Kitchen interior 2022: modern ideas (70 photos)

Kitchen interior 2019: modern ideas (70 photos)

Kitchen interior 2022: modern ideas (70 photos)

Today we will talk about modern ideas in kitchen design, learn about the latest trends in 2022, look at the photos of new interiors.

Proper arrangement of the kitchen plays a big role in everyday life. Many families have a tradition of getting together at dinner, discussing how the day went. That is why this room should be one of the most comfortable in the apartment, and the atmosphere should be conducive to a good mood.

Popular trends of 2022

  • Designs in the coming year are distinguished by their simplicity and practicality. The focus is on minimalism and convenience. The kitchen this year should be designed concisely and clearly so that there is as much free space as possible. A minimum of decorations, simple and comfortable furniture.
  • The room should be not only spacious, but also bright. For good daylight, it is best to use translucent light curtains, and for evening, purchase powerful lighting fixtures that match the style of the kitchen.
  • Naturalism and naturalness remain popular. This applies to both appearance and home improvement. Furniture should be made of quality wood, curtains are best purchased from natural fibers such as linen or cotton. Finishing can be natural wood, stones or glass. It is acceptable to use ceramics and metal, but it is desirable to preserve naturalness.
  • Simplicity and modesty should not apply to kitchen appliances. This year, you can and should use all available modern appliances, such as food processors, built-in hobs and other items that can greatly simplify the cooking process.
  • Wallpaper and curtains in the kitchen should be in harmony with each other.
  • Read more about modern wallpapers here.
  • And here about the choice of curtains for the kitchen.

What is the best style for a kitchen?

The design style largely depends on the size of the room and the personal preferences of each family member. There are many different interior solutions, among which there is sure to be suitable for any home. The main rule is that the design of the kitchen harmoniously fits into the overall design of the apartment.

The most popular in the coming year will be styles in which minimalism is appropriate.

  • High tech. Modern style, combining a minimum of furniture with a lot of modern technology. Free space is occupied by food processors, ovens and programmable ovens. There are almost no decorative elements. Metal is most often used as a finish, glass can be replaced.
  • Modern. Simple, but very original style, with characteristic non-standard forms. It gives great scope for those who like to experiment with space and color. A combination of unusual color shades and a large number of floral ornaments is acceptable.
  • Classic. This is the only style that never goes out of style. Massive natural wood furniture with decorative carvings, a large crystal chandelier, paintings and antique vases.

In this case, household appliances should be as small as possible. This style is suitable only for spacious rooms with a lot of free space, since luxury elements should not create a feeling of tightness and discomfort.

  • East style. Most suitable for lovers of colorful, but well-thought-out decorations that create a single harmonious composition. It is very diverse in itself, as it is divided into subspecies. Perfectly in line with modern trends, the Japanese style, which is characterized by modest bamboo mats. A kitchen made in the Arabic style will look no less good.
  • Provence. Suitable for those who want to create a unique atmosphere of home comfort in the kitchen. Linen or cotton floral curtains, old antique furniture and brickwork can make the setting romantic and modern.

Learn more about the style here.

What color is trending?

The most relevant is furniture made of natural wood of all shades. You can use neutral milky, beige and cream tones, dilute them with a coffee or chocolate shade.

No less relevant will be the classic contrasting combination of black and white, as well as their golden mean – a noble gray palette. This color combination fits perfectly into many interior styles.

Fans of a brighter and more lively interior can pay attention to an extensive palette of natural shades. All blue-blue shades, turquoise, green tones are in modern.

From brighter colors, you can turn to variations of yellow. You should not make the kitchen too bright, it can hurt the eye and quickly tire, so rich contrasting colors are best used only to create an accent.

An original and modern solution would be to decorate the room in one color scheme, but with a large number of shades of different intensities.

For a small kitchen, it is better to use light colors. With their help, the room will seem more spacious and wider. Cold shades will make the room more strict and solemn, while warm ones will help create a cozy homely atmosphere.

beautiful kitchens

It is always necessary to pay attention to some details, such as furniture fronts. The headset should have a presentable appearance and have useful functionality. Flowers, openwork decorations, clocks, paintings will help to dilute the interior.

Dishes can act as an accent.

Bright spots will look advantageous on a white background. For these purposes, you can use an apron.

Beautiful modern kitchens love open spaces. Shelves and rating systems are in use.

Pay attention to the little things. By filling a free corner, you can make the space comfortable and indispensable.

Corner kitchens have their own characteristics. Most importantly, consider the corner space. You can beat it with additional accessories, decor items, insert a sink, or leave it empty.

The design is selected in such a way that the room remains stylish and comfortable.

How to design a kitchen depending on its size

The most important thing in arranging a room is the availability of free space. The kitchen will be comfortable only if there is enough space for cooking or family gatherings. It is very important to learn how to properly organize the space, while decorating it in a modern and stylish way.

Small modern kitchen

In tight spaces, the location of things plays a big role. A modest little kitchen can be both comfortable and stylish.

To visually expand the space, use light colors in the design. The most modernable in the coming year will be

  • dairy;
  • white and blue tones;
  • creamy with a slight lemon tint;
  • beige color.

You can use a glossy surface that will reflect light favorably. Lighting should be as bright as possible. It is better to use several small light sources.

Another important point is organized storage. It is provided by ergonomic furniture such as a corner cabinet, folding chairs and a table. When folded, they will occupy a minimum of space, which will greatly facilitate the cooking process, and before a family dinner, it will be easy to expand the place for food again. It is also worth choosing the most multifunctional appliances for the kitchen.

In order to protect yourself as much as possible in a cramped space, it is best to abandon protruding handles and unnecessary decorative elements. Use furniture with rounded corners.

Spacious modern kitchen

A large room gives more room for imagination. The original idea would be to create a kitchen island. The essence of such an interior solution is that in the center of the room there is an additional workplace or a dining table. In any of the options, there should be a powerful light source directly above the island.

The kitchen island as an additional workplace is especially convenient to use if several people are involved in cooking. You can approach it from any side, this allows you to stand opposite each other and communicate freely during the cooking process, moreover, all the necessary things are at hand.

The option with a kitchen island is suitable for a studio apartment. In this case, there must be a hood above it so that the smells of food do not hover throughout the house.

Modern photo ideas for the kitchen in the interior:

See modern projects implemented in ordinary kitchens. Get inspired and make your dreams come true!

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