Modern curtains for the kitchen – 100 photos of beautiful examples

Modern curtains for the kitchen - 100 photos of beautiful examples

Modern curtains for the kitchen – 100 photos of beautiful examples

Today we will talk about what kind of curtains are in the kitchen, how to make the right choice when buying, look at the photo of the curtains in the interior. And also consider the modern ideas of 2019.

How to choose curtains for the kitchen?

In order for the curtains to always look modern and pleasing to the eye, you have to follow the modern. This year the emphasis is on simple and practical curtains. Naturalism, plain light colors or natural design are in modern.


Curtains in the kitchen get dirty much faster and more often than in any other room. It is best to choose a fabric that has a long service life, which will be the easiest to wash. Also, you should pay attention to products made from natural fibers – it can be linen, cotton, high-quality chiffon or satin.

  • Linen fabric is perfect for a light, but not too bright interior. She is a little capricious in care, requires careful washing and obligatory ironing.
  • Cotton fabric is a good substitute for linen fiber. It is easier to care for it, cotton curtains are distinguished by their practicality and wear resistance.
  • Chiffon can be made from synthetic or natural fibers. This light, translucent fabric, which is well suited for a modestly decorated kitchen, will create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Satin is a fabric consisting of cotton and silk fibers, characterized by a characteristic sheen. Good for rooms that need more light.

Organza can be a more budgetary, but no less good option for kitchen curtains. Most often, synthetic materials are used to create it.

You should forget about materials such as velvet and tapestry when choosing curtains for the kitchen. They are too heavy, get dirty quickly and require frequent washing. It is also not recommended to use pure silk. Color

2019 is the year of the yellow earthen pig, so solid, light colors are in vogue. Curtains for the kitchen should not seem too bright, so as not to hurt the eyes. It is best to pay attention to soft pastel colors – cream, milky white, coffee shades. Lovers of bright colors can pay attention to muted yellow or orange tones.

The combination of white and black does not go out of modern, in addition, if you use these colors correctly, you can visually change the room, putting it in a more favorable light. Thanks to white curtains, the kitchen will seem more spacious and lighter, and a light black pattern will pleasantly diversify the fabric.

Shades that can be borrowed from wildlife will also become modernable this year. It is turquoise, sky blue, lavender, light green or terracotta. If you like darker tones, you can pay attention to cherry, swamp green or plum.

A combination of two colors will look modern and modernable – this will help make the design more diverse, while maintaining some modesty. It is best to combine warm tones with warm, and cool tones with cold, especially if there is uncertainty that the colors will blend well. You can stop at a neutral golden mean, in which the second color will differ from the first by just a couple of tones.

Brighter and more edgy colors can be used, but they are best used as decorative elements for plain neutral curtains. Preference is given to everything natural, drawings on the curtains for the kitchen can be various plant elements, flowers, whole landscapes or animals.

And how to combine with style?

The choice of curtains primarily depends on the overall style of the room. There are several styles that are fully in line with the current modern trend, for which it is easiest to find the perfect curtains:

  • Classic. It is distinguished by its convenience and simplicity, while it can look luxurious and stylish. See photos of new curtains in a classic style.
  • Provence. A cozy and atmospheric style that combines beauty and comfort and helps to recreate the illusion of a “house in the countryside”. Curtains with hand embroidery or a simple floral print will do.
  • Modern. This is a modern style that is often used to decorate the kitchen. Shiny fabric is more suitable for him, satin curtains are well suited.
  • Scandinavia. Another modern style, somewhat reminiscent of minimalism in white. For him, simple and practical roller blinds or Roman blinds are ideal.

Eco-style can be distinguished separately. It is more expensive, since each element must be made from natural materials. Curtains are selected appropriate, from natural fibers, with natural colors.

New destinations

  • Curtains with bright colors.
  • Pleated and blinds.
  • Air curtains.
  • Curtains of the “Day-Night” format.

This year’s trends

Curtains should be functional and simple. The type of curtains primarily depends on the amount of free space in the room. Models “on the floor” are suitable only for spacious rooms, otherwise there will be a feeling of tightness and clutter.

If the kitchen does not differ in special dimensions, it is best to choose short curtains for the window, barely reaching the windowsill. This will help save space, and the fabric will never be at hand at the most inopportune moment. This option is especially relevant for cramped “Khrushchev” with low ceilings.

For a big window

A good option would be Japanese curtains, which are several pieces of fabric and are ideal for windows of any size.

If you want to create a more solemn and elegant atmosphere in the kitchen, you can use French curtains. This is a modern version with a lot of lush draperies.

For a small window

Curtains in a small kitchen should be unpretentious and comfortable. The most practical option is roller blinds or Roman blinds. They are great for small windows and take up very little space. The light penetrating into the room can be freely adjusted by assembling such a curtain into an accordion.

Read more about them here – “Roller blinds in the interior”.

The golden mean between Roman and French curtains is Austrian curtains. They are just as well suited to small windows, transforming from flat strips of fabric into lush holiday curtains at the right time.

short curtains

They are the most popular and best option for a small kitchen. Tiebacks are used, which often come with curtains.

For window with balcony door

If the kitchen has access to the balcony, the curtains should be selected so that they do not interfere with opening the door at the right time.

Of the classic options listed above, Japanese or Roman ones are best suited.

An original solution would be to replace traditional curtains with filament curtains. This is an ideal option for decorating the window and balcony door opening, and the space will appear brighter and wider.

Alternatively, bamboo designs are original curtains woven from reeds. Such curtains are distinguished not only by strength and durability, but also by high moisture resistance.

To beautifully decorate a window with an opening for a balcony door, you can use classic curtains with beautiful ties, loops or cords. Various accessories will not only help to keep the fabric in a certain position, but also add a kind of zest to the interior of the room.

Modern tulle for the kitchen

You can apply some interesting ideas to beat the windows in the kitchen with tulle.

1.Use tulle with photo printing.

2. Combine materials of different colors.

3. Use colored tulle instead of white: pink, gray, purple, etc.

4. It is unusual to hang a snow-white tulle.

5. Use white tulle, no frills, standard hanging.

6. Choose tulle, with openwork patterns.

Real photos of curtains for the kitchen in 2019

Next, you are presented with photo projects in ordinary apartments. Interesting solutions and modern ideas for different interiors. Get inspired for your own room!

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