ideal for housewives who love a large number of shelves and drawers in the kitchen.


In a rectangular kitchen, the headset is advised to be arranged in two ways. A single-row or linear arrangement of lockers along one of the two long walls is considered practical. This method of placing the headset is often used for elongated rooms.

In a rectangular kitchen, the set can be placed in a two-row way. This option is suitable for not too narrow spaces. The recommended width of the room should be medium.


The square-shaped kitchen can accommodate everything you need, leaving enough space for the dining area. Any furniture layout is suitable for creating a harmonious space. This layout option is considered the most functional and ergonomic.

In order to make cooking in a square-shaped kitchen as convenient as possible, it is recommended to install high cabinets with a large number of shelves and small drawers. The area under the window can be used by making it a continuation of the kitchen set.

With a balcony

A small kitchen with access to a balcony can be seen both in houses that were built many years ago and in modern buildings. Such a layout is considered to be advantageous.

The balcony combined with the kitchen allows you to enlarge the room, make it more spacious and fill it with daylight. The presence of a balcony allows you to realize the most daring design ideas.

How to use the balcony, the doors of which open to the kitchen:

  • as a dining area in the warm season;
  • as a functional part of the kitchen space.

The area on the balcony can be decorated in the same style as the kitchen. Such an interior always looks modern and original. A contrasting color scheme will allow you to make the necessary accents and highlight the balcony as a separate area.

When choosing a light wood set, the doorway to the balcony will be less noticeable compared to the interior, for which dark cabinets and shelves were used.

Thick curtains and blinds are used to mask the door.

with refrigerator

In a small kitchen, a good place to install a refrigerator is the area near the sink. As a rule, there is always free space there. Very often, a refrigerator with such a layout will be adjacent to the doorway. Above it can hang cabinets for storing kitchen utensils that are not used in daily cooking.

In order for the refrigerator not to clutter up the kitchen, it is advised to place it in the farthest corner of the room. This solution will make the refrigerator less noticeable and visually expand the space. To save space in the kitchen, a microwave oven or other appliances are placed above the refrigerator.

When choosing an angular shape, the headset can be placed at the window, which is located near the working area. The cooking process will become more convenient.

If the room provides access to the balcony, then the refrigerator must be installed away from the doorway. This can be done at the opposite wall from the balcony door. The open door of the refrigerator should not interfere with access to the balcony.

With sofa

A comfortable sofa will help make the kitchen more functional and comfortable.

With the help of a sofa, they create an additional area in the kitchen – a dining room. Due to the lack of extra free space in the kitchen, it is important to choose a compact sofa that takes up little space.

It is best to pay attention to the corner structures. The sofa is placed in a free corner opposite the kitchen set. One of its sides may adjoin the window. Therefore, when choosing furniture, it is important to know what the maximum allowable height of the back of the sofa can be.

With a bar

To save space in the kitchen, a bar counter is used instead of a large dining table.

A stylish and elegant solution will allow you to create an atmosphere of home comfort in the kitchen, conducive to communication. Bar counters are either a continuation of the kitchen set, or are attached separately to one of the walls in the room. They harmonize in color with the shelves and cabinets in the kitchen.

with an island

Recently, unusual designs in the kitchen, which have several levels, have become especially popular.

One of the levels is used for eating. The tabletops of the island, placed at different heights, allow you to cook food while standing on the one hand, and on the other hand to have breakfast or lunch while sitting on a chair.

The island on the forge saves space and makes the room more functional.

Design Options

A small kitchen can be transformed by choosing the right interior solution.


The design of a kitchen of 10 sq m in a modern style is chosen by people who appreciate practicality and order. Clear lines, the absence of unnecessary details in the interior, the presence of comfortable work surfaces are the main features of the room, decorated in a modern style.


The kitchen set can be made of quality materials of any color that will be in harmony with the walls in the room. Art Nouveau style does not involve the use of open shelves, their contents are covered by cabinet doors.


In the interior of the kitchen, only useful things and objects were used. The salient features of the style are:

  • simplicity in the choice of decorative and textile decorations;
  • a minimum of furniture elements;
  • when designing a kitchen, a maximum of 3 different colors are used (most often neutral);
  • use of built-in technology;
  • good lighting.

High tech

The high-tech style is characterized by the predominance of glossy surfaces with a metallic sheen in the kitchen. Modern household appliances become part of the interior. Many lighting fixtures are used to decorate the kitchen. Elements of the kitchen set have clear lines.


The classic interior of the kitchen is characterized by the choice of calm colors.

The salient features are:

  • symmetrical shapes;
  • natural materials;
  • good illumination;
  • elegant decor.

The facades of the kitchen are often decorated with elaborate carvings. When decorating the walls, elements of forging, ceramics and stucco molding are used.


The main principles of the loft style in the design of a small kitchen is the use of compact furniture, thanks to which there is a maximum of free space. The room should be well lit, no partitions are used in its design. Natural textures are used for wall decoration: painted brick and plaster.


The kitchen, decorated in a romantic Provence style, will become beautiful and very cozy. Character traits:

  • pastel colors;
  • an abundance of natural materials for interior decoration;
  • unusual vintage furniture made of natural wood;
  • open shelves and expensive dishes;
  • textiles made from natural fabrics;
  • vegetable ornaments.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is considered the ideal solution for small spaces. The main tone for wall decoration is white. Delicate shades of beige and gray can also be used. The kitchen set is made of natural wood. Its color should contrast with the color of the walls.


Hygge style will help transform a small kitchen and make it a real highlight in the apartment. To decorate the walls choose light shades of baked milk or ivory. Furniture for the kitchen should not be expensive, but at the same time, all elements of the interior are concise, simple and functional.

To create a harmonious space in a room of 10 square meters, it is important to think through all the details of the interior in advance. If all calculations are taken into account, then even in a small area it will be possible to implement the most daring ideas.

Photo in the interior

A few more ideas for your apartment.

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