Loft style bedroom – design ideas

Loft style bedroom – design ideas

The peak of popularity of a peculiar style came in the middle of the last century, and since that moment it has not left the rating of the most popular in the design of premises for various purposes. In modern reality, a loft-style bedroom means a unique opportunity to create a spectacular combination with trendy interior details and at the same time save money on masking communications.

Loft-style bedroom design features

Windows without curtains, high and giving a lot of light (glazing from ceiling to floor), a spacious room with a minimum set of partitions and furniture, rough, almost primitive decoration of walls and surfaces, open communications are considered characteristic features of the loft style. It arose when there was a tendency to use attic or industrial premises that had become unnecessary for housing. Housing from industrial workshops was equipped using improvised furniture and vintage items purchased at a flea market.

Modern building materials give the decoration and interior design solution unique opportunities:

  • design in a fashionable industrial-minimalist style of a room for any purpose;
  • the use of interesting solutions in a limited space due to some eclecticism inherent in newfangled trends (the so-called combination of incongruous);
  • the presence in new houses of spacious rooms without partitions and with panoramic windows;
  • interesting solutions in the form of mobile partitions, built-in furniture hidden from prying eyes;
  • reflective surfaces (including stretch ceilings);
  • widespread use of the trend towards minimalism, functional furnishings, the predominance of light colors and broken, arbitrary lines in zoning.

I. Navrotsky, designer: “In my publications about the loft, I increasingly emphasize the emphasis on unlimited space and panoramic windows. Until recently, this was indeed a characteristic difference between the premises in which the furnishings and entourage of the industrial style were equipped. However, now you can increasingly see the projects of a small kitchen and a small loft-style bedroom. From the point of view of the designer, they often have nothing to complain about. Eclecticism as a tolerance for interspersed with other styles aimed at manufacturability, comfort and convenience, allows you to abandon stereotypes and look for non-trivial solutions.

Colors in the interior of the bedroom for the loft style

Fashion projects point to the possibility of using non-trivial shades of the color palette to realize their own aspirations – from traditional pastels to bright and saturated colors. Loft-style bedroom owners are offered a variety of solutions, although traditionally they are decorated in a blurry, unexpressed range – from pale to dark gray, white and shades of brown that are weak in tone.

The decision of a loft-style bedroom in light colors seems to be somewhat boring and trivial: more and more you can find tips to use this common technique to unload space and accentuate a free layout, combining it with more dominant shades. Newfangled trends in which it is acceptable to use industrial design in small rooms are called several options:

  • white – a tribute to established traditions, complemented by turquoise, lemon, pale blue or blue accents;
  • gray – allows you to use the richness of tones, goes well with other colors, used in combination or in monochrome;
  • black – as an original opposition to long-established stereotypes, especially in combination with natural textures – wood and stone, as well as a lot of spotlights;
  • blue will relieve nervous tension and create a spectacular harmony with blue and beige;
  • green is the color of calm, in harmony with the details and accents in light (white, yellowish-gold) tones that prevail in loft-style bedroom furniture;
  • yellow – warm, intended for people prone to pessimism, especially appropriate in a dark room with poor lighting, while exotic mixes (orange-coffee or mint with a lemon tint) are acceptable.

The choice of color and lighting (artificial and natural) are two important components in creating a complete style. The harmony of light streams, bright and subdued, with the chosen color scheme, is always at the heart of the design idea. Experts listing the typical mistakes of home graphic artists point to a reluctance to use bright colors. This common misconception not only impoverishes the fashion trend, but also contradicts its characteristic features.

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Finishing and materials for renovation in the loft style

In traditional recommendations, they indicate the inappropriate use of synthetic fabric, plastic surfaces and budget linoleum in the design. Pay attention to the brick, which can only be present in its natural form – not an imitation of ceramic tiles or cheap wallpaper. However, creative design agencies bring to the attention of consumers several materials that are relevant in the design of a loft-style bedroom at once:

  • Brick texture – exposure of the natural material of the walls, imitation of cement and decorative overlays. You can not be limited to the traditional brick shade – there is terracotta, white and sandy yellow. In high and spacious rooms, you can not be limited to one wall, but arrange all floors and low partitions in the same style.
  • Concrete is so relevant that instead of the native wall covering in secondary housing and new buildings, its imitation of plaster, cement, porcelain stoneware slabs is used. The less light, the better the fully bleached cement looks.
  • You can not refuse wallpaper if there are no drawings or ornaments on them. On sale there are coatings with rough textured surfaces that will be appropriate in wall decoration. Graffiti and abstractions look good in the bedroom on a single empty wall.
  • Walls painted with paint are appropriate in any loft-style interior, especially if you use not banal acid and bright colors, but “dusty” ones – brownish beige, powdery, creamy, gray-blue. Some designers recommend painting even an old, native brick partition.
  • The use of decorative plaster is more than acceptable – this is one of the most sought-after textures in the design of any style.
  • The tree is advised as a means of giving comfort. In this case, the new wood is not brought to perfection, the use of the old is a common option that allows you to visually expand or stretch the room. It can hardly be called the main accent, but wood goes well with brick and concrete, paint and plaster.

In the photo of a loft-style bedroom from creative designers, you can find interesting solutions – for example, a painting or a panel on decorative plaster, a brick and wood ceiling, a stretch mirror ceiling, artificially aged metal parts with rust and patina. The choice of such tools in designing the interior of a lounge is up to its owners: experts tend to believe that they are more appropriate in the kitchen, living room or hall of a country house than in a matrimonial or children’s bedroom.

Loft style bedroom furniture

In this aspect, you can also use diverse trends from supporters of vintage, functionality and minimalism, harmoniously combining the passions of the owners of the bedroom and the features of the original industrial style with eclecticism inherent in modernity.


  • Vintage implies the use of stylish and not new pieces of furniture – an understated bed, a rocking chair, a pot-bellied squat chest of drawers, a floor lamp, metal wall shelves with a few items.
  • Minimalism is dominated by a marital bed or a spacious bed. A closet, which is indispensable, in a spacious room can be replaced by a small dressing room or a built-in compartment. The bed can be on a frame made of wood or metal, but without finishing with curls, carvings and overlays.
  • Metal, glass parts, mobile furniture on wheels with an ascetic design, but made of genuine leather, are appropriate, as are designer transformers with non-trivial design features. A bit of modernity and cutting-edge style will not harm or disturb the harmony of the space.

In numerous variations on the theme of the bed, a frame, a platform, a transformer and a mobile device are mentioned. A loft-style wardrobe in the bedroom is advised to be built from rough wood, finished with metal and mirror surfaces, or masked with curtains. You can use combined materials in the construction, make the cabinets mobile or stationary, mask the facade of the built-in cabinet under the finishing material.

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Lighting and decor for a loft-style bedroom

Apart from the most universal style matching tips, one can only mention the need to take into account the personality and age of the owners. The loft-style bedroom interior can be designed for a bachelor, a young woman or girl, a teenager and a child, a married couple. The owner chooses decor items that match his priorities and preferences.

Lighting depends on the configuration and area, the side on which the windows are facing, their shape and size. You can choose from layered lamps, modern daylight fixtures, spotlights, LED strips and chandeliers. The only strong recommendation is that in a loft-style room there should be at least two levels of lighting. Usually this is the top and bottom.

Loft style bedroom – design ideas

In search of creative solutions, you can study examples in the photo from home or professional designers, but in any case, you need to take into account that the configuration, area, ceiling height and windows are variable values, trying to fit your conditions into the given framework is simply unreasonable.

Loft-style bedroom in the apartment:

  • for a child – light and bright, with unexpected solutions, murals in an animated style;
  • a teenager can have a mini-studio with an easel and an aquarium, a canopy over the bed, plush toys;
  • small neutral – with transparent textiles, a transformer bed, hidden wardrobes and reflective surfaces;
  • the bedroom in the attic is extremely limited in style elements, but certainly bright and warm.

A bachelor man can use frames without pictures, glass partitions and dressing room doors, cement and plaster, textured wallpapers, vintage furnishings in decoration. Furniture, with some reservations, remains at the discretion of the owners, as a factor that provides comfort and good rest.

Raw surfaces – an indispensable component of style – can be imitated using original finishing materials that were not at the disposal of the designer at the time of the fashion trend.

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