Modern style in a small bedroom 9 sq m

Modern style in a small bedroom 9 sq m

Modern style in a small bedroom 9 sq m

The design of a bedroom of 9 square meters can be organized competently and beautifully. Such a bedroom area is often found in panel houses. This is a fairly small space and therefore, when choosing a style, it is necessary to take into account every detail that will become an important attribute of the room. Our task is to show you on photo examples how to make such a bedroom modern, as comfortable and cozy as possible.

Planning secrets

Room of 9 sq.m. can have two shapes: square and rectangle. This factor, coupled with the location of window and door openings, plays a big role in the design of the future bedroom. The next point that you should pay attention to is the selection of colors for furniture and finishes. In order for the space to look spacious and perform all the assigned functions, a number of rules must be observed:

  • Competent lighting. In a small room, it is advisable to distribute light sources around the perimeter, and not in the middle, as is customary to do. This allows you to visually make the ceilings higher and expand the bedroom;
  • The choice of materials for the ceiling. In the presence of a low ceiling, it is better to abandon the stretch fabric, which will reduce the space and make the room uncomfortable. The best option would be a plain light coating;
  • Floor covering. A dark, warm shade of laminate harmonizes well with light walls, visually expanding the bedroom. Dark carpet, on the contrary, will absorb sunlight;
  • Wall decoration. When choosing a finishing material for walls, it is worth starting from the location of windows. If the opening is on the south side – a light cold color and vice versa; Learn more about wallpaper selection here.
  • Furniture. The bedroom set should be functional, roomy and arranged so as not to interfere with free movement around the room.
  • A popular solution in recent years are built-in corner cabinets that can fit into any area. Since they are usually made to order.

    These are general rules that are suitable for any small room.

    Design Tricks

    Experienced designers use special techniques and techniques to visually enlarge the room. They are available to almost every owner of Khrushchev:

  • The presence of several separately placed mirrors, or a completely mirrored wall. They can be replaced with laminated panels;
  • Increase the size of window openings, if possible. Window manufacturers provide a huge selection of options that will increase the supply of artificial lighting to the bedroom;
  • To add extra charm to the room, colored details that focus attention will help. Bright curtains, unusual furniture with an interesting pattern, sofa cushions are suitable for this;
  • To increase the height of the room, it is better to give preference to light curtains attached to the ceiling cornice and descending to the floor. Creating additional vertical folds will further lengthen the space; Read about new curtains for the bedroom here –
  • You can give additional volume by painting one of the walls with a contrasting dark paint. Read about how to choose a color for painting a wall in a bedroom here –
  • These simple nuances will ease the problem of repairing a small bedroom and make it more proportional.

    Choosing a style solution

    A small area makes its own adjustments when choosing a style. We will focus on modern styles.

    Shabby chic and vintage stylistic solutions will allow lovers of the classics to realize their idea. Light lace textiles will balance the presence of antique furniture with metal fittings.

    One of the best options is minimalism in its various manifestations.

    Modest Japanese style will dilute the image of cherry blossoms on the wall or textiles.

    Hi-tech is one of the modern styles, which is expressed in the presence of mirrors and ergonomic design. A bedroom in a similar style is endowed with functionality in the presence of the necessary space.

    For lovers of rustic style, designers offer to stay in country style. However, when equipping such a room with rough furniture and handmade textiles, it is worth showing a sense of proportion and not overloading the space with decorative elements.

    Furniture arrangement

    When repairing a small bedroom, there is an important task – to correctly select and arrange the necessary furniture, except for the bed.

    Storage system

    In a small area, it is difficult to solve the problem of storing bed linen and necessary things. If the apartment has high ceilings, then modular mezzanines of small width, fixed under the ceiling surface, will come to the rescue.

    In square rooms it is possible to install a tall, shallow chest of drawers. This piece of furniture is made in various variations and is able to accommodate a large number of things in a small size.

    Open shelves above the head of the bed can accommodate photo frames, figurines and books. A good option are modern built-in wardrobes – compartments with a glossy or mirror surface. If there is not enough space in the room even for a small closet, floor racks or hangers will be the original solution.

    Place to sleep

    If you are faced with the task of organizing two separate places to sleep, then the only solution will be a two-level bed. This technique will save space for a desktop or additional storage system.

    A small area does not always allow you to place cabinets. In such a situation, you can opt for a wide bed with drawers or a lifting mechanism. Such a device will eliminate the problem of storing at least bedding sets.

    decorative elements

    Any room needs additional decor, except for furniture and textiles. In the case of a small bedroom, preference is given to wall decorations: paintings, panels, photographs in beautiful frames. But even here it is important not to overdo it, since the room of 9 sq.m. easy to overload.

    If you follow all the tips and recommendations, the arrangement of a small bedroom will not cause problems. Having arranged the room according to your taste preferences, being in it will turn into a pleasant pastime and comfortable rest.

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