Modern chest of drawers in the bedroom – 75 photo ideas

Modern chest of drawers in the bedroom - 75 photo ideas

Modern chest of drawers in the bedroom – 75 photo ideas

The choice of a modern chest of drawers for a bedroom should be taken with great responsibility, since several functions are assigned to it at once. It can be used for compact storage of various wardrobe items, in combination with other furniture or used as an independent interior unit.

Functional affiliation

In the traditional view, chests of drawers have the correct geometric shape with drawers. In modern models, the chest of drawers can be supplemented with shelves, compartments and drawers with different heights.

The trend is gaining more and more popularity, in which chests of drawers are used as a bedside table, replacing a wardrobe. Bedroom sets differ in certain indicators:

  • silent opening and closing of doors;
  • convenience;
  • reliable fastening system;
  • a surface that can be used as a shelf or countertop.

The combination of these characteristics is necessary for the comfortable use of furniture in the room for sleeping and relaxing.


Furniture production keeps up with the times and produces chests of drawers with different designs and sizes.


By size they are divided into:

  • Wide designs that fit perfectly into the interior of spacious rooms.
  • Narrow chests of drawers, suitable for decorating a bedroom of any size.

    Dark blue chest of drawers in the interior of the bedroom

    White chest of drawers in the interior of the bedroom

  • Corner models are rational. They allow you to use the corners of the room to store many household items.
  • Long chests of drawers are not only roomy, but also practical. Their surface is great for installing a TV, placing photo frames and figurines.
  • High dimensions make it possible to place the necessary things while using minimal space.
  • Suspended models that are attached to the wall are original, creating a feeling of weightlessness.

A suitable size should be chosen, starting from the dimensions of the bedroom and the purpose of this furniture.

Functional purpose

Depending on the requirements that apply to the chest of drawers, you can choose the best option:

For storing linen. These models are characterized by their spaciousness. They are equipped with drawers of various heights. The most convenient model is produced with two types of drawers: upper (height up to 12 cm) and lower (height from 35 to 60 cm).

Chest of drawers with a mirror. The design has a low size and is often part of a bedroom set. It can be made in different designs, colors and sizes, but still be compact. A chest of drawers with a mirror is equipped with open and closed types of shelves, as well as drawers. Ideal for small areas.

Mirror above the nightstand in the bedroom

Mirror above the nightstand in a bright interior

Mirror in the form of a “sun” above the cabinet

Coupe chest of drawers. Outwardly, such furniture is similar to similar cabinets, but inferior in size. The facade can be made of frosted or colored glass with photo printing and drawings.

Chest of drawers “Hoff” with a retractable mirror

Elegant designer chest of drawers

Chest of drawers Ashley

Chest of drawers Panamar

Chest of drawers ESF Carmen 1017

Chest of drawers “MALM” Ikea

The Bureau. A variety of stylistic solutions will help you choose the right option for the most capricious consumer. One design combines several items, allowing the model to be used as a storage space and a work surface with a folding top.

Chest of drawers with an add-on. This furniture option combines the functions of a bookcase, computer desk, storage space for cosmetics and various decorative elements. Diverse design allows you to focus on the main piece of furniture.

An example of how you can store accessories on the surface of the cabinet

Manufacturing materials

The material used for the production of chests of drawers is selected based on its functional purpose and design:

  • The array of valuable tree species is distinguished by its high cost;
  • Laminated chipboard has an affordable price and high strength;
  • MDF is characterized by high density, but is afraid of high temperatures;
  • Rattan is used for the production of models of unusual shape due to its high plasticity;
  • Plastic allows you to make chests of drawers in various color variations and design ideas. Its facade can be decorated with pictures and an ornament you like;
  • Metal structures will decorate the bedroom in Provence style. Forged elements and patterns will help to bring zest to the interior;
  • Glass can be frosted or mirrored. It can be used both for finishing the outer part and the whole object.

When choosing a material, it is worth starting from the cost, quality requirements and the interior of the bedroom.

A wooden chest of drawers will fit well into the style of “country”

Installation options

The model with small dimensions can be placed in any part of the room as desired. According to the designers, the bedside space is the best place for a chest of drawers. This will allow you to take the necessary item at any time.

It is not advisable to purchase two identical chests of drawers and place them on both sides of the bed. If there are two beds, this piece of furniture can play the role of a separator, zoning the space.

An interesting solution would be to install at the foot of the bed. A small model will replace a daybed with storage space.

Choice of color solution

A chest of drawers in the bedroom is a full-fledged decorative element that attracts attention. Located separately from other furniture, it can become an accent element of the bedroom. Based on this, you can choose a contrasting color compared to the wallpaper or bed. This applies to the facade, fittings and material.

Among consumers, chests of drawers decorated using the patchwork technique are in great demand. In this case, the color scheme for a particular box is selected separately.

A classic interior is perfectly complemented by a beige, pearl or white glossy chest of drawers. The light shade of the furniture will visually expand the space, make it lighter and more comfortable.

Model selection rules

When purchasing a chest of drawers, it is worth starting from its reliability and configuration: the option with a built-in mirror will replace the dressing table. This will provide additional storage space and a comfortable work surface.

Style and appearance are also important. The Art Nouveau interior will be complemented by a model with smooth lines without sharp corners. Chests of drawers with laconic restrained forms will ideally fit into loft and hi-tech styles.

When determining the size, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe bedroom and the purpose of the chest of drawers. This is not a problem in the presence of a large space, but for small rooms it is better to give preference to a corner or tall narrow option.

Choosing the right model is not so difficult – the choice is diverse. The best option will be found even for the most capricious and whimsical buyer, in accordance with his requirements.

Photo of chests of drawers in the interior of the bedroom

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