Modern Style Bedroom 2022 – Interior Design Ideas

Modern Style Bedroom 2022 – Interior Design Ideas

The design of the premises changes from year to year, people want to live more conveniently, more interestingly, smarter. And also so that the environment pleases with freshness and novelty. Let’s see what a modern style bedroom should be like in 2022.

Bedroom design in a modern style – features

While modern bedroom design styles provide complete freedom and you can choose any mood, there are common points. It is not always possible to notice them in photo collections, but it is easy to find if you go through exhibitions or compare options for 2022 and other years. What is it, a modern bedroom:

  • Comfortable. Stability, reliability, naturalness are valued. The more environmentally friendly materials, the better. Reach out your hand and take it, throw a thing, and it will immediately be in the right place, not a person for housing, but housing for a person – these are the main principles.
  • Clever. When designing a room, modern possibilities are taken into account to manage the house, organize its functionality ergonomically and silently. Wireless charging for a cell phone in the bedside table, sofas that remember preferences, adjusting the purity of the air or temperature – all this does not climb into the eyes, but creates a whole new feeling of convenience when higher possibilities lie behind superficial simplicity.
  • Restrained. If a person from the 50s, who knows a lot about design, got into 2022 and studied photos of bedroom interiors in a modern style, he would be struck by the almost cosmic airiness and simplicity of the room. Humanity strives to get rid of the philosophy of consumption, apartments are becoming more accurate and ascetic. The furniture seems to tend to shrink, freeing up space, merges with other pieces of furniture, folds like a designer. And this is noticeable even in the design of spacious apartments, which, nevertheless, do not become like a football stadium, because designers play with levels, add intelligent objects or installations, work with the dynamics of space.

Of course, bold decisions are also appropriate. The room perfectly reflects the bold and creative nature of the owner. They achieve this effect by actively involving in the design everything that can be quickly replaced or moved, investing more taste and movement.

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The color scheme for the bedroom in a modern style 2022

The most relevant colors for a modern bedroom:

  • Natural, natural colors. Brown bark, terracotta earth, dark gray rocks and milky gray sky, sky blue or sea blue. In nature, the whole palette of colors is available, but even bright colors are presented by nature in such a way that it charges with peace and energy. If the flower is bright, it is balanced by a green or rocky gray background, the azure blue becomes even more alive next to the sand, and the gold of the leaves is balanced by the soft colors of the trunks and withering grass.
  • Green. The range of green colors is very popular, and not only in the interior of the bedroom. Although in sleeping rooms this color, combining the peace of blue and the joy of yellow, is especially relevant. Don’t limit yourself to herbal or mint shades – this color has a lot of possibilities: from luxurious deep emerald to Scandinavian ash green.
  • Brown. It can be called the king of the season – there is a lot of brown on the catwalks with clothes, at exhibitions. The color can be calm and extravagant, neutral and luxurious. It is deep and stylish, goes well with any other color, and manages to make any room attractive. Of course, with this color you can make a mistake, getting a boring or depressing effect, but there is such a risk with any natural color.
  • White color. It is gradually replacing gray, it is felt that people are tired of technical solutions and are striving for naturalness. White is no less versatile, but more common in nature. White can be cool or sunny, depending on the additions, but always refreshes the room.

When background colors are chosen, you should think about the accent color. This technique of making an impression with a strong and unusual color, such as an apple green pouffe, is still popular today.

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Modern bedroom furniture

Modern design ideas give furniture a secondary role. The times when it was interesting to furnish a typical apartment, pasted over with typical wallpaper, have passed. The actual design is, first of all, a beautifully and cleverly arranged space, and the furniture plays the role of support and accent, but not the background. Therefore, there are no general rules. Modern furniture is chosen for a specific idea and style, it should be comfortable, practical, light, highly functional and preferably made in an environmentally friendly way.

Pieces of furniture that can perform several tasks at once are valued: a loft bed, a workplace bed, a bed with drawers for storing things. Special attention is given to storage systems. The order in the room is not only the accuracy of the person himself. First of all, it is a conveniently organized space.

Designer furniture is also in demand, although it would be bad taste to force an entire bedroom with it. But the original armchair, cabinet, table, pouffe or book shelf in a comfortable room will be the highlight that will enliven the entire interior.

Features of lighting in the interior of a modern bedroom

Properly built lighting can turn a small bedroom without a window into a room you won’t want to leave. Even the furniture is not as important as a well-thought-out scheme of lamps, adjusted intensity and quality of light. Heavy chandeliers are only appropriate in a classic-style bedroom. Otherwise, modern lighting tends to be inconspicuous. The room just looks bright and cozy, and the light sources are hidden in the ceiling, walls, behind the panels.

In the bedrooms they think over:

  • Main light. These are chandeliers, ceiling lamps, spot or ceiling lamps, floor and wall lamps.
  • Local lighting in the evening, for example, for reading. These are floor lamps and wall lamps.
  • Accent light – illumination of interior details, including floor, to highlight elements of the floor, steps.

Along with the elements of each stage of the light system, temperature and intensity are selected. The light can be warm, neutral, cold, simulating candles, daylight, bright sunlight.

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Fashion trends in the interior of the bedroom in a modern style 2022

Fashion trends are not just a set of what is now popular. They reflect modern values. When designing a bedroom interior in a modern style in 2022, it is allowed to return to the past, up to palace styles, or dream about the future, drawing ideas from futurism.

A couple of landmarks that inspire design masters today:

  • Environmental friendliness. A bedroom in a rustic, Scandinavian or Provence style breathes simplicity, warmth and freedom. If the “total look” in natural colors is not suitable, green plants, green corners, floral and woody motifs, screens with compositions from improvised materials, wicker furniture, original furniture made from recycled materials, blankets and pillows of deliberately coarse knitting, natural fabrics are quite enough. .
  • Invisible technologies. Today it is customary not to flaunt the triumph of technical genius. Conveniences gently merge with cosiness, creating a spacious, clean room from unnecessary details. The very concept of “a bedroom in a separate room” is gradually going out of trend, because a laptop in the bedroom today does not surprise anyone. To take into account all the needs and prevent them from conflicting, the room is equipped, for example, with a folding workplace that easily folds into a niche.
  • patterns to the fore. Solid minimalism can be tiring, so emotionality and courage find an outlet in unusual patterns. Giant flowers or birds of paradise decorating bedroom curtains are more than appropriate in 2022 modern style. Don’t forget about animal motifs too: a leopard or zebra will break up a solid white or brown background, making it look more dynamic and therefore more pleasing to the eye.

K. Vasilchenko, interior designer, phytodesigner: “The most important thing, if you want to create a fashionable interior for several decades to come, is decluttering, the union of man and nature, functionality. A minimum of things, a lot of space and light. And you can give a fashionable look with the help of quickly replaceable objects: furniture, decor, indoor plants.

Modern Bedroom Design Ideas 2022

If you don’t want to complicate your task with eclecticism, in 2022 it is best to pay attention to the following modern styles:

  • Scandinavian. Scandinavian style bedroom design can be very different, hundreds of solutions are already possible. It will only be necessary to adhere to the key principles: comfort, convenience, simplicity, air, natural motives. Simple comfortable furniture with natural upholstery, laconic forms, instead of curtains – comfortable blinds, plentiful but natural soft light, calm colors, lots of pillows, fluffy carpet on the floor. The bedroom will be very calm, spacious, philosophical and at the same time warming with homely warmth.
  • Provence. Born with porcelain figurines and lavender colors, the Provence style has grown and matured. Today it is still fresh, romantic and summery, but in 2022 it is permissible to interpret it more freely. Pastel warm colors – any, up to calm beige, delicate olive or serious lilac. Instead of a heavy bed with a high headboard, you can think of a decorative element on the wall, the furniture is not necessarily retro, but the simplest, albeit made of wood. It is worth leaving a light tulle on the windows, playfully intricate furniture handles or bed legs, bed linen or wallpaper with a floral print. In such a bedroom in a modern style, sun glare plays on the walls, it is joyful, elegant, light and very warm.
  • Classic style. In the photo of a bedroom in a modern style in 2022, it is not often possible to see exact examples of the classic style, even the classics are becoming lighter. However, it is still the best choice for an expensive, serious, luxurious bedroom. All design elements should be well coordinated, everything in the room, although not shouting, speaks of stability, reliability and prosperity. The finish is natural and solid. Materials – wood, stone, satin, velvet, brocade fabrics. Colors – sand, coffee, burgundy, noble shades of green, blue, white.
  • Minimalism. This style is still very popular. It differs from the Scandinavian in a greater focus on the person. It is also popular because it is great for a small bedroom and will be an excellent backdrop for any decor: if you want novelty, just hang new posters on the wall and replace the bedspread. Being too modest when creating a bedroom in a minimalist style is an unnecessary extreme. The room will add comfort blankets, pillows and even knick-knacks, reflecting the individuality of the owner.
  • Loft. The negligence of this style is not yet boring, on the contrary, it attracts new fans. It is really very convenient, you can creatively use any features of the room. The main sign of the loft is bare walls, brickwork not hidden by wallpaper, concrete, wood, metal, open ceilings, windows, structural elements. No need for plaster, curtains, curtains. Such a presentation, revealing what is usually hidden, turned out to be surprisingly pleasant: a lot of air, freedom, creativity, and gloomy rough surfaces, with some skill, do not look dirty, but stylish. Comfort in the bedroom in a modern loft style is achieved with rough wooden furniture, eco-leather coverings, daring, but high-quality textiles made of dense fabrics.

These are the key points to consider when designing a bedroom in 2022. But in general, modern style is freedom. Rejecting everything stuffy, cramped, pompous or far-fetched will not prevent you from realizing your desire for pomp or luxury in a new way.

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