Kitchen design in gray tones with bright accents

Kitchen design in gray tones with bright accents

Kitchen design in gray tones with bright accents

Stylish kitchen in gray tones is the standard of classical and at the same time modern design presentation. Looking at beautiful photos with bright accents, you can easily imagine what your dream kitchen will look like in 2021. Before realizing such a design, you should study in detail all the palettes of a given shade and options for combinations with other colors.

Small kitchen in gray tones with bright accents: photo

Gray color in the kitchen is considered one of the most practical and at the same time neutral, which is why you should pay attention to it. It does not fade, dust, splashes of water and grease are practically invisible on it. Among other things, it is excellent in combination with chrome-plated household appliances: refrigerator, stove, microwave.

The gray shade belongs to the cold ones and looks best in a duet with a tree that sets off its warmth. A miniature kitchen, complemented by wooden elements (countertops, cabinets, suspended ceilings), will be able to sparkle with new notes, filled with comfort and warmth.

classic style

The gray color scheme looks great in any interior:

  • classical;
  • high-tech style;
  • neoclassicism.

Thanks to color contrasts, you can bring to life a stunning, unforgettable interior that can turn any kitchen into a “work of art”. In a miniature kitchen, a light gray scale will look most advantageous, because it will expand the space better. Walls, floors, work surfaces, kitchen sets, decor items can be gray.

high-tech style kitchen

Talking about contrasting shades, you can be sure that almost any tone can make a “company” with gray, because it is very harmonious and versatile. Bright and sunny colors can give warmth to the interior:

  • red;
  • Orange;
  • yellow;
  • brown.


When choosing rich accents for a gray kitchen, you should adhere to the main rule – the “colored area” should not exceed one third of the main tone. Designers add contrast to small kitchens through bright dishes, shelves with green plants, curtains, lighting fixtures, textiles (pillows, bedspreads, carpets).

A multi-colored set can add juicy contrasting notes to the gray kitchen. For example, a combination of light gray and aquamarine can dip into the Mediterranean style, while gray and light green will create a spring-summer mood in the dining area.

bright apron

Also, an “apron” can act as a bright accent. When choosing a design solution for a kitchen backsplash, it is worth remembering that it should be directly combined with the tone of the countertop. For a miniature gray kitchen, the following colors of “aprons” are suitable:

  • juicy monochromatic motifs;
  • image of fruits and vegetables;
  • flowers;
  • landscapes.

If earlier “spots” of pure color were added to the gray kitchen, now designers have begun to use “low-saturated” colors, diluting them with gray. Accent shades will look no less impressive.

Kitchen in gray tones with bright neoclassical accents

neoclassical kitchen

The neoclassical kitchen in gray with bright accents is a reflection of a modern style, where restraint and progress are present at the same time. As a rule, it is characterized by:

  • calm colors;
  • moldings;
  • carved decorative elements;
  • graceful curves;
  • luxury furnishings.

A gray neoclassical kitchen is a trendy alternative to the usual beige. Best of all, it will be in harmony with golden fittings, made in antique bronze, brass and copper. For a neoclassical kitchen, gray walls lined with glossy shimmering textiles will be appropriate.


Bright accents in a gray neoclassical kitchen can be decor elements such as:

  • vase;
  • curtains;
  • textiles (towels, potholders);
  • tableware;
  • tablecloth;
  • chairs.

Gray facades provide a good opportunity to experiment with the design of the apron. Stop your choice, for example, on a tile with a bright, eye-catching and non-standard design. You can also focus on bright furniture: sofa, chairs, table.

Kitchen in white and gray tones with bright accents

The kitchen in gray with bright accents has long since gotten rid of the status of a faceless and gloomy room, acquiring the nobility of excellent taste, one has only to look at the photos in modern interior magazines. The gray-white duet is one of the most popular and, as usual, is based on the classic combination: white top + gray bottom. This solution will be advantageous in absolutely any interior, but it is not forbidden to do it and vice versa.

White-gray range can be combined:

  • with a tree;
  • marble;
  • glass.
white countertop

A white palette is able to correct any imperfections, for example, an interior that is too bright or too dark. A white worktop will refresh dark gray fronts, creating a great contrast. The “checkered” floor with dark gray and white square tiles looks very stylish. It will suit white, silver and dark gray cabinets. Cashmere glossy furniture looks great with light gray walls, snow-white ceilings, steel countertops and silvery shiny appliances.

Do not be afraid of bright blotches. A white and gray kitchen would look great with bright accents, according to magazine photos. For example, orange or green decor accents in the form of an apron, pieces of furniture or curtains will look very stylish. Rich textiles, wooden furniture, designer vases and dishes, forged objects, clay panels will look no less interesting.

Walls and lighting: how to combine

spot lighting

The gray kitchen in the interior involves absolutely any walls, but you should not avoid the following nuances:

  • Light walls will look better in combination with a dark gray kitchen set (and vice versa).
  • Do not use more than three color palettes.
  • Depending on the project of the intended interior, choose pastel, bright, “brutal” or cheerful colors.
  • For bright inclusions, give preference to non-voluminous objects: vases, chairs, curtains.
kitchen lighting

For wall decoration, you can choose wallpaper or gray paint, which will be an excellent general background. Monochrome design is considered very stylish – embossed wallpaper, reminiscent of decorative plaster. Beige or white walls will bring warmth and comfort to a gray kitchen. To make it softer and warmer, you need to apply the following lighting:

  • spotlight;
  • large central lampshade;
  • lamp over the kitchen table;
  • “island” or bar counter;
  • bright spotlights.

With the help of lighting, it is easy to “correct” the size of the room and change the degree of saturation of the gray tone.


Lack of artificial lighting can make a gray kitchen look gloomy.

As a central source, you can choose lamps with diffused light, which will make the gray kitchen softer.

Ceiling and floor


A universal solution for a gray kitchen would be a snow-white ceiling, complemented by textured and interesting elements, for example, a suspended structure or a beautiful lamp.


The emphasis on the ceiling will be appropriate only if it is high.

The transition of the snow-white ceiling into the silver decor of the walls looks very impressive, which, in turn, should very successfully “meet” the graphite floor tiles.

As a material, as usual, PVC film is preferred. With it, the ceiling becomes very even. The texture, as well as the color palette, can be very diverse:

  • with a matte finish;
  • with glossy;
  • satin;
  • suede;
  • with glitter.

Among other things, the floor in the gray kitchen can be painted with paint, wallpapered or tiled, finished with plywood or drywall.

floor in the kitchen

The floor in a gray kitchen might look like this:

  • From a tree of natural breeds (it can be a parquet board, linoleum, PVC tile).
  • Light gray or dark gray tiles.
  • Filling floor of a light palette.
  • Marble floor.


It is not recommended to decorate the floor in dark gray shades so that it does not visually make the room narrower.

What curtains to hang

curtains in the kitchen

Everyone knows that properly selected curtains can create a “mood” of the interior. In a gray kitchen will look great:

  • shortened curtains of a bright palette;
  • roller blinds;
  • yarn curtains;
  • printed curtains;
  • light curtains (single-layer, multi-layer, long, short);
  • Roman curtains.

The color scheme must certainly be bright: red, green, yellow, blue.


If the kitchen already has a bright accent, the curtains should be neutral: pastel, white, gray.

The kitchen in gray tones reflects the impeccable taste of the owner. She is beautiful, strict and at the same time very stylish. It should be borne in mind that bright contrasting details can diversify the interior, add uniqueness and originality to it.

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