Kitchen interior 9 sq m – the secrets of successful design in the photo

Kitchen interior 9 sq m - the secrets of successful design in the photo

Kitchen interior 9 sq m – the secrets of successful design in the photo

For the happy owners of a kitchen of 9 square meters, we have prepared this article. Here we have collected all the photos of the novelty of 2019 and repair options that will help you decide on the design of your room. See photos, get ideas, create.


Let’s look at kitchens with different layouts. The most popular of them are:

  • Corner. Most often they put a corner set.
  • Square.
  • Rectangular. The location of the kitchen set on two sides.

Kitchens 9 sq m with a refrigerator – photo of the novelty of 2019

The refrigerator is most often left in the kitchen. Here the question arises: “How will it fit into the design and where to put it.” Check out our new photo collection. Here you will find the answer to your question.

  • The refrigerator looks good by the window.
  • You can also place it closer to the exit.
  • The built-in refrigerator will merge with the design and complement the overall look of the room.

What if you need to put a refrigerator in the kitchen, which has a balcony?

We also put it by the window, while not forgetting to leave room for the balcony door.

A real example of how people build a refrigerator near the balcony.

Nearby, near the balcony door, other furniture, including a set, may be located.

Option when the exit to the balcony is open.

What are the current styles?

  • The classic style has been a leader for many years, therefore it is a leader in the choice of design. Next, of course, photos.
  • Provence. Also quite a popular style. Fills the room with comfort and good atmosphere.
  • High tech. More strict outlines, pronounced designs.
  • Loft. Fashion trend of recent years. It is more often used in apartments, hotels. It also occurs in ordinary apartments. A sort of reproduction of the “modernable garage.”
  • Modern. Simple contoured style with exclusive touches of high prices.
  • Country. Rustic elegance gives a truly warm feeling of peace.
  • Minimalism. “Nothing more” is a favorite term for minimalist lovers. At the same time, style and rigor are traced.Somewhere additional attributes.
  • Scandinavian style. White or beige set, brick tiles, open shelves, trendy designs, more air and light. That’s what this style is about.
  • Modern style. Absorbs all the latest innovations. Uses built-in furniture, elongated hanging cabinets, built-in lights, smooth facades.

And where to put the sofa in the kitchen 9 sq. M?

Consider the most successful solutions.

  • Put it in front of the desktop, against the wall.
  • Make a sofa in the same style with a set.
  • Take the sofa to the balcony.
  • Put the sofa by the window.
  • Instead of a sofa – a soft kitchen corner.
  • Instead of a sofa – a bench.

Sofa + exit to the balcony

  • We use curtains and a sofa in a single color scheme.
  • We combine the kitchen with the sofa.
  • Let’s see how people do it.

How to beat a window without a balcony?

Now let’s look at the photo examples of real people who have a regular window in the kitchen. What can be done?

  • Hang classic curtains.You can talk about curtains endlessly. Here is the most complete information on how to choose curtains for the kitchen –
  • Apply the option “curtains + tulle”.
  • Leave the window open, no curtains.
  • Roller blinds. trendy and practical.
  • Modern solution “Roller blinds + classic”.
  • Original design of curtains.
  • Blinds + classic curtains.
  • Blinds.
  • Tulle.

What else can be used for a kitchen of 9 square meters to make it look modern?

  • Wallpaper.
  • Plants. Be closer to nature.
  • Turquoise details.
  • Black and white tandem.
  • Bright hues.

Photo of the novelty of kitchen interiors 9 sq m

Modern examples of room arrangement show us what a beautiful kitchen is.

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