Modern hallway interior ideas in 2021

Modern hallway interior ideas in 2021

Modern hallway interior ideas in 2021

It is generally accepted that the first thing the eye stops at when entering an apartment is the entrance hall. She immediately draws attention to herself, because by her appearance one can judge the situation in other rooms. The interior of the hallway can tell a lot about the owner of the apartment, his tastes and interests. It serves as a kind of mirror that reflects the image of the owner.

Hallway interior 2021 – new modern trends

Today, there are many different designs, the choice of which depends on the size and shape of the room. However, visually they can be adjusted using the following factors:

  • properly selected lighting;
  • colors of walls and ceiling, flooring;
  • location of items.


Evenly lit hallway in bright colors from the side seems larger. And objects neatly placed along the walls “open up” the space in the center of the square.

The most common style is minimalism, which brings a cozy atmosphere to a small hallway. The most commonly used materials of natural origin:

  • stone;
  • wood;
  • brick.

The walls are decorated with concrete, smooth brick, PVC panels. In terms of flooring, laminate and parquet are preferred. The ceiling does not include any complex structures – it is simply covered with paint or stretch ceilings are predominantly white.

It is desirable that the color scheme of the floor covering “echoes” with the interior items and the ceiling. It looks stylish and helps to achieve the desired effect.

One of the main trends of our time is the abundance of shiny jewelry, eye-catching textiles, themes with clear geometric shapes, which, however, does not harm aesthetic considerations. The combination of office style and home comfort fits effortlessly into everyday life. Even more common is the production of metal parts and accessories that emphasize a sophisticated image. But when arranging the hallway, it is advisable not to use unnecessary decorative items and a large amount of furniture. It should be functional and not take up much space.

The vast space can be divided into several sections. In one of them put an armchair, coffee table or cabinet. In the other there will be room for shelves. Openwork design components (as well as heavy ones) can add charm and complete a relaxing atmosphere. Mirrored wardrobe doors will perfectly beat the backlight. The result depends on individual taste.

For a narrow corridor, it is appropriate to install mirrors, a wardrobe. Use of different flooring materials is suitable. This will create a sense of hospitality. The use of built-in furniture and mezzanines is welcome, which allows you to save more space. A nice finish can be a key holder and a compact stand for umbrellas.

On a note!

Currently, popular interior styles are Provence, hi-tech, country, loft.

With the development of technology, the use of antibacterial materials has become more frequent, which have already supplanted granite with its synthetic counterparts. There was room for creativity, allowing you to feel the care of nature through environmentally friendly raw materials.

Unusual and original hallway interior

The best option would be to use pastel shades. But, to make the look of the room more original, you can create bright contrasts. The prudent arrangement of assorted furniture that combines several colors will help achieve the desired effect. For example, decorating walls with soft panels and arranging bedside tables will turn the hallway into a cozy corner.

Self-decoration of walls or custom-made painting expand the space in the hallway, at the same time making it saturated with colors. In addition, whimsical hooks, hangers, wall-mounted accessory holders in the form of unusual decorations will fill the room with uniqueness, conveying a special mood.

You can lay a carpet with an original pattern. Decorate one of the walls together with the ceiling with the same pattern. High-quality wall panels and a mirror wall are ideal options for decorating the appearance of the corridor.

The unique shades of the back walls of the cabinet, doors, floor or ceiling, executed in a checkerboard style, will bring to life the most daring fantasies. In addition, a deep, slightly bulky coloring will leave an unusual imprint on the first impression of guests.

Benches and boxes for storing things due to their compactness will increase the restraint of decoration.

On a note!

Adding hats, baskets, pillows as decor will be the finishing touch to the interior.

Classic interior design

Classic style is a type of interior that will never go out of style. Combining delicate pastel colors with deep brown, burgundy and greenish colors, it is distinguished by a touch of aristocracy and comfort.

This style goes well with:

  • muted gray and beige walls;
  • cream stretch ceilings;
  • cornices;
  • borders;
  • decorative parquet and laminate floors.

Minimal finishing is used. Classical items have uncomplicated outlines, which are compensated by expensive materials – natural wood, high-quality fabric and leather.

The hallway, made in this style, can also consist of other areas – English, loft, Victorian. But it is important that all elements are in clear harmony of shades and shapes. Composition with pronounced centers, exceptional monumentality and symmetry characterize this style in the best possible way.

To make a room in a classic style, a wide space is desirable. Design abounds:

  • massive cabinets;
  • bedside tables with curved legs;
  • dressing tables.

It is characterized by both romance (depicted by dark wood and marble colors) and the severity of neutral tones. But even in a small hallway, succinctly arranged furniture will please the eye.

Framed mirrors, figurines, vases with flowers will perfectly fit into the overall picture. And if you add details of a different direction to everything, then a holistic image of a representative hallway will appear.

It is not at all necessary to collect antique furniture just to demonstrate luxurious comfort. Inexpensive imitations of antiques are now in the public domain. You can also be smart and invent decor items yourself.

Warm, multi-level lighting is invariably present in every classic hallway. Both massive chandeliers and spotlights are welcome.


It is worth considering that their design should also match the appearance of the rest of the interior.

How to decorate a small hallway in 2021

When creating a hallway, every little thing is important. Therefore, you should always have a step-by-step repair plan in general terms:

  • Think over the arrangement of furniture, take measurements, draw up an estimate.
  • Take out all the items and put the floor covering.
  • Engage in the alignment of the walls, ceiling.
  • Finishing surface treatment.
  • Placement of furniture and decorations.
  • First of all, you need to decide on the interior that suits the room:

  • In case there is a desire to organize a high-tech hallway with monochrome colors, the best option is to perform in high-tech style.
  • Lovers of delicate blue color and colorful simplicity will suit both marine style and Provence, known for its sophistication.
  • Fluid, flowing lines distinguish Art Nouveau with its ethnic motifs.
  • The combination of the incongruous is inherent in the fusion style.
  • It is impossible to list all the options, and much depends on personal preferences.

    It is recommended to create a detailed design project of the room in advance, where all the details and small things will be displayed. It will make it possible to avoid mistakes already in the process of repair and complement the interior with appropriate accessories.

    Although newfangled trends have introduced slight deviations from the classics, the concept of arranging the room has remained the same. So, the design of the hallway in 2021 stands out with soft colors, spaciousness and comfort. Do not forget that its appearance should be in harmony with the rest of the apartment.

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