Modern small bedroom design ideas 2022

Modern small bedroom design ideas 2022

The design of a small bedroom should be selected taking into account a number of recommendations from experts. This will help to equip the room so that its size will not be perceived as a drawback. You can use several tricks to visually increase the space, choose the right furniture and style.

Small bedroom design features

It is worth considering the general recommendations for a small space and the trends of 2021, which can also be used when decorating:

  1. The interior design of a small bedroom in light colors is always perceived better than in dark ones. Therefore, it is worth using the light range as the main one, regardless of the style.
  2. You can choose the same color of furniture and walls. In this case, the elements seem to dissolve and the perception of space improves.
  3. It is worth using as many glossy and reflective surfaces as possible. Due to them, you can also compensate for the lack of space and visually enlarge the room. These can be mirrors, shiny facades, glossy stretch ceilings, etc.
  4. It is best to follow the concept of minimalism, using furniture with clear lines, compact and without fancy decor.
  5. Choice of proportionate solutions. For example, wallpaper patterns should be small.
  6. Geometric patterns are also great – vertical stripes lift the ceiling, while horizontal stripes make the bedroom appear wider.
  7. Use as much light as possible. This applies to both natural and artificial lighting. Due to the backlight, you can highlight individual areas to focus on them.
  8. The use of natural colors in the design and natural materials in the decoration.

Keep in mind!

The general message is to create an environment in which you can stay for a long time and not get tired. When choosing a design, proceed primarily from your own preferences.

How to visually enlarge a small bedroom

There are several techniques that allow you to change the perception of the room. A few tips from a professional designer:

  1. Light colors are a rule that you can never deviate from. On the sunny side, cold shades will be more appropriate, and on the poorly lit side, warm ones.
  2. Bright accents should attract attention, but not be too flashy.
  3. A high plinth will visually raise the walls.
  4. Light furniture elements unload the space. For example, instead of bedside tables, make wall shelves.
  5. Images with perspective change the perception of the room, visually increasing its volume.
  6. Illumination of walls, cornices and other elements can transform the bedroom.

A note:

When choosing photo wallpapers, give preference to murals and stylized images. Realism is out of fashion now.

Choosing a style for decorating a small bedroom

There are several areas that are relevant at the moment and are suitable for bedrooms with a small area (even 10 square meters is enough):

  1. Eco-style is the leading direction in recent years, which involves the use of natural unobtrusive shades. It is worth using the maximum number of natural structures – wood, fabrics with a distinct texture, etc. At the same time, everything should be functional and comfortable – furniture with clear lines, folding structures, etc.
  2. The interior design of a small bedroom in a modern style involves using only what is needed. In this case, the furniture should be light. It can be both the texture of wood and white glossy surfaces. Mirrors, interesting posters, exquisite items – floor lamps, sconces, etc. – should not be massive. The floor is most often made of wood or laminated panels.
  3. Classic-style rooms can also look luxurious in a small area. It is important to choose a light finish, not very massive furniture with skillful decor, mirrors in a stylish frame and curtains made of expensive fabrics. It is important to strike a balance between luxury and functionality so as not to overload the space.
  4. Scandinavian style is another trend that is a win-win for a small room. Natural materials and cool shades in the interior, together with the use of light wood furniture, will achieve the effect of expanding the space. This direction involves a monochrome design without decor, where it is important to choose the right textiles for the bed and for upholstery.
  5. Minimalism is ideal for the smallest bedroom. It has 2 colors in design, strict lines, lack of decor and decorations. Furniture should be chosen simple, while giving preference to wood, but painted surfaces can also be used. It is also important to consider the content of each functional area.

In eclecticism there is no single concept, but at the same time, details from different directions create a unique atmosphere. The only difficulty is that without experience it is difficult to independently select design elements.

Color solutions

In bedrooms up to 12 square meters, it is very important to choose the right color to make the room look stylish and at the same time be cozy:

  1. White color. A win-win option that expands the space and fills it with volume. It is difficult to spoil something with it – you can always dilute it with bright accents or unusual decor.
  2. Blue tones are very suitable for the bedroom. But for a small room it is better to use light ones, it is important to choose 1-2 basic shades that will set the general mood. They go well with white furniture, which looks especially expressive against a blue background.
  3. Green is soothing, so it’s great for bedrooms. Green shades go well with the texture of wood and other natural materials.
  4. Earth colors are a trend this season that is unlikely to lose popularity in the coming years. With their help, you can create a comfortable space in which you will never get tired of being.
  5. Plum tones are unusual and in demand today. With their help, you can achieve an original result. The room will be not only stylish, but also cozy.

In the design of a small bedroom, you can use no more than 2-3 tones. This is a rule that should always be followed.

Wall, floor and ceiling decoration

When choosing materials, there are no special restrictions and frameworks, so you should proceed from what is best suited in a given situation. The main thing is to use safe ones that will create an optimal microclimate in the room. A few recommendations:

  1. For the floor, natural wood or a laminate that imitates the textures of natural materials is best suited. The carpet breaks the space, the carpet for the entire area is also irrelevant. To make the room as comfortable as possible, if possible, it is worth making a floor heating system in the bedroom.
  2. The walls are most often made plain. This is a win-win solution for a small bedroom. You can paste wallpaper. It is best if they are with a small geometric pattern. Or one of the walls is pasted over with photo wallpapers to create a perspective and visually expand the space. If imitation brickwork is used on the surface, it is better to make it white.
  3. For the ceiling, a stretch glossy or satin fabric will be a win-win solution. At the same time, you can make a drywall box around the perimeter with built-in lighting to give the structure airiness. You can simply paint the surface if it is perfectly flat. The easiest way is to paint it white.

You can order a stretch ceiling with the effect of a starry sky or a shimmering surface that fills the space with soft light.


Light should be given special attention, since the perception of space largely depends on it. Natural lighting from the window can be dimmed with blinds or a day-night system if the room is on the sunny side. Recommendations:

  1. In a square room, one chandelier is enough for general lighting. And in the elongated one you can hang two identical ones. This not only improves the illumination, but also looks stylish.
  2. The space at the head of the bed is suitable for subdued local lighting. Most often, sconces, lamps on bedside tables or floor lamps are used for these purposes. Some modern bed models have built-in adjustable lights.
  3. If there are functional areas, it is worth considering the lighting of each of them separately. For example, in a closet, you can make lighting that turns on when the door is opened, or you can put a motion sensor. Light up the dressing table with wall elements or use a mirror with LEDs.
  4. Use lighting (ceiling or floor around the perimeter, the effect of a floating bed, etc.) – with its help you can change the perception of the room.

Modern solutions allow you to control the light both from the remote control and from your smartphone through a special application.

What kind of furniture to choose for the bedroom

Furniture is an important part of the environment, on which both the appearance of the room and the comfort of staying in it depend. Remember a few tips:

  1. It is better to choose light products that have a wood texture or are painted with glossy paint.
  2. Ideally, choose everything from one collection so that there are no questions about combining different elements of furniture.
  3. When you need a sofa, you should choose the most compact, without armrests and with natural upholstery.
  4. If a crib for a child will be placed for a while, a place for it must be allocated in advance so that it does not block the passage.
  5. According to the generally accepted rule, furniture should occupy no more than half the area. If possible, the middle of the bedroom should be left empty.
  6. The bed can be placed both in the middle and in the corner. Space should be saved as much as possible.


When choosing furniture, style should be taken into account – often it is he who has the greatest influence on the decision.

Tips for furnishing a small bedroom

A few additional tips to get the best results:

  1. If possible, use as little furniture as possible to leave as much space as possible.
  2. To get additional space, a bed with a lifting mechanism will help.
  3. If the passages on the sides of the bed are less than 60 cm, it is better to move it into a corner.
  4. It is better to place the switches at the door and headboard.
  5. In a bedroom with a balcony, you can combine the space to get extra space.

Instead of a cabinet, you can put an open hanger, and make a folding table or purchase a wall-mounted dressing table.

The design of a small bedroom needs to be thought through to the smallest detail in order to get a good result. There are many tricks for visually expanding the space, and thanks to ready-made examples with photos, choosing the best solution is not difficult.

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