Modern living room interior ideas in 2022

Modern living room interior ideas in 2022

The interior of the living room with a kitchen in 2022 can be decorated in different styles. This is due to the desire of people who are trying to deviate from traditions, boring designs, and rigid frameworks. The style of living rooms in the classical sense has unconditional distinctive standards. However, they often limit the flight of thought and imagination of the interior designer, reduce his ability to subjectively express his design idea.

Living room interior 2022: main trends

The most popular styles in which living rooms can be decorated show the progressive views of modern design. These include:

  • modern;
  • Art Deco;
  • loft;
  • high tech;
  • eclecticism.

The style of the interior, depending on the layout of the apartment, solves very important issues:

  • in what range to decorate the living room;
  • how to arrange furniture;
  • how to improve the functionality of the room.


The living room should be spacious, bright and multifunctional, divided into at least 2 zones, preferably several.

Eclecticism is the main interior trend. This is due to the cultural heritage and history of styles that have developed in modern times. It combines even the most incompatible styles. For example, high-tech details include rural touches. Modern design implies a combination of history and modernity.

More and more people are starting to return to simple (so-called rustic) and functional styles. Natural materials are used not only for comfort, but also for environmental reasons. Plants, raw materials and fabrics complement the natural, simple rustic lifestyle design very well.

When choosing the interior of a living room with a kitchen in 2022, the emphasis is on returning to the classic style. The solution is suitable for small-sized (up to 22 squares) premises in a European way:

  • Ceiling lighting is responsible for separating the kitchen and public areas.
  • The bed is hidden from prying eyes by glass-based partitions.
  • The furniture is brown, the curtains or curtains are too.

One of the established styles in design is the well-known modern.

On a note!

In this style, you can decorate the living room, completely ignoring the dimensions and layout of the room. The walls are pasted over or painted in light colors, a laminate or natural-colored parquet is placed on the floor.

Color combination in the living room

This year is marked by the trend of dark shades of beige. Harmony is achieved with light green and milky, creating an eye-catching picture. Green as an addition is suitable for neutral milky, beige and gray.

Now a very relevant solution is the design of the living room in mint color. It is associated with the flora of nature and in general. The design at the present stage is dominated by neutral and natural colors, which skillful designers combine with geometric patterns.

Along with the classics, stylists offer unexpected alternatives for decorating the living room in dark, deep shades with the obligatory light accent in some places. Current combinations:

  • dark blue and light blue;
  • dark gray and light raspberry;
  • chestnut and light gray;
  • olive and dark green;
  • burgundy and coral.

Among the fashionable solutions of 2022 is also the use of aquamarine in the design. It acts as a strong color accent, usually complemented with white.

On a note!

In conditions where people want to stick to a more conservative design, a classic table of color combinations in the interior will do.

The interior of the living room combined with the bedroom

Rising rents and the advent of miniature homes are driving up demand for compact furnishings. Choice of zoning method:

  • sliding partitions;
  • podiums and second levels;
  • bunk beds behind fabric “separators”.

Quite successfully with the zoning of the bedroom-living room, sliding structures that are installed on the desired area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room cope. Thus, an Asian style is created, which forms an additional visual space in the room, dividing it into several parts. It is very advantageous to use this method in large rooms with a small amount of overhead lighting. The installation of glass doors in combination with curtains is suitable.

Rooms with high walls can be divided into several levels. With a multi-storey building, the floors hanging over the living room look spectacular. Often, in addition to them, they put compact stairs of light shades. In a compilation with this approach, built-in wardrobes look advantageous, which not only create the effect of increasing the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room, but also perspectively harmonize with the color scheme of dark shades of wood color in the created level.


This is a fairly popular option, such a solution is quite popular in the development of design for middle-class apartments.

Zoning a living room with a kitchen: new interiors

There is a popular opinion that the kitchen is the heart, and the living room is the soul of the apartment. The classic design style allows you to connect these two locations. This is especially true for small apartments. It is important to pay attention to non-obvious things in the duet of premises:

  • Lighting greatly affects the overall opinion of the interior. It is also important to pay attention to the location of the light switches.
  • A bar counter is well suited to separate the kitchen and living room, on the other side of which a sofa or armchair is placed.
  • When combining, the main task is to observe a homogeneous concept of style. Many do not understand this and try not to connect, but, on the contrary, to separate the premises.
  • Particular attention is required to ensure good air exchange and ventilation so that smells from the kitchen do not penetrate into the living room.
  • There are specific scenarios for using a combined kitchen. It is because of them that she gained her immense popularity. First of all, the designer and the landlord must agree and define a clear presentation of the result.

Open-plan kitchens have become fashionable recently and immediately gained great popularity. They look very up to date. For the most part, this type of design is found in studio apartments, but it looks especially bright in the design of private houses.

Modern studio room interior in 2022

The modern apartments are open plan. The rooms seem to flow from one to another. There is a strong need for furniture with a wide range of functions that emphasizes living spaces or separates them from each other.

The basis for any design is space. Each element and piece of furniture should be both functional and decorative. Competent selection of lamps and lamps complements and decorates the living space.

Color is a good design tool. It plays a critical role in the assessment of the premises. Bold decisions become more juicy and saturated due to intense color schemes. One-color compositions are now rather abandoned in favor of patterns and fractals. The main current design ideas are highlighted:

  • Saturated or in harmony with wildlife color scheme design.
  • A penchant for simple, “rustic” design.
  • Maximum use of the available area of ​​an apartment or a private house to follow trends.
  • Intelligent technologies are taking more and more space in the organization of space. This gives a progressive and more reliable result.
  • Comfort is the main thing in the house.
  • Ergonomics is an integral concept. Due to the fact that apartments are getting smaller, it is important to pay attention to the versatility of furniture.
  • Freedom of movement and flexible solutions. People want to be free more and more. Relevant is the distribution of space in the rooms and the apartment as a whole.

The conditions of modern life are changing rapidly. Many are looking for a way out of the routine and liberation from conventions. This is especially true for housing arrangements. Therefore, by properly decorating the living room, you can not only refresh the interior, but also feel the global changes in life.

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