Kitchen design 6 sq m with a refrigerator in Khrushchev – photo examples

Kitchen design 6 sq m with a refrigerator in Khrushchev - photo examples

Kitchen design 6 sq m with a refrigerator in Khrushchev – photo examples

In order to make the kitchen cozy, comfortable and beautiful, you need to understand the main points that will simplify life. Today we will consider the situation when you have a small kitchen in Khrushchev, with a total area of ​​​​6 square meters. No matter what, you want to make its design modern and stylish. With the help of photo examples, we will try to figure out how to implement this. See what’s new in the interior and draw ideas.

Use functional furniture

In a small kitchen, it is worth using every piece of space correctly.

You can use convenient shelves that can easily fit into a small-sized set.

Retractable tables look original and practical.

Any retractable structures will come in handy.

White expands the space

Use the base color white, which goes well with the entire palette of shades and forms a harmony with the tree. On numerous shades of white, other interior items look more expressive.

The white kitchen looks noble, stylish and elegant.

What to do with the refrigerator?

  • Use a small refrigerator that takes up minimal space.
  • Send the refrigerator to the balcony.
  • Place the refrigerator in one of the walkways.
  • Build this unit into an existing headset.
  • If you decide to leave the refrigerator in the kitchen, then you should pay attention to 3 locations
  • near the window
  • at the exit
  • opposite exit

Where to put a washing machine?

The location of the washing machine must be taken care of in advance. If you need to allocate space in the kitchen, consider the options.

  • Install under the countertop next to the gas stove.
  • Allocate a place near the sink.
  • Beat the opening lid.
  • Embed in the headset, between the lower cabinets, under the countertop.

Where to hide the gas column?

The geyser complicates the repair work and makes you wonder how to beat it all the same. At the same time, it is necessary to remember the main rule: the distance from the column to the walls or cabinet must be at least 3 cm.

  • Hide in the kitchen set
  • Use a plastic box
  • Show imagination and “fit” into the overall interior of the kitchen.

How to beat the balcony?

With the help of a balcony, you can illusory expand the space, make it light and bright. What can be done with it?

  • Leave windows and doors to the balcony without registration.
  • Combine the kitchen with the loggia, thus significantly increasing the space.
  • Take the set to the balcony.
  • Hang a long curtain on the balcony door, while decorating the windows with white roller blinds.

Read more about modern curtains for the kitchen here.

What wallpaper to choose?

The obvious answer would be light-colored wallpapers that won’t weigh down an already tiny space.

Any shades of pastel colors will look good.

If you want to dilute plain light colors, you can cover one side with photo wallpaper.

Use small patterns in combination with light furniture

We have a large and interesting article about choosing wallpaper for a small kitchen –

Photo selection “Small kitchen 6 square meters in a modern style”

Most often for small-sized kitchens use the style of minimalism. It wins due to its practicality and unclutteredness. Innovative materials, shiny surfaces, smooth lines make the interiors of small rooms original and interesting.

A few more options for repairing a kitchen of 6 sq. M with a refrigerator in a real apartment.

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