Modern furniture in the living room: photos of new items in the interior

Modern furniture in the living room: photos of new items in the interior

Modern furniture in the living room: photos of new items in the interior

The living room in the modern view is a multifunctional room that combines several functions at the same time. This is especially noticeable in the interiors of apartments, where every square centimeter counts.

Multifunctional headsets

Since the living room carries many meanings and functions, rather stringent requirements are imposed on the furniture.

  • Competent and capacious storage system.
  • Lightweight look with plenty of shelves and cabinets.
  • Possibility of easy updating due to change of modules or facades.
  • Ability to quickly adapt to changing zone functions.
  • Transformation systems.

Living room zoning

Modern lifestyle involves the presence of four main zones:

  • A soft corner for rest, relaxation, communication with friends. It also suggests the possibility of extra beds for family members or late guests.
  • A workplace for freelancing, needlework and other hobbies.
  • Television group, including stands and shelves for video equipment, storage space for flash drives, disks and other storage media.
  • Storage for collectibles, accessories, and hidden systems that hold bedding and other items you frequently use in your living room.

Modern style – main features

The fast pace of life and rapid changes leave their mark on furniture design. The lines of cabinet furniture are clear, without excessive intricacy. Simple geometric shapes predominate. Stucco, carving and panels are a thing of the past. Smooth facades, simple yet perfect forms.

The interior should be airy and light even in the presence of massive and capacious cabinets. If possible, large furniture is built into the walls. So she hides her real size.

If it is absolutely impossible to touch the walls, it remains to lay the cabinets on the floor. Long chests of drawers, as well as a clever storage system inside upholstered furniture, make it easy to accommodate all the necessary items.

By getting rid of the legs, you will make even the most voluminous modules seem weightless. In this case, care must be taken to ensure that the wall can support the weight of the cabinet and its contents. If the partition is made of gypsum, then it is necessary to foresee in advance where the fasteners of the modules will be located in order to lay a strong beam into the wall.

Do not neglect the subceiling space. Shelves for books, an exhibition of decorative items and simply original lighting elements can be located here.

Style, shape and materials

The concept of modern style, like the good old classics, incorporates completely different and contradictory directions. Accordingly, in order for the interior to be holistic and harmonious, it is necessary to adhere to the chosen style, both in upholstered and cabinet furniture.


Synthesis of the latest technology and science with the natural patterns of nature make the living room very cozy and at the same time modern. Here, the new plasma looks organically next to the nautilus shell, and the smooth lines of the interior create something between a galactic ship and alien vegetation.

It is as if you are on a journey into the world of crystals, cells and natural patterns. In this interior there is no place for 90-degree angles, perfectly straight lines and bright acid colors.

The basic color palette consists of natural shades that can be found in nature.

Tactile sensations come to the fore. The materials from which furniture is made should give satisfaction and caress the skin with every touch.

Traditional cabinets and shelving are turning into spongy mesh structures and losing their rigid lines. Modularity is an essential rule for this style. Sofa-sponge, closet-drop, dresser-wave, table-crystal – this is only a small part of the images that are successfully used in the bionic living room.


Simple and tasteful is the motto of the style that originated at the beginning of the 20th century. Furniture is selected from affordable, hygienic and at the same time high-quality materials. A characteristic feature is the crossed planes and the active use of metal pipes.

The headset actively uses horizontal planes. Verticals are left for windows and doors.

The main geometric shapes are square, circle and rectangles. Abstract patterns are allowed on the floor. The lines are preferably elongated. Asymmetry is allowed.

Multifunctionality, compactness, modularity, the ability of furniture to disappear and hide are welcome. For example, when the chairs are folded together with the table. Built-in wardrobes do an excellent job of storing things and are able to hide their real volume.

The color scheme is limited to black and white with a touch of beige and gray. Bright colors are used as accents: blue, red, blue, yellow.

Lots of glass and chrome. To muffle the coldness of synthetic and metal surfaces, the furniture is complemented by elements made of wood and leather.


Masculine style cement gray palette. The main character is assertiveness, strength, rudeness. Like the Bauhaus, this style is devoid of overt decorative elements. Decoration is not for this occasion. Instead of numerous accessories, use expensive stylish equipment.

Furniture is selected massive. It shouldn’t be much. You can’t call her weightless. She declares herself not with color, not with graceful lines, but with straightforwardness. Embedded systems. Compact and practical elements.

In brutalism, it is not customary to put a sofa in the center of the room. Zoning is welcome. However, the furniture is placed mainly along the walls.

Steel, glass, plastic, natural and artificial stone are combined with wooden facades and leather.


Another purely masculine style. Unlike aristocratic brutalism and intelligent loft, steampunk takes you to the world depicted in the famous movie “Kin-Dza-Dza”. This is the realm of mechanics, metal, unusual devices and gears worn out by time.

Pipe racks. Facade handles made from parts of old clocks. Old wooden chests and worn brick walls. Sofas that look like armchairs from old spacecraft. Tables in the form of giant sound buffers. Lamps in the form of zeppelins.

Antique furniture fits perfectly into this realm of battered iron. The interior gives the impression that you have entered a fantasy world where patina covers everything. And a light touch of oxide and star dust displaces the stiff sterility of Scandinavian motifs.

The cabinet set acquires the necessary look with the help of craquelure, patina, copper rivets and fittings from former types of nuts and bolts.

Upholstered furniture is a tubular frame, covered with artificial leather. This creates the feeling of a lair of interplanetary pirates or a hermit’s cell on the edge of the galactic expanses.


For lovers of art exhibitions and paintings with a hidden meaning of life, Onto-art gives you the opportunity to live right in an art gallery. This style prefers a deep philosophical load, which at the same time gives a feeling of lightness and gives vivid impressions.

The name can be translated into Russian as “the art of being”. The interiors are close in meaning to bionics. The same natural patterns, natural colors and materials in the furniture.

The difference lies in the brightness and special abstract images taken from the paintings of famous artists working in the direction of Onto-art.

Practicality and beauty come first. Upholstered furniture takes streamlined laconic forms. The upholstery is made from natural materials. Unusual colors and prints are allowed. Despite the juiciness and brightness of the colors, it is better to give preference to light shades of the natural range.

Cabinet furniture can be of any shape. At the same time, it is desirable that it fits into the overall concept of the interior and is one with other elements. The room is thought out as a single holistic image.


Rustic interiors are an attempt to combine American country with a Russian hut. At the same time, the style does not shy away from modern materials and technology. It is suitable for those who appreciate the natural beauty of natural materials and the quiet comfort of a family hearth.

The table top made from a cut of a giant sequoia will fit perfectly into the living room. Or a table assembled from bog oak blocks. Rough solid stools. High back chairs. Chests and antique chests of drawers. The interior breathes antiquity. At the same time, there is no that pretense of sweetness and sobs about the past centuries.

A person lives in the present day, without denying the achievements of technology and at the same time is in harmony with the surrounding nature.

Curbstones from thick logs. Shops. Fireplaces. And next to it is a brand new cinema and an electric fireplace.

Upholstered furniture is massive. Its outlines echo Art Deco elements. The same smooth lines, solid natural fabrics and leather. The only thing is that there is no obligatory contrast frame along the contour.

If the living room is an integral part of the studio, then massive sideboards and cabinets made of natural wood will organically fit into it.

As you can see, in addition to traditional minimalism, loft and modern, the modern interior is presented in a rich range of emotions, ideas and trends. Cutting-edge innovative technologies are reflected in hi-tech, bionics, brutalism and Urbana. And connoisseurs of home comfort will appreciate rustic, Provence, country, Scandinavian, Japanese, Moroccan and Egyptian ethnic groups.

The combination of modern furniture with other interior items

Below are a mix of styles and colors. Choose your favorite color scheme and transfer ideas to your home.

5 trends in modern furniture

  • Light furniture. Remains relevant for many years, as it is a classic version. You can choose any finish, accessories and more.
  • Round table. Decorates the interior with its sophistication. Beautiful coffee tables will make the sofa space more elegant.
  • Chromium. The mirror surface adds light to a small and dark room, enhances the space.
  • Open shelves. They increase the space, and also with the help of a beautiful arrangement of accessories on the shelves will add zest to the interior.
  • Sliding table. A convenient purchase for a modern apartment, you can use it to store newspapers and various small things.

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