Kitchen design 2022 – modern ideas in the interior, fashion trends

Kitchen design 2022 - modern ideas in the interior, fashion trends

Kitchen design 2022 – modern ideas in the interior, fashion trends

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A stylish kitchen, the design of which in 2022 focuses on fashion trends, is based on environmental friendliness, but should be convenient and comfortable. When choosing a color and style solution, practical furniture, decorative elements, they pay attention to the advice of specialists who take into account modern requirements.

Fashionable kitchen design 2022 – modern interior trends

Organic trendy kitchen design 2022 shows a marked leaning towards naturalness. Increasingly, calm natural pacifying elements are found in the design:

  • The texture of marble, granite and other types of stone, not only when finishing the floor or countertops, but also on furniture facades.
  • The predominance of natural wood. Even when creating interiors with elements of modern, saturated with technical innovations, styles are gradually moving away from the abundance of synthetic materials.
  • Fashion trends are manifested in the choice of the base background – calm noble colors are in trend.
  • Harmonious, airy and light-filled kitchen interior design 2022 involves the use of tempered glass. This material is found on the backsplash, countertops, furniture facades, shelves.

Dynamic life dictates its own rules. Remote controlled kitchen appliances are becoming more and more popular. Curtains and lamps operating on commands from the remote attract interest.

Kitchen Interior Design Styles 2022

Creating a general image of the kitchen space, they pay attention not only to the pragmatic component. It is advisable to analyze the styles that are relevant for the 2022 season even at the preparatory stage.

There are several options:

  • Provence. Differs in elegance and homeliness. Furniture is selected with wooden facades. Parquet is often used as flooring. The main background of the walls is muted. It can be peach, olive, beige, turquoise. On the curtains, a small floral pattern is relevant.
  • Modern style. It is characterized by the functionality of the interior, smooth lines, a strict form of furniture are welcome. Modern household appliances and unusually shaped accessories fit well into the modern surroundings.
  • Scandinavian style. The dominance of light shades, the abundance of light make the kitchen, made with elements of the Scandinavian ethnic group, quite cozy. The distinctive features of such an interior include the correct geometry, functionality, a small number of decorative elements.
  • Classic. This option is suitable for a spacious kitchen. The classical style, which has not lost its popularity, is characterized by the selection of high-quality polished solid wood furniture. The floor is mostly finished with parquet. Symmetry is important, the use of pastel noble shades.
  • Neoclassic. Signs of ceremonial style – blue, cream, pistachio tone of the walls, light floors made of material with imitation of a board or stone. As in classic interiors, there are carved borders, stucco, pilasters, elegant furniture sets made of polished mahogany.
  • High tech. While maintaining functionality and simplicity, this fashionable style brings a dynamic touch to the kitchen atmosphere. The main features are the absence of decorative details, simple shapes, the use of chrome fittings, modern household appliances. The decoration is dominated by plastic and glass. Basic shades (metallic, noble gray, fresh white, calm beige) are complemented by chocolate, purple, raspberry accents.
  • Minimalism. This style, firmly held at the top of the rankings, is based on placing only the necessary things in the kitchen. Closed facades are used to the maximum, hiding household appliances and kitchen utensils. In a room with a calm monochrome finish, order reigns.

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If desired, select elements and other styles. They are guided not only by fashion trends, but also by their own needs in the perception of certain color combinations.

Trending Kitchen Design Colors 2022

When designing a kitchen space, the color scheme will be a serious issue – you need to take into account the popularity of different options. In such a situation, it is important to analyze the trend colors:

  • Pantone has named blue with a purple-red tint as the main shade of 2022. For the kitchen, this color should be combined with neutral light tones;
  • noble gray tone is considered universal. On a gray background, any colors look advantageous, which allows you to create a stylish interior with elements of different styles;
  • yellow is more often used for accents, bringing a sense of cheerfulness to the atmosphere;
  • white. Providing any space with a visual sense of freshness and spaciousness, the basic achromatic tone for the kitchen is considered the most suitable option. This is due to the harmonious combination of white shade with the whole variety of color palettes;
  • beige. The advantage of an aristocratic neutral tone is the ability to create a bright interior. It is recommended to add juicy saturated notes to the general surroundings in order to avoid monotony.

Other muted pastel (blue, green, pink) tones do not lose their relevance.

With independent design of the kitchen interior, it is advisable to consider fashionable monochrome solutions. Choosing a suitable base background, think over elements of additional decor.

If it is possible to correctly combine color options, designers recommend paying attention to a spectacular trendy option – a triad. In 2022, this design is recognized as relevant.

When drawing up a color scheme, the most successful design finds are used. This will prevent mistakes in the selection of three organically combined shades.

Several variants:

  • sunny yellow-orange + delicate lilac + turquoise;
  • juicy orange + aristocratic purple + life-affirming green;
  • romantic pink + light green + cornflower blue.

When compiling a triad, it is recommended to use colors of varying degrees of saturation. In such a scheme, according to the recommendations of designers, approximately 10% of dark and bright shades are allocated.

Choosing furniture for kitchen design 2023

Given the small area of ​​​​the kitchen, when arranging it, serious attention is paid to the choice of furniture. They are guided by the priorities of the 2022 season, focused on convenience, aesthetics, practicality.

Analyzing examples of furniture sets in the interior, one can note the high popularity of corner varieties. With this layout, there is room for a dining group. For a narrow room, a kit is selected that fits easily along one wall. The table can be placed near the window. The square space allows you to choose a parallel or U-shaped arrangement for furniture.

Given the limited space, when buying furniture items, the following criteria are taken into account:

  • Multifunctionality. They prefer floor cabinets with a variety of storage options. Drawers can be placed under the dining table.
  • Possibility of transformation. A convenient option for the kitchen will be folding furniture types. They allow you to economically plan space, freeing up space for movement after use.
  • Table replacement. If the kitchen is small, the problem of placing a dining table usually arises. Its role can be played by a reclining bar counter or an extended window sill.
  • Mezzanine layout. When fixing narrow horizontal cabinets almost under the ceiling, the lower tier is unloaded as much as possible.
  • vertical blocks. The installation of tall narrow cabinets on the sides of the door is becoming popular. With this layout, a feeling of spaciousness is created, which makes it possible to rationally place a stove, refrigerator, and dining group without any problems.

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The trends of 2022 are aimed at maximum convenience. This approach is reflected in the choice of furniture sets for the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Decor Ideas 2022

Despite the limited space, with the right approach, modern kitchens 2022 show a stylish design. The presented photos allow you to study and evaluate it in detail.

When choosing decorative details, you should pay attention to some interesting modern ideas:

  • An unusual spectacular note will be brought into the interior by spherical lamps made of transparent glass. Such a trendy solution involves the use of one or a whole combination of such lighting elements.
  • Confidently leading in the design of windows Roman blinds. Their laconic design and stylish look finds more and more fans.
  • Imitation of aristocratic marble is welcomed on a variety of accessories. It can be a cutting board, original dishes, coasters, vases.

A stylish look is given by glass or stained glass inserts in furniture facades equipped with internal lighting.

Materials and texture of the kitchen interior 2022

Fashionable modern kitchens in 2022, the design of which is striking in style and practicality, involve the use of a variety of materials.

Primary requirements:

  • Matte furniture facades are becoming popular, which are beginning to push back the pronounced gloss of acrylic.
  • Among the trendy textures are wood imitation with straight grains in natural tone or dyed in a custom color.
  • For an apron, it is recommended to select a plain tile. It can match the general color background or be contrasting in color. In the latter case, the apron becomes an accent element, emphasizing the overall style decision.
  • A growing trend that defines the elegant design of the 2022 kitchen, reflected in the photo, is the uniformity of intersecting planes. More often, from the same material, for example, with a stone texture, they make a countertop and an apron adjacent to it. With this decision, the kitchen acquires a solid, noble, expensive look.
  • When decorating walls and floors, ceramic tiles remain in demand, valued for their durability, moisture resistance, and excellent decorative characteristics.

Kitchen Design Tips 2022

You can independently create a stylish, thoughtful rational kitchen design in 2022, taking into account the new basic trends and focusing on the recommendations of experts.

A few important tips:

  • the kitchen is gradually losing the status of a place used only for culinary activities. Increasingly, they gather here for relaxation and sincere conversation. When planning, it is worth considering the installation of comfortable chairs, bar counter equipment;
  • to give individuality to even a small space, they allocate space for a display case with memorable accessories, a small green corner, a light bookcase with books;
  • emphasize the design of the living room kitchen in 2022 with a variety of lamps that allow you to visually distinguish between functional areas.

When planning the design of the kitchen space, taking into account innovative approaches, they pay attention to the introduction of bright accents into the interior, reflecting the artistic taste of the owners. Even with a commitment to a certain style decision, you can independently change some details if you want to enhance the feeling of comfort. You need to understand that in a modern interior a person should rest.

The fashion trends of 2022 are focused on creating a comfortable stylish kitchen space. Given this development in innovative trends, the growing popularity of laconic forms, calm colors, and strict lines can be traced. With this approach, the predominance of natural materials and natural textures in the finishing of various surfaces becomes obvious.

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