Kitchen interior 12 sq m in a modern style in the photo – more than 100 ideas

Kitchen interior 12 sq m in a modern style in the photo - more than 100 ideas

Kitchen interior 12 sq m in a modern style in the photo – more than 100 ideas

Before you start repairs in the kitchen of 12 sq. M, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail, look at the photo of the novelty of 2019, decide on the design, color. Also about what and how will stand in the room. This is what will be discussed in our article.

Layout options

There are 6 types of standard kitchen layout of 12 square meters.

We will consider the most popular types. It:

  • Corner. See the photo for how it might look. An acute question for such a kitchen, sink. Where to place it, the choice of the majority is the corner, or a place near it.
  • Square. Using fantasy, you can beat the interior in any style. This layout is the most convenient.
  • Rectangular. In such a kitchen, everything must be calculated correctly so that there are no gaps and rash things.
  • With balcony or loggia. Here, at the choice of the owners, you can combine the space and make it bigger.

The dining area can be taken out to the balcony.

You can make an interesting exit to the balcony by removing the doors.

Leaving the door, the exit can be covered with light tulle.

Or any curtains suitable for the interior.

We also do not exclude the possibility of leaving balcony doors without curtains. This option makes the room more sunny.

Kitchen 12 sq m with TV

TV is an integral part of our life. The photo shows the options where it can be hung to look harmonious.

  • On the wall opposite the dining area. Relevant for people who watch TV during a meal.
  • Opposite the exit. For those who like to watch TV while cooking and cleaning.

Next, we figure out what to do with the TV in the kitchen, where there is a refrigerator. How to combine them?

  • TV hung above the refrigerator.
  • On a perpendicular wall. As far apart as possible.

Where to put the sofa?

  • We organize a soft corner near the table, opposite the kitchen set.
  • We put the sofa close to the headset.
  • We beat the options in the kitchens, where there is a balcony. You can put a soft corner, close to the window.

Or a small sofa, a short distance from the door. On the balcony door we select a fabric that will be combined with the sofa trim.

How to zone space?

There are two ways to divide a kitchen of 12 sq m into two zones.

  • With the help of a bar.
  • Divide the space with a sofa.

Color spectrum:

Let’s look at the modernable color schemes that are used for kitchens this year.

  • White kitchens.
  • Grey.
  • Light.
  • Blue.
  • Orange.
  • Greens.

What should be the kitchen set?

The most important advantages that a headset should have:

  • be functional and comfortable;
  • succinctly enter the space;
  • the color of the facades should match the color of the room;
  • gloss, elongated hanging cabinets are relevant this year.

Design Ideas

We apply the classic style. We select the right facades headset, fabric, details.

We add modern elements of decor to the neoclassic.

For Provence, we build up furniture, put flowers and appropriate accessories.

For the Scandinavian style, we choose smooth facades and lines, geometric patterns, dark hours, house plants.

We fit modernable trends into the modern kitchen: slate wall, pendant lamps, boar tiles, roll curtains, open spaces.

And of course, a stretch ceiling.

Photo examples of a kitchen of 12 sq m in real apartments

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