Modern kitchen interior ideas in 2022

Modern kitchen interior ideas in 2021

Modern kitchen interior ideas in 2022

Fashion trends, budget and interesting options, the optimal design of space in a small space – almost everyone who decides to update the kitchen faces all this. At first, everything seems very complicated. But it is enough to understand, and everything falls into place.

Kitchen interior 2022: styles

Keeping pace with the times, the kitchen furniture industry offers the consumer current styles that are in line with the spirit of the present. In 2022 dominated by:

  • A loft that combines urban brutality and conciseness. Associated materials – metal, brick (not finished with a layer of plaster), wood (processed in a simple way).Loft
  • Minimalism is easily recognizable by the simplicity of decoration, the absence of decorative elements, where there is a place for high-quality polymer and wood.Minimalism
  • Modern. This is progress, modern technologies in materials and technology. A lot of glass, wood and a minimum of metal are used.Modern
  • Art Deco. It is distinguished by the high cost of parts and the main material. Mandatory conditions are: naturalness, quality and impeccable performance. Precious metals, stones, leather goods and even fur are often used in this style.Art Deco
  • Classic. Correct shapes and natural wood. Reliability and comfort. Bright colors give way to calm and practical colors.Classic
  • Not so popular anymore, but still in demand country music. Simple and convenient, does not tolerate artificial additives. It is characterized by ceramics, wood, stone, elements of folk art and natural fabrics.Country
  • The high-tech style is gaining popularity with its characteristic bias towards outer space and aerodynamics. Only high technology, cutting-edge design and no more than 2-3 shades in the color scheme. This style loves the latest materials, unusual shapes, ease of execution and streamlined shapes.
High tech

On a note!

This year, more and more designers prefer to mix directions. They do not favor a particular style. For example, the public’s favorite futuristic minimalism. He mixed high-tech and minimalism. The style took its niche and became popular among advanced young people.

Despite the uniqueness of these areas, they are friends with each other. It is possible that kitchen interior design in 2022 will bring new modern trends to consumers.

What does a modern kitchen look like: new trends

It is difficult to imagine modern cuisine without combining it with the word “space”. This is the most important element in the new trend. Everything revolves around space. New trends:

  • The minimum number of items and equipment. The kitchen should have room for imagination.
  • The use of invisible mechanisms. Nothing distracts and does not hide the space.
  • Lots of light. Remove curtains. Leave space only for blinds-transformers
  • Merging territories and combining rooms. The kitchen lives the life of people, now it is not only a place for cooking homemade food and spiritual conversations, but also a cinema room, a bedroom and a workshop. Merging spaces into a kitchen-living room is quite popular. This is especially true with the minimum size of the premises (up to 10 square meters).
  • Modern technologies in lighting are relevant for the apartment as a whole. Spotlights, complex and simple lamp connections. The play of light will allow you to get more space.
  • Bright colors should grab attention for a second without pushing the main hue into the background.
  • glossy surfaces. They refract and reflect light so that nothing hinders movement.
  • No stools. Comfortable back, intricate design, return of post-Soviet textures and shapes. The lower part is minimally loaded.
  • invisible walls. They are textured, embossed, but faceless. Only white color or shades close to it.

On a note!

Designers are advised to replace the built-in appliances with mobile ones. This will leave you the right to change the situation, organizing space for creativity.

Budget and interesting cuisine options

In 2022, manufacturers have not bypassed the economy segment. Actual:

  • use good quality plastic fittings in the kitchen;
  • place elements with a glossy film coating;
  • use spotlights;
  • abandon the upper hanging boxes;
  • give preference to modular options.

Expensive corners are exchanged for simple rectangular shapes, giving them originality and luxury. This will help the natural shades of stone, wood and water. An interesting option is to increase the number of shelves.

The most interesting and budget options for cuisine:

  • Modular black and white kitchen. Made of white chipboard, covered with a black artificial stone top. Ice-shaped handles are made of translucent plastic. This combination always looks impressive and corresponds to new trends. A pair of double-leaf hanging cabinets with frosted glass doors, 3 lower sections, among which there is a compartment with several drawers, is enough. A glass transparent table and the same invisible plastic chairs make the interior weightless. No curtains needed – just clean windows that allow light to pass through well. Or you can limit yourself to a cobweb of chiffon fabric without color. A chandelier of several lamps resembles inverted glasses, fixed on a fragment of a cave stone.
  • No wall cabinets made of MDF. 4 compartments with wet stone colored single doors, covered with a solid laminated chipboard top, reminiscent of a fresh cut of oak. The handles are made to match the lower cabinets. The walls are covered with tiles resembling white bricks with the same impeccably white seams. The square table is the twin brother of a tabletop made of a similar material with gray chrome legs weighted with corner geometry. The chairs are upholstered in mouse-coloured linen with dark chrome supports. On the windows there are transformer blinds with inserts of strips of golden nylon. The ceiling is decorated with a scattering of spotlights.
  • The top section consists of 2 full-length shelves of the sky blue kitchen. The lower part can be equipped with 3-4 cabinets covered with a glossy film reminiscent of the color of milk cocoa. The design of the fittings of the handles is simple – the shape of a perfectly straight line. The table is made of durable tempered glass, a shade of blue bottle. Chairs – on thin chrome legs. Curtains in pale blue or white organza continue the line of the wall. On the glossy stretch ceiling there are 2 chandeliers, similar to a bee hive, burnt out in the sun.

On a note!

Glass continues to hold the position of low prices. Its use in the interior will give the kitchen lightness and airiness. With the texture and color of glass, you can also dream up. It perfectly refracts light, which is one of the key properties of new trends.

How to fit everything in a small kitchen: ideas for 2022

Logic and layering reign in compact kitchens. The basic principles for placing many items in a small kitchen in 2022:

  • Pyramid principle. Put the larger volume into the smaller one. Often this method is used in dishes. Modern kits consist of many convenient containers that fit easily into each other for storage.
  • Transformation. Advanced equipment at the production sites makes it easy to create furniture that transforms one object into another. The coffee table transforms into a dining area for 12 people, the chair can be turned into a stand for a cookbook or tablet.
  • An abundance of shelves.
  • Built-in technology. Not 4, but 2 burners. A microwave oven with many functions will replace the oven. Mini fridge without freezer – fresh food every day.
  • The table can be easily pulled out from under the working area, movable drawers are hidden under the kitchen sofa.
  • Place under the window. A countertop with a sink and a tap and laconic cabinets are freely placed.
  • Sockets in closet. They no longer require a separate place for themselves, and a spacious closet is placed in the vacated niche. The sockets are neatly built into it.
  • Angles. Corner cabinets, tables and drawers contain everything you need.
  • Low backs. They fit easily under the table.

In 2022, small kitchens will use the entire space. Problem areas will become a subject for imagination.

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