Modern design of a small hallway in an apartment

Modern design of a small hallway in an apartment

Modern design of a small hallway in an apartment

Ennobling a new apartment or wanting to bring notes to your old home, it is recommended to start with the entrance: the door and the hallway. If there is a long or wide corridor at your disposal, then there is room for the ideas and design thoughts of homeowners to unfold. In the case when a small space is in the hands of the owners, one has to look for tricks and design options not only to create a functional room, but to maximize the space.

Choice of color solution

When exploring design solutions for small apartments, the palette of colors and shades used in wall covering, flooring and furniture comes first. Their selection largely depends on the shape and size of the room. There are vestibules:

  • square and small;
  • narrow and long;
  • non-standard geometric shape or with many angles.

Variants of tiny hallways are found in classic houses from the USSR – Khrushchev. For them it is worth choosing the following tones:

  • beige;
  • white;
  • ivory;
  • silver;
  • light blue;
  • light pink;
  • pastel green;
  • soft salad.

light green

On a note!

Light-colored walls will visually expand the room. Decorations with a metal or mirror surface will provide a similar effect, “pushing apart” the boundaries of space.

Pastel colors in a small room will provide a sense of calm, unobtrusiveness, remove the feeling of isolation and proximity to the walls. When mixing several colors in a common gamut, it is recommended to use those close in spectrum to create a smooth transition. To decorate the floor, you should choose natural coatings, aged in a light color, it is better if they are plain.


To facilitate the task of choosing a solution in terms of color, world designers in the field of apartment furnishing begin with determining the style of the future hallway. This is a primary task at the stage of preparing the premises for cosmetic repairs.

In what style to decorate a small hallway

The design of a small hallway in the apartment is kept in a single style. For rooms with a small area, an organic option would be:

  • Classic. Choose white, gray and cream shades. Natural wood is used for furniture and flooring, it gives warmth to the entire hallway. The fixing element is a mirror enclosed in a wide heavy frame.Classic
  • Restrained minimalism. Organically fit into the size of the hallway in Khrushchev. With all the functionality, it also saves space. The advantage should be given to the forms of a geometric plan, the use of not one, but several mirrors at once, plain panels that draw attention to themselves. In a minimalist design, the focus is on the corners of the room.Minimalism
  • Sophisticated Scandinavian. For decoration, olive, white, gray and their shades are preferred. In order to place accents, it is recommended to use furniture: low poufs, cabinets. The decor should be dominated by vintage notes.Scandinavian
  • Loft. In a modern style, a small hallway will look wider and more voluminous. Instead of a monolithic cabinet, it is recommended to use metal hangers and shallow metal shelving. As decorations – walls made with elements of brickwork and concreted sections.
  • Loft

    To better understand how the result may look based on the chosen design option, it is important to pay attention to the photo of the finished hallways. By studying them, the landlord gets the opportunity to select convenient and interesting elements for himself, emphasize ideas and see mistakes that he can avoid.

    Finishes and materials

    The choice of finishes, furniture used and decorative elements to accentuate and decorate the room should fall on materials that can withstand constant changes in temperature and humidity levels due to the proximity of the front door.

    Start with flooring. Suitable for him:

  • Ceramic tile with smooth surface. Characterized by high strength.
  • Porcelain tile. Has high wear resistance. Convenient for frequent wet cleaning, mopping.
  • Linoleum. Thanks to hundreds of colors and textures, the material will become a cheaper alternative to expensive flooring. At the same time, linoleum easily tolerates moisture, grains of sand or soil on shoes.
  • Linoleum

    On a note!

    If the family has animals that need to be walked outside every day, ceramics and porcelain stoneware will help keep the floor longer. This is due to the fact that these materials have good resistance to mechanical damage.

    When choosing tiles or linoleum that imitate parquet or laminate masonry, designers focus on the location of the elements. In the case of a narrow hallway, stripes and long drawings should be placed horizontally. Thus, there is a visual expansion of space. If the owners of the apartment have a small square room at their disposal, then the elements can be arranged vertically, which will visually lengthen the hallway.

    Wall and ceiling decoration

    To visually push the walls and raise the ceiling, use light shades of pastel colors. The walls are the main element of the hallway, which can help increase the space for the eyes of the residents of the apartment and their guests. In families where the most important thing is the quality and durability of coatings in an apartment, artificial stone and brickwork elements (both natural and imitation with ceramic tiles) are suitable.

    For those who prefer to keep the hallway in the loft style or minimalism, you should choose a decorative or classic type of plaster. For lovers of modern elements and patchwork style, plastic panels are suitable. For all styles, wallpapers are equally used, including photo wallpapers that can “push back” the walls due to their design, which imitates:

    • window overlooking the sea;
    • balcony with Provencal landscapes;
    • urban or natural landscapes.

    Wall mural


    It is worth avoiding bright large, lurid patterns, accent contrasts and stripes.

    In the work on expanding the space of the hallway, the ceiling and its covering options play an important role. In the presence of a small working space, one should not be afraid of a two-tier design. Thanks to several levels, it seems that the ceiling “goes” up. This visually increases its height. It is advantageous to use mirror elements for ceiling decoration in the design. But it is worth minimizing massive hanging structures, such as chandeliers and decor. Masters stop at recessed lights, or, in the case of a small square hallway, they let lighting devices around the perimeter.

    What furniture to choose for a small hallway

    In choosing furniture that is organic to the style and facilitating the task, designers, when decorating small apartments and hallways, prefer to select furnishings, taking into account the type of room:

  • Narrow hallway. Use storage systems with mezzanines. They will allow not only to save free space, but also to place large items of clothing on the upper levels. A narrow cabinet with a mirror on the door or with fully mirrored panels will be a convenient roomy element. At the same time, it will help to expand the space of a narrow room. With a large thickness of the walls, instead of furniture, you can create a niche. It is suitable for the location and storage of small items of clothing and shoes, depending on the depth and inclination of the shelves.
  • Square type of hallways. Depending on the area, it allows you to use arrangement options with a wardrobe. Furniture is chosen with built-in mirror panels or full-fledged reflective doors. With the small dimensions of the hallway, you can organically arrange everything with the help of an interior with a corner cabinet. The furniture has an increased capacity. As a continuation of the cabinet, shelving with a niche for shoes is selected to match it.
  • If the apartment is equipped with a non-standard hallway. Furniture should be made to order, taking into account the corners of the room. In such corner niches, you can fit shelves for small items of clothing or shoes. Use metal or wooden hangers mounted on the wall.
  • The best assistant in determining the right furniture will be the chosen style and its features. The color and decorative inserts depend on it.


    The entrance hall, regardless of its size, is an important room in the apartment, especially where there is no separate dressing room. Here the girls adjust their make-up, inspect their outerwear, dress their children, straighten their spouse’s shirt or tie. Here is the largest mirror. Proper lighting in the hallway is an important step, it should be as well chosen as in the rest of the apartment. Such lamps will easily enhance and deepen the effect of “pushing” the walls and ceiling.


    Large lighting devices hanging from the ceiling reduce space, and this is contraindicated for small hallways.

    For square rooms, a range of LED built-in long fixtures is suitable. When located along the plane of the ceiling, they visually lengthen the room, with a horizontal mounting option, they make it wider. If the mirror is on the wall, paired wall lamps with white or yellowish light are installed on either side of it at face level.

    Decor elements

    Leaving the walls “bare” is contraindicated even in conditions of lack of space. Decorating helps to correctly place accents on the ceiling and walls, maintains the appearance of an enlarged space.

    Decorative decorations in the interior are selected according to the general style of the room:

  • Loft. Decoration is carried out with the help of posters and mirrors in massive frames, wooden planks and elements of light shades.Loft
  • Provence. Metal and wooden elements. It can be a finely crafted metal mold for a mirror, narrow umbrella holders, linen elements on the walls, narrow shelves with small figurines.Provence
  • High tech. Reinforce with mirror elements on the walls, glass inserts, multi-level lamps. The owners of the apartment have carte blanche in terms of decorating the space hallway. The number and size of interior decorations is limited only by the general parameters of the room.High tech
  • Scandinavia. Decorative elements that they prefer when decorating in this direction: framed photographs, medium-sized posters, thin lamps decorated like wood, wooden decorations. If you manage to install a narrow wooden bench in the hallway, it is worth supplementing it with a medium-sized bright-colored pillow. It will accentuate the discreet design and give a homely warm atmosphere.Scandinavia
  • On a note!

    Mixing decorative additions of different styles is possible, provided that the color scheme is similar in shades.

    The right choice of decorations for the hallway will emphasize the comfort, character, show guests the general atmosphere of the house. When choosing a style, an important point will be to take into account the size of the space, the features of the style and the idea that they invest, the atmosphere of the room. The entrance hall is the place that first meets the residents of the apartment and guests. Coming home and charging with positive emotions from a beautiful atmospheric warm design, a person relaxes, forgets about problems and work, leaving them outside the front door.

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