Living room in the style of minimalism – ideas for design

Living room in the style of minimalism – ideas for design

  • Characteristics of the style of minimalism
  • Minimalism with Scandinavian motifs
  • Urban minimalism
  • Japanese minimalism
  • Eco minimalism
  • High tech
  • easy living
  • Art minimalism
  • Features of a minimalist living room
  • The color scheme for the living room in the style of minimalism
  • Wall decoration in the style of minimalism
  • Concrete
  • imitation stone
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Furniture and decor for the living room in the style of minimalism

The living room is a room in which it is customary to receive guests and relax with loved ones, therefore, when repairing, it is in this part of the apartment that they strive to create the most comfortable and original design. In recent years, the minimalist living room has been a real hit. And although the laconic trend has been relevant for a long time, it is not always clear how to implement your ideas in an ordinary apartment.

Characteristics of the style of minimalism

Minimalism is a broad concept that combines several areas. Depending on the details used, you can get a penchant for one style or another. This is especially noticeable if you look at the photo of living rooms in the style of minimalism.

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Minimalism with Scandinavian motifs

Mostly the interior is done in white shades. Light colors are diluted with yellow or green.

The design of the living room in the style of Scandinavian minimalism involves the use of a minimum amount of decorations. At the same time, preference is given to environmentally friendly decor. Light sources are placed in certain places – so as to make the space visually larger and more comfortable.

Urban minimalism

This design reflects the classic motifs of the metropolis. It is dominated by gray shades with metallic elements. Sometimes the interior is complemented by contrasting details.

Japanese minimalism

Japanese minimalism is best suited for a spacious room. In this case, a limited number of decorations and furniture of simple shapes are used. Small boxes are suitable for storing things – as a rule, they are masked in niches or walls. For zoning space, transparent or matte partitions are ideal.

Eco minimalism

This is a relatively new direction that attracts connoisseurs of eco-friendly interiors. It has the following colors:

  • brown;
  • grey;
  • white;
  • green;
  • beige;
  • lactic;
  • graphite.

Plastic and glass are not used here, the room is decorated with natural elements – wood, stone and water. It can be tiles, cork flooring and wood beams. Best of all, eco-friendly minimalism suits those who live in the center of the metropolis. The style will allow you to bring a piece of nature into the interior and create a special atmosphere in the house.

High tech

Few people realize, but hi-tech is a popular trend in minimalism. It is mainly chosen by those who cannot refuse modern furniture and bright colors. It is dominated by glossy and metallic surfaces, rich colors. A minimalist living room in a modern style looks functional, non-standard and very comfortable.

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easy living

The basic principles of Easy living are lightness and functionality. This option is relevant only for an apartment, it literally means a simple life. This direction is characterized by soft shades, smooth lines and subdued lighting. Such a minimalist living room in an apartment looks less strict than in other design variations.

Art minimalism

This direction allows you to dilute the monotonous range with bright tones. Art minimalism welcomes the use of correct lines and bold forms. Bright interior items perform the task of color accents, thanks to which the room acquires a special zest.

Features of a minimalist living room

The living room in the style of minimalism is characterized by simplicity with a touch of elegance. This direction is characterized by its own aesthetics, while the design does not look boring and ordinary. This effect can be achieved only if the room is properly designed.

Basic Rules:

  • Observe proportionality and strict order.
  • Remove unnecessary items that create visual noise.
  • Correctly zone the space. Each element must be in its place.
  • Experiment with lighting. The more it is, the cozier and more comfortable the room.
  • Create an atmosphere of space. To do this, it is allowed to combine rooms and remove partitions.
  • Stick to a restrained and monochrome color scheme.

Minimalism is suitable for rooms of any size. The main task of style is in the visual and actual expansion of space. This is especially true for a small living room.

The color scheme for the living room in the style of minimalism

The choice of colors plays an important role in the preparation of a design project. It is the shades that determine the concept of the interior and set a certain mood. When choosing a color palette, you should use the following recommendations:

  • Lighting features. In a dark room, it is best to use light colors. It will evenly distribute the light. If natural light enters the living room in sufficient quantities, you can safely choose calm and cool shades.
  • Room area. A spacious room gives more opportunities for the implementation of any ideas. A contrasting finish or gradient is welcome here. A miniature room requires the use of an exceptionally light palette; in this case, you need to be careful with accents.
  • Functionality. With the help of color, you can zone the space. This is especially true for the living room, in which no partitions can be made.

Do not neglect personal preferences. The chosen color in the first place should please the owners of the apartment. If a certain range has already been chosen in the design project, it must be followed.

Many people think that the color scheme of minimalism is very boring and mediocre, because of this they do not dare to make a living room in this style – they are afraid that an uninteresting design will turn out. In fact, the basic palette can be skillfully beaten. It allows you to competently work with forms, graphics or play in contrast.

What colors should be considered first of all:

  • Gray is the leader in a minimalist interior. A living room done in a neutral tone always looks modern and stylish. Gray has a wide range of shades. Colder variations give the interior a significant restraint, while warm ones create an atmosphere of noble luxury.
  • White. Despite its simplicity, it is very versatile. White is combined with all shades or can be used when mixing tones. To give it a special zest, you need to choose the right shade: in a pure color, white can look too ordinary.
  • Beige. Always relevant, fits perfectly into minimalism, combines well with other shades and does not create visual noise in the room. Beige can be beaten with an interesting texture.
  • Chocolate. Brown is often used to play in contrast, only in rare cases is it chosen as the basis. A dark shade is best for a large living room.
  • Woody. The warm color is ideal for an interior in which natural motifs can be traced. Most often it is used to decorate one wall.

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Minimalism is dominated by the right natural shades. It can be grassy green, sunny yellow and violet. Bright accents must be uniform – ornaments, patterns, prints and curlicues are not welcome.

Wall decoration in the style of minimalism

The easiest option for wall decoration is painting. Some prefer wallpaper with minimal texture. These options have the right to exist, but are considered too banal. Designers offer to use more modern materials that will help create a unique interior.


Contrary to the stereotype, bare concrete looks great in an interior, but only if used in a minimal amount. The abundance of concrete can make the interior uncomfortable, cold. You must first think through every detail – this finishing material does not forgive mistakes.

If desired, you can use mineral plaster with a concrete effect. It is applied after the completion of the main repair. Cement, lime or lime-marble plaster is suitable for work.

imitation stone

Unlike natural stone, imitation fits better into the interior of the apartment. It has a number of advantages:

  • Minimum load on the walls. The imitation has a small weight, so it is easily fixed on the wall.
  • Resistance to mechanical influences.
  • Simple installation – practically no different from laying natural stone.
  • Environmental friendliness. For the manufacture of finishing material using natural ingredients.
  • UV resistant. Even after a long stay of the material in the sun, the texture does not fade and retains a presentable appearance.

Also, buyers are attracted by the affordable price. For many, cost is the deciding factor.


The interior uses both transparent and colored panels. Glass visually enlarges the space, decorative acrylic looks especially beautiful. It is the newest material which differs in ease and the increased durability. The only drawback of glass panels is that they are prone to mechanical damage. They may be scratched or chipped if not handled properly.


The thickness of the plastic wall panels is 10 mm. The finishing material has a flat surface, and with a tight joint, the seams are completely invisible. To match the style of minimalism, it is necessary to give preference to light panels without patterns.

For wall decoration, plastic with thick lintels is best suited. Only in this case it will be securely fixed on the surface. It is also recommended to pay attention to the geometry – the edges and cells must be absolutely even.

Furniture and decor for the living room in the style of minimalism

Having decided on the color palette and finishing materials, you should proceed to the selection of furniture for the living room in the style of minimalism in the house. The main element in the room is the sofa. It can be both saturated color and tone finish. Actual options: light green, lilac, coffee, milky, wet asphalt color. In addition to color, do not forget about comfort. The sofa should have a high back so that there is no discomfort while sitting.

You should be careful with a white sofa. Since the living room is usually the most visited room in the house, light-colored upholstery will get dirty faster. If there are children in the family, you should refuse to buy a white sofa. If desired, it can be supplemented with a coffee table and a pair of armchairs.

The rest of the furniture should be functional and simple in form. If you look at examples of a minimalist living room with a photo, you will notice that the interior is dominated by streamlined silhouettes, smooth lines and smoothed corners. It is this environment that will have the household to rest.

Do not neglect the decor: although minimalism does not represent luxury, decorations are still needed. Interior paintings, floor mirrors, rugs and vases with dried flowers will look best in the living room. When choosing a decor, it is worth remembering moderation. Decorations should create coziness in the room, and not draw maximum attention to themselves.

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Expert commentary! Designer Irina M.:

“The kitchen-living room in the minimalist style deserves special attention. Here at the same time you need to think over two areas of the room, and it is best to do them in the same style so that there is no visual dissonance.”

A minimalist living room is a trend that will remain at the peak of popularity for many years to come. This design attracts with its simplicity, lightness, conciseness and aesthetics. To properly design a living room design in a minimalist style, you need to choose the right color palette, furniture, decor and finishing materials.

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