Kitchen interior 8 sq m in a modern style – 100 photos of successful design

Kitchen interior 8 sq m in a modern style - 100 photos of successful design

Kitchen interior 8 sq m in a modern style – 100 photos of successful design

In our article we will talk about the design for a kitchen of 8 square meters. You will learn about the latest innovations and modern trends, see a unique photo selection of interiors in 2019, with examples of interesting solutions.


When choosing a design, it is necessary to take into account the interests of the owner, which he prefers. To do this, let’s go through examples of various styles.

Modern style uses new technologies for renovation. Popular colors, finishes, smooth facades are used.

The classic-style kitchen uses openwork elements, golden or silver inserts on interior items.

Scandinavian-style kitchen makes the room spacious, bright and fresh.

Provence gives comfort and warmth.

Loft uniqueizes the room with bricks, wooden beams, hanging lamps.

Minimalism takes only the necessary furniture and dilutes it with discreet details.

High-tech actively uses modern technology, harmoniously embedding it into the overall interior.

Art Nouveau decorates the room with trendy details.

We arrange furniture

Consider the most important elements of furniture for the kitchen.


First of all, the question arises “Where to put the refrigerator?”. As a rule, for these purposes, use the right or left corner.


  • The location of the refrigerator at the exit on the left side.
  • On the right side.
  • Despite the small size of the kitchen, you can place the refrigerator in the middle of the wall.


An excellent option is the location of the sofa opposite the headset.

Duet “Refrigerator + sofa”

We actively use corners and corner models. Instead of a sofa, you can put a small soft kitchen corner.

Watch the video in which you will learn how to harmoniously accommodate a refrigerator and a sofa on 8 sq. M.


The kitchen set should be functional, comfortable, with high-quality facades and fittings. You can put it along the wall, or choose a corner model. Recently, hanging cabinets under the ceiling (elongated models) have become more common.

Drawers on the lower cabinets of the headset make the cooking process more convenient. No need to bend down and look for the necessary item every time. All elements are visible.


Installed depending on the amount of furniture in the kitchen. It can be located on the side of the headset.

In the middle of the room.

bar counter

It can act as a space delimiter, located in the dining area.

Or be a continuation of the headset.

Look at the layout

Let’s look at the options for popular kitchen layouts of 8 square meters.


More often there are two types: on the left or right corner. At the same time, headsets under the ceiling are most often used.

To the left corner.

To the right corner.


It is classic and simple. Here you can easily arrange everything.


Comfortable layout in which the room looks spacious and not cluttered.


In this case, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. Any free space in space is used.

What to do with the balcony?

We cover the balcony door with a light tulle or curtains.

As a rule, clamps are used.

Or we combine the kitchen with a balcony.


We have prepared a separate detailed article about modern wallpapers for the kitchen.

Read about other finishing options here –

Color spectrum

Let’s look at modern color schemes that are used in small kitchens.

  • White kitchen;
  • White kitchen with gray walls;
  • Black and white kitchen;
  • Light. This includes rooms of different pastel colors;
  • Dark. Black and brown colors dominate here;

Ideas for a kitchen interior 8 sq m

Next, let’s look at ideas that can be implemented for a kitchen of this size.

  • We use the windowsill as a dining area.
  • We hang open shelves to put something necessary on them.
  • We use built-in furniture.
  • We will organize a recreation area near the window.
  • We fill the space above the dining area.
  • We use small dining tables and furniture – a transformer.

Photo gallery

A few more photos of new products, which show kitchens in real apartments.

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