Modern design of a small children’s room

Modern design of a small children's room

Modern design of a small children’s room

Arranging a children’s room requires a lot of time, effort and money. The age and gender of the child, the size of the room, the design, the choice of furniture and quality materials make parents think about what budget to allocate for repairs.

What style to choose for decorating a small children’s room

The design of the children’s room depends on the gender and age of the child, his preferences. If the boy is fond of football, posters, graphics and thematic drawings are suitable for decorating the walls. For the girl – multi-level ceilings with three-dimensional figures: butterflies, flowers. But the small space of the room often limits the possibilities.

On a note!

A marine theme, a small Scandinavian-style room, a loft, Provence or minimalism will do, but it all depends on the child’s imagination.

Zoning rules for a small nursery

Not all apartments have a layout that allows you to allocate a large room for a child. But parents want the best for their child, he needs a place for games and entertainment. The room for him is a place of study, rest. A comfortable, bright and clean room will be conducive to accuracy and independence. The child will understand what order means.

There are many ways to choose a place to sleep and find a convenient location for a school table or educational games. Children lead an active lifestyle, and the Swedish wall or horizontal bar can become a sports area. It is worth dividing the space into a zone for recreation and games, using furniture, partitions, lighting. The main thing is that the color scheme of the entire room should be kept in the same style.

Children often leave toys on the floor. Racks with plastic boxes for small items will help to put things in order. At the same time, it will be an educational and playful process for the child. Growing up, he or she will know that there is a special place in the room for everything. This will be the boundary of the play area.

Color solutions

When choosing the color of the floor, walls, ceiling in the nursery, you should remember: in order to be comfortable, the room must evoke positive emotions. Too bright colors should be avoided, they can irritate and negatively affect the child’s psyche, provoking aggressiveness, overexcitation. Such a room will be far from comfortable and will not cause a desire to spend more time in it.

For preschoolers, it is better to use warm pastel colors or their combinations:

  • peach;
  • beige;
  • light pink;
  • lilac;
  • blue;
  • light green.

Bright blotches are acceptable that will help bring revival. It can be some non-dark toy, a picture, or a piece of built-in furniture. But don’t overuse them.

On a note!

White and beige are well suited for decorating a teenager’s room. The student needs a calm environment to prepare for classes and relax after school.

Many try to decorate the room in a laconic but cozy Scandinavian style. It combines comfort and homeliness. Cold tones of the walls are combined with warm shades of furniture, mostly made of wood. Not bulky furniture conveys the atmosphere of northern countries, where warmth is valued.

Monotony is not uplifting. Bright curtains, the color of furniture and a blanket can serve as a contrast.

Choosing the right furniture

Playing and having fun, the child spends a lot of time in the room. Quality furniture should be comfortable. We should not forget about safety: furniture should not cause injuries due to sharp protruding corners or limit the playing space and recreation area, not quite fitting in size. Glass inserts, which can be damaged during play, should be avoided.

With age, the child begins to demonstrate his own taste, including in the choice of furniture and accessories. This is his room, his world. Children want to make independent decisions to create comfort with their own hands. You can not impose your desires on a child, even if his choice does not suit him. It’s better to compromise here. By agreeing to the nursery option proposed by its owner or hostess, it is easy to choose together furniture that is safe for health, comfortable and easy to use.

Materials and decoration of the children’s room

Materials must not cause allergies. Designers suggest which combinations are suitable for large spaces, and what should be limited to 9 square meters. m. But at the same time, do not forget to invite the child to participate in the design. His advice is just as important as the opinion of the experts.


When designing the ceiling, you need to take into account the general style of the room, how this or that solution will be convenient for the child.

For the ceiling in the children’s room, stretch models are used. A convenient lamp or spots will do. Spot lighting divides the room into zones. Places for games and studies need bright light. With stretch ceilings, this issue is easily solved. The children’s room is often filled with loud laughter, the sound insulation of stretch ceilings will block everything.

The color range is not limited. The effect of the starry sky and northern lights is well suited for the children’s room for both boys and girls.

starry sky effect

Multi-level ceilings help create interesting three-dimensional shapes (butterflies, stars, waves, intricate ledges and recesses). They will make the style of the room unique and attractive, creating a good mood for the child.

A laminate ceiling is more suitable for a teenager to decorate a room in a loft style. Minimalism is becoming a frequent choice of many modern teenagers.

On a note!

If a small room has low ceilings, consider light-colored ceiling tiles. This will visually increase the space. In addition, this material lends itself well to cleaning.

Light tiles

Plastic panels are one of the solutions for decorating the ceiling in a children’s room. The choice of color and ease of care explain the choice of this material for renovations. Slatted ceilings with bright inserts are best left for other rooms. An excess of light details is undesirable for children’s rooms.

Having made a decision in favor of ceilings for painting, one should not forget that, in addition to the pluses, there is one significant minus – they cannot be washed, because water-based paint is used. Over time, cracks appear on the plaster and ceiling plinth, you will have to completely renew the coating. Fixing minor flaws can turn into a renovation of the entire room when it was not planned at all.


Wall decoration in a room is not limited to wallpaper. You can use textured plaster for interior work. The color is easy to match. One of the advantages is that such material will allow you to hide the unevenness of the walls or the result of the creativity of a small artist. An additional layer is simply applied, which will not stand out against the general background. You can choose an interesting relief or ornament.

Painting has many options. It doesn’t have to be limited to one tone. This is one of the options to divide the room into zones. It is worth inviting the child to participate in this entertaining process. Painting walls is more exciting than working with pencils on a sheet of paper. The child will see the results of their work as part of the design of the room.

You can create an interesting design by combining wallpaper and wall painting. The paint must be water-based so as not to emit harmful substances. Before buying, check with the seller the composition and characteristics.


Non-woven wallpaper has interesting patterns and colors. They do not lose their appearance, provide air circulation and are vapor-tight.


Before choosing vinyl wallpaper, you should think about it. The main disadvantage of this material is that it is subject to mechanical damage. Fabric options are environmentally friendly, but costly, caring for them is not easy.


When decorating the floor, you can use laminate and cork, carpet or colorful carpet. But it should be taken into account that the materials must be easy to clean, not be a source of dust.

Cork is a soft material. This is a warm floor, which is not afraid of dents. It is well suited for babies, because due to its structure it does not slip.

Quartz vinyl coatings are resistant to mechanical stress. Safe material, non-slip, easy to clean.

Quartz vinyl coatings

Eco-friendly natural marmoleum, made from jute, wood flour and resin, also attracts parents when decorating a nursery.

Carpet, despite the biased attitude towards it, will be a good choice. Many argue against it that dust settles on it, and that it is easily soiled material. Light colors are desirable for a children’s room, and stains and dust problems can be solved with a vacuum cleaner and carpet detergents.

Regarding the laminate, opinions differ: the material is beautiful, but rather slippery. It is well washed, resistant to mechanical stress. The floor remains warm, the child can walk barefoot.

Textiles and accessories

Textile accessories serve as a good decoration for a child’s room. Blankets, bedspreads, curtains and curtains define the design features of a small room. Handmade textile accessories will decorate not only the room of a little princess. There is no clear rule for the design of a nursery. For a boy, they are usually made in blue. This is a neutral color. Accessories in light colors will also create an individual atmosphere.

On a note!

Curtains should not be replaced with blinds. They may be suitable for a teenager, but kids do not need office style.

The choice of dark curtains depends on where the windows face. If it is on the sunny side, a denser material is needed. From the north, light structures are preferable. So that the fidget does not wake up at an early hour, in a room facing east, it is worth curtaining the window so as not to let in the first bright rays of the sun. Curtains made from natural materials are preferable. Synthetics will not let air through, it will be stuffy in the children’s room.

Children love to play on the floor. So it is worth considering which carpet to choose for convenience and comfort. The colors are not only plain, the patterned bright rug will also decorate the nursery well.


Canopies are used for newborn beds to limit bright light. But how useful it is for the child, it is difficult to answer. Most economy cribs come with a canopy made of synthetic fabric, which is not very suitable for a newborn. Very often, such fabric has an unpleasant odor that is harmful to the child. Dust settles on the canopy instantly. Parents should weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

Do not refuse textile accessories made by yourself. Patchwork blankets, embroideries on the walls, sewn and knitted toys, rugs decorate the room. A lot of life hacks, photos, videos and various blogs will help you figure out how to decorate the space with improvised means.

How to decorate a small children’s room for two children

Many families have two children who need to allocate a room. These are twins, and children of different ages, and heterosexual. Parents should take into account the interests and tastes when decorating a room for two children, seek a compromise for a small bedroom.

On a note!

Most often these are rooms with bunk beds. They help save more free space. In children, they also delight, many like to sleep upstairs.

For heterosexuals, the division into the female and male half can be a color. Furniture of the same model (bed, sofa, sofa) presented in different colors can be supplemented with wallpaper of the same texture, but in different tones. Same-sex children, especially twins, are more likely to come to terms, not wanting to draw boundaries.

The design of a small children’s room with limited space becomes a test for parents. Everything must be taken into account, from floor to ceiling. Never neglect the opinion of children, because this is their personal space. And, if the baby is still dependent on an adult choice, in a few years he will make it clear which is the best room for himself.

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