Kitchen Khrushchev 5 sq m with a refrigerator: photo design

Kitchen Khrushchev 5 sq m with a refrigerator: photo design

Kitchen Khrushchev 5 sq m with a refrigerator: photo design

A small-sized kitchen of 5 square meters, in which you need to put a refrigerator, requires careful study before planning repairs. This is a fairly small space in which nothing superfluous should be present. We tried to figure out what options can be applied to make the kitchenette comfortable and stylish. Especially for you, we have collected more than 100 ideas, with photo examples, how you can implement your plans and make this room perfect.


Most often, the owners opt for a corner layout in order to fill the space as much as possible.

The corner kitchen looks modern and elegant.

With a narrow elongated layout, built-in models will be used.

If there is a balcony, the exit is covered with a light tulle, or remains open.

A good option would be to combine space, which will increase the area. At the same time, the refrigerator can be taken out to the balcony.

Or organize a seating area on the balcony.

In a windowless kitchen, lighting is the top priority. It should completely compensate for the sunlight.

Be sure to use the illumination of the working surface.

How to place everything you need?

Now let’s look at photo examples of how we will put vital items on an area of ​​​​5 square meters.

“Refrigerator + washing machine”

The washing machine is built into the headset.

Refrigerator + washing machine + gas stove

We place everything in the same way within the kitchen set. Using different accommodation options.

“Refrigerator + geyser”

We close the column with a special cabinet, you can use furniture facades.

You can organize a discreet miniature locker.

Or mount the gas column into the wall, covered with finishing materials.

“Refrigerator + dishwasher”

The dishwasher is built into the departments of the headset. If you want to put a dishwasher, before planning repairs, you need to consider the dimensions that the equipment will occupy. And also think about draining the water in advance.

Very small kitchen design

Next, let’s look at the photo examples in which style you can beat a kitchen of 5 sq. M.

The classic style is suitable for durable repairs.

Modern uses all the latest latest trends.

The loft immerses the owners of the apartment in a garage atmosphere.

Modern makes the room modernable and stylish.

High-tech adopts modernable technology, emphasizing its charm.

Minimalism loves smooth facades and solid colors.

Scandinavian style makes the kitchen cozy and cute.

8 modern ideas

Here we consider interesting options that can be applied in this footage.

  • We put a white kitchen, beautifully beat the window sill.
  • Extending the table.
  • Organize a countertop by the window.
  • We put a mini table near the kitchen corner.
  • We use a small refrigerator.
  • Playing with open spaces.
  • To save space, we use 2 burners instead of 4.
  • We adopt built-in furniture and appliances.

Photo of the new kitchen 5 sq. M.

Look at the photo of the interiors, which show repair options for a small kitchen in real apartments.

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