Beige Colors for Kitchen with a photo


Beige Colors for Kitchen with a photo

Beige is associated with peace, stability, and comfort, and its light tones symbolize happiness. This range has more than a hundred shades, they can be cold or warm, but all are pastel, they do not even have a hint of aggression, on the contrary, they pacify, and soothe. Using beige colors for the kitchen is an island of harmony and peace, so designers often choose the beige palette.

Using beige colors for kitchen in a modern style: photo


The versatility of beige shades is that they belong to the spectrum of neutral tones, so they are combined with all colors. In wildlife, this palette can be attributed to the dominant range, so it is natural for our perception. It is combined with various natural materials and textures.

Beige fits into almost any stylistic decision – from a little pretentious classics, such trends as baroque, and rococo, to critical minimalism, such as hi-tech, industrial style.

A palette of beige shades can act as:

monochrome color scheme
  • monochrome color scheme;
  • in combination with other tones;
  • as background.

Beige color is organic in the design of a modern style kitchen, which most people associate with minimalist interpretations of design. Such an understanding is not entirely correct. This is due to the fact that “modern” can be classics, “home” styles – Provence, ethnicity, even outrageous steampunk. They are in demand, it all depends on the design concept and personal preferences.

Popular styles in this range include:

Japanese minimalism
  • Japanese minimalism;
  • high tech;
  • loft;
  • industrial;
  • techno.

Each of them has its own specifics, but in general, they are united by certain features. The main features of minimalism as the main direction of modern style:

clear lines
  • clarity of lines, the geometry of forms;
  • simplicity and comfort;
  • dominant concept of free space;
  • the predominance of glass textures, composite materials, and chrome elements;
  • the absence of unnecessary, non-functional components of the environment;
  • decors are single, but bright, mostly graffiti, abstraction, and urban themes;
  • dominated by neutral tones.

The beige color fits perfectly into such a conceptual solution. But it is worth considering the individual elements of building a kitchen space in a minimalist style:

  • Zoning. This technique is typical for the direction, there is a working area and a dining room. Areas are delimited by color, shades of beige, and other tones. Or the concept is built on the principle of contrast.
  • Color spectrum. A beige palette interspersed with gray, green, and brown, that is, mostly cold tones, is more suitable. If the kitchen faces the north or west side, you can add warm combinations of beige with a yellow, peach, or orange tint.
  • Combined lighting. In the working area – spot or LED lighting. In the dining area, there is a stylish chandelier.

If the design concept of a beige kitchen is built in a monochrome vein, you need to skillfully and competently play with the shades of the main tone so that the room does not look dreary. It is advisable to add some bright decors to the interior.


For a small space, in order to visually expand it, it is more correct to use light tones of beige.

Kitchen in beige tones with bright accents

Pastel beige is versatile in terms of harmonizing it with a whole palette of other colors. Depending on the choice of the companion tone, the “sound” of the interior also changes:

  • If you add shades of blue, and purple, then the kitchen will be filled with a breath of sea freshness or the smell of the delicate aroma of herbs from the fields. These tones make the interior lighter and airier.
  • Yellow and orange will “warm” the kitchen, making it warm and cozy.
  • Shades of red, and burgundy are more suitable for the kitchen in a classic sound. The combination of beige and scarlet shades gives the interior a more solemn look, and notes of elegant luxury appear.
  • Shades of green, pistachio will literally refresh the kitchen.
  • The combination of brown, black, and beige will give the interior a more restrained and austere look, creating a mood of “cold nobility” in it.

Interesting and successful options for combining beige and other shades:

  • bright facades of a furniture kitchen set;
  • textiles of a different, even contrasting, color;
  • the contrast of flooring and walls;
  • the rich color of decors, combined with textile accents;
  • juicy expressive apron on the working area.

Contrasting blotches, combined with shades of beige, look spectacular. To see this, just look at a selection of photos of interiors.

Kitchen in beige tones: classic

Neutral shades of beige solemnly and nobly “sound” in the classical interpretation. Moreover, designers quite often use this range to design kitchens.

Courtesy is inherent in the classics, these are carved furniture facades, decors in the form of stucco, and multi-layered textiles on the windows. Bronze, gilded, silver-plated elements will organically fit into this style.

How to design a beige kitchen in a classic style:

  • As in minimalism, zoning the room with the help of color, and separation of textures is appropriate.
  • Color design. The combination of beige and brown is more often used, and the interior looks restrained and noble. Bordeaux color will bring notes of solemnity. White – will give the interior an airy lightness. This combination of colors is more suitable for kitchens with a limited area.
  • Light. The best option for kitchens is to combine the lighting of zones, with the illumination of the working area. A chandelier with crystal decors, and a bronze, copper base is installed above the dining group.


Classic beige kitchen looks better in spacious rooms. This is confirmed by real photos of the interiors.

Walls: design

The composition of the interior of the kitchen is based on the principle of color selection of some elements against the background of others. It is unacceptable that the floor and the shade of the walls merge in tone with the furniture set, as the expressiveness of interior details is lost.

Beige shades are used as a background color for painting walls. Such a solution well accentuates other tones and shades. If the furniture is beige, then you need to use either other tones or different shades of beige to decorate the walls.

The best option for the kitchen is painting the walls in the work area. The advantage is not only in the practicality of such a surface. By mixing the base and pigments, you can achieve any shade of beige from its entire wide palette. The interiors are expressive, in which they use a combined design of the walls, painting in the working area of ​​​​the room and highlighting the dining area with wallpaper. All of these options are good zoning solutions. Wallpaper is chosen according to the style, and design concept.



More often, for decorating a kitchen, a combined option is chosen as a floor covering. So, the tile is suitable for the working part of the room, and the laminate or package board is for the dining room. It is convenient from a practical point of view, it looks aesthetically attractive, and zones the room.

All types of flooring within this range are suitable for the kitchen in beige tones. So, you can use:

  • tiles;
  • laminate;
  • linoleum;
  • parquet board.

On a note!

An organic choice for the floor are the textures of wood, natural stone, as beige is the most natural color.

Shades of beige can also be used for flooring. You will get the effect of the transition of one color to another, it looks harmonious and beautiful. A similar technique can be used as wall decor.

Which set and upholstered furniture to choose

upholstered furniture

Kitchen furniture is chosen according to the style, and design solution. Minimalism is characterized by the following features:

  • Work zone. clear geometric construction. Facades are smooth glossy or matt, made of MDF panels, composite materials, and glass. Additionally, it can be equipped with a bar counter with chrome elements. Island cuisine fits in well with minimalism.
  • Dining area. Table, chairs – strict geometric shapes, including round ones, on chrome legs. A table with a glass top fits organically.
  • Furniture in classic style. Facades with carved decorations, possibly using the technique of patination, craquelure. These facade design techniques are used for the effect of “antique” furniture sets. Carved elements are also used in the design of the dining area, for example, the legs of tables and chairs.

On a note!

If the kitchen is spacious enough, it is additionally equipped with a soft seating area. For minimalism, a sofa with clear geometric shapes is chosen, it is possible without armrests. A combined sofa will fit into the classic style, the base is made of wood with carved elements, the soft part is upholstered with textiles.

Textiles and kitchen decor


Textiles of any color will suit neutral beige. The only remark is that black should not be used to decorate the window. This looks pretty sad.

Textiles also serve as kitchen decor. The color of the upholstery of upholstered furniture and chairs is duplicated in the decor elements of paintings and textural graphics. It is desirable that the textile accompaniment be selected in a single range.

For a classic interior, multilayer curtains with tiebacks, tassels, and fringe are used. The minimalist interpretation tends to be concise, so Roman or roll curtains and simple canvases will fit in here. For “home” styles (country, provence, shabby chic), shortened curtains, and options with ruffles or bows are suitable.



Metallic household appliances of geometric shapes fit into the minimalist style. A frequently used technique in building a kitchen space is a technical wall, where all household appliances are concentrated, with the exception of the hob. For it, hoods of spherical shapes, in the form of a rectangular pipe, are suitable.

Household appliances in a classic interior are decorated in the same vein. Basically, dome hoods are installed, painted to match the color of the headset in the kitchen, with carved overlays around the perimeter. As part of this style, it is better to install a refrigerator with built-in facades, the same as in the work area.

On a note!

Manufacturers of household appliances create collections that are designed specifically for classic kitchens with handles and control panels in the color of copper, bronze.

Beige is a versatile color that goes well with almost all other shades. It belongs to the category of pastel, neutral tones. These properties of colors from the beige palette make it popular. Designers widely use it in the design of kitchens. Depending on the choice of companion tone, a different mood is brought into the room. The selection of furniture, decor elements, and textures depends on the style, and design concept of the room. Beige kitchens look stylish in any design. To verify this, you can look at real photos.

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