Modern bedroom interior in scandinavian style

Modern bedroom interior in scandinavian style

The Scandinavian-style bedroom interior is relevant not only in states where the climate is predominantly cold, but also in hot countries. This is not surprising, since every day there is a growing love for functionality, cleanliness and minimalism. The main motives of the style are an original symbiosis of comfortable practicality and trendy extravagance.

Features of the Scandinavian style

In order to stylishly and harmoniously decorate every centimeter of an apartment, a country house, it is necessary to approach the process very responsibly, taking into account in detail all the features of this style in interior design. This direction is easy to recognize by the following signs:

  • The colors are natural. When choosing finishing materials and textile design, white, ashy, beige, peach are usually used. Natural tones are one of the basic rules of the Scandinavian style.
  • The use of natural materials. It can be stone, wooden and even fur design.
  • Laconic and functional pieces of furniture. The main thing is to be guided by the rule: “the less, the better.”lots of light and space
  • Lots of light and space. Window openings should be with wide window sills, and as much natural and artificial lighting as possible.
  • Decor – ceramics. They use traditional mosaic details, interesting ceramic panels or artistic souvenirs.
  • Brightness in design. Juicy-colored pillows, unusual plants on stylish stands, acid-colored paintings.
  • The ceilings are pure white. The sun in combination with snow-white ceilings will make the room warmer and airier.
  • Imitation of natural materials. If it is impossible to decorate a room with leather, wood or stone material, their imitation will be a great substitute.

On a note!

Taking into account the listed features of the style, you can try to decorate the bedroom yourself. It’s easy, and the result is amazing.

What finishing materials to choose for decorating a bedroom in a Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style involves the use of eco-building materials. Genuine leather, a variety of fur details, stone elements, wood – all this brings those present in the bedroom closer to nature. High-quality metal or glass elements will fit well into the interior, but plastic is not recommended.

The choice of finish depends on:

  • general style in the bedroom;
  • eco orientation and quality;
  • aesthetics.

Options for the Scandinavian direction:

  • Floor. In order not to disturb the style in the interior of the room, a high-quality laminate or parquet beech board with a pattern would be an excellent option. The natural look of the material will be ideally combined with white furniture and light curtains. In addition, some designers recommend the use of ceramics in beige tones.floor - ceramics in beige tones
  • Walls. It is very important to use light shades in the decoration and in no case use geometry. Typically, vinyl or acrylic-based wallpapers are selected for style. The most relevant colors: snow-white, ash, pistachio, dusty pink, peach, pale blue.vinyl wallpaper
  • Ceiling. GKL designs or stretch ones are well suited for style. Plasterboard will emphasize the conciseness of the design, and the latter will make it even more beautiful. To combine practicality and aesthetics, you can use additional light in the form of slots or spot diodes.stretch ceiling

Room decoration must be simple. Usually the walls are leveled, covered with plaster and painted. You can choose an interior with a brick wall or focus on one surface by pasting it with wallpaper. The ceiling in such a room is light and smooth. There may be wood panels.

On a note!

Synthetic materials can only be used in situations where they fully imitate natural ones.

Color solutions

The right choice and the right combination of shades in the design is a guarantee of an excellent result. It is with flowers that you can successfully distract from unnecessary moments and focus on the pluses, provide comfort, visually expand or narrow the room. Popular finishes are:

  • White. The perfect solution for those who appreciate peace, tranquility and homeliness. Color should be applied without being stingy, without fear that it will be too much. It can look fully on its own or act as a backdrop for the most striking combinations. It also looks good with dark furniture. Combinations of white with yellow, green, blue are also popular.white bedroom
  • Beige. This solution will highlight the elegance of the bedroom. Beige can be used to decorate the floor with wallpaper of the same color. It is customary to combine it with hints of peach, coffee, raspberry and pistachio. To make the bedroom as romantic as possible, you need not overload the beige with a heavy bed and dark textiles. When the task is opposite, to make unusual accents on a delicate background, then it is worth buying golden tulle, decorating light and bright panels.beige
  • Gray. This option will help make individual elements brighter than they really are. For example, a white sleeping bed against an ashy background always looks many times lighter, fresh flowers are brighter, and curtains are denser. Popular combinations that designers use today are gray in tandem with snow-white, shades of coffee, rose and sky blue. Gray looks good on windows with white slats on the windowsill.bedroom in gray
  • Pink. A slightly less relevant color, but allowing you to achieve originality in the design of the bedroom. But it is important to remember that pink in this style direction is not raspberry, but a creamy peach shade of rose. Its symbiosis with golden makes the room more comfortable and harmonious, and with olive – conservative and sophisticated. In addition, pink can be diluted with snow-white, orange and ashy. There shouldn’t be too much of it in the room.bedroom in pink
  • Blue. Shades of blue are often found in bedrooms. Blue has a calming effect. Therefore, it is so relevant in the interior design of the bedroom
  • Black. This color will bring severity to the room. Black can occupy one wall or act as accents. However, when the homeowner likes dark colors and dresses in black himself, it is possible to create a completely darkened interior and feel comfortable. And if you balance the dark walls with a snow-white ceiling structure and light flooring, then this color will become very comfortable and bedroom wall

Following the recommendations of experts, you can get a very comfortable room. It will be perfect for both daytime and nighttime recreation.

Wall, floor and ceiling finishes

The interior in this style is characterized by tenderness. You can apply not only warm tones, but also cold shades. Experts advise the combination of “Baltic Sea”. This included soft blue, gray and light green color. From warm tones, preference should be given to amber, the sun, sand. These shades will add more warmth to the room.

Black accents look good on a light background. It doesn’t matter if it’s furniture or decorative items. Bright accents make it possible to arrange decor items of rich scarlet, aquamarine or light green color. However, it is important to remember that such an accent is only an addition.

aquamarine decor

A small Scandinavian-style bedroom can also be decorated in an original and fashionable way. Maximum comfort for the soul can be achieved in such a room. So you can emphasize the love and respect of the peoples of Scandinavia for the sea. It’s stylish and easy to do. As decorative elements, it is worth using panels with ships, glass ashtrays and bright striped pillows.

As an option – a symbiosis of Scandinavian and eco-style. Wicker nightstands, natural wool carpets, flowers in flowerpots and a wooden clock on the wall will be an excellent choice. One way or another, you can dream up with bright accents and realize your dreams in a small bedroom. The main thing is not to forget about simplicity, light colors and naturalness. Then a room in this style will become not just a place to sleep, but also a place where you can feed on positive energy.

On a note!

Everything will definitely work out, the main thing is to think through every detail, even if at first glance it looks insignificant.

What furniture to choose for a bedroom in Scandinavian style

Furnishings within this style are always practical and concise. Furniture should be not only beautiful, but also highly functional. They select options from natural materials, mainly light shades of wood. It can be beech or birch furniture, sometimes from pine or spruce.

In any style, everything should be in moderation, but in the Scandinavian style, the main thing is not to overload the laconic atmosphere. Bedroom furniture is highly functional. A great option is natural materials and their trendy decor with carvings or textiles. So, cotton, suede and leather upholstery are well suited.

You can arrange interior items not only in a classic way, but also moving away from patterns. For example, a bed that is not pushed close to the wall, but standing in the center of the bedroom, looks stylish.


High-quality natural light is the basis of this style. Such an interior requires a lot of lighting and preferably soft, natural. Therefore, the room should have large window openings and light curtains that let in sunlight. They can be linen or cotton.

Lighting in the bedroom is very important. In this room, people relax and gain strength, healthy sleep has not been canceled. Therefore, the ceiling light should be dim. When lighting is required for reading, it is better to use table lamps or sconces. And, of course, as in any other Scandinavian-style room, you can put some beautiful candles.

Decor and textiles

Despite the fact that the feature of the style is minimalism, decorative elements can differ in brightness and expressiveness. A conservative and delicate solution is porcelain souvenirs and metal accessories, delicate and elegant floral print mats, candles, retro-style paintings and framed home photos. Original stained glass elements and DIY crafts.

On a note!

Textiles should be kept in soothing shades. Light cream-colored curtains, ethnic patterns, woolen carpets and cotton pillows.

To make the room a cozy place, it is recommended to place in it things dear to the heart and soul. Looking at them, a person will be filled with joy, light and warmth. In addition, if the housing is new, native things will create comfort and avoid the stress of moving.

However, when there is a desire to fill the room with new items as well, then you should not be limited. The main thing is that they fit into the interior, give pleasure and positive.

Scandinavian style in interior design is quite relevant today. It favorably combines lightness and simplicity, comfort and freedom to express oneself. Versatility, conciseness and tenderness are the basis of the Scandinavian style in the bedroom.

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