Modern walls in the living room – 50 beautiful photos

Modern walls in the living room - 50 beautiful photos

Modern walls in the living room – 50 beautiful photos

The main purpose of the furniture wall in the hall is purely utilitarian. The modern consumer society is characterized by a large number of things. Walls are designed to streamline their storage. The family gathers in the living room for the holidays, relatives or friends. The wall in the hall occupies a central place. The mood of the hosts and guests will depend on its design and practicality. Modern walls are multifunctional with a minimalist design, they are constructed from free-standing cabinets, shelves, bedside tables.

What are the walls

Modern walls for the hall in the most modular type. Assembled from separate parts into a single whole. For convenience, they can be interchanged horizontally, rearrange the hanging cabinets in height. Such a transformation of individual components allows you to change the design and add some variety to the environment. There are not many performance options. They can be straight or angular, with a wardrobe or a computer desk.


Straight walls are installed near one of the walls. They play the role of the central exposition. Depending on the design and style, the owners can draw attention not only to the wall, but also to individual interior items.

It can be a free-standing vase, music center, TV. To emphasize individual details or the entire complex of furniture, LED lighting is used.


Corner walls are installed in large rooms. They take up a lot of space and are difficult to transform. The cabinet covering the corner must not be moved or rearranged. In fact, it becomes the center of the composition, and individual modules can only be rearranged around it. Making a good corner wall design project is not easy.

Wall slide

The modern wall slide for the hall differs from others in its design and constructive simplicity. Modular or cabinet components of the wall can be rearranged, open shelves alternate with free-standing closed ones.

They often lack a closet for outerwear. Preference is given to a place for a TV, a computer desk, a DVD player with speakers. LED lighting makes it modern and stylish. For small one-room apartments, this is the most acceptable solution. If desired, you can arrange a wall slide from completely different modules.

Without TV

The speed of modern life is changing the established rules of life. TV is gradually being pushed into the background before the Internet. Small TVs have been replaced by large LCD or plasma TVs. There is simply nowhere to put them. Only one niche for the TV will occupy half the wall. Therefore, modern wall models without a TV are also popular in the interior. This is furniture made in the style of minimalism with the rejection of decoration, simple contours and maximum functionality. Styles are best suited for walls in a room without a TV: Pop Art, Techno, Hi-tech, Kitsch, Loft.

With computer space

Popular wall models are designed in such a way that all the necessary equipment can be entered into them. Whether it’s a computer or a TV. It all depends on the requests of the owners of the living room.


Modern furniture is made from individual modules. It is characterized by simplicity and minimalism. Bulky, heavy structures disappeared from use. Individual modules are easily moved from one place to another. This makes it possible to change the design of the room without purchasing new furniture. The abundance of different shades makes it possible to choose a headset for every taste. In the struggle for the buyer, designers are increasingly mixing a wide variety of styles and trends. Despite the emergence of new materials and finishes, old design styles and trends do not give up their positions.


This style in architecture and design appeared at the beginning of the last century. There are two directions in the modernist direction of furniture manufacturing: constructivism and decorativeness. These styles were strongly influenced by national traditional forms.

This style is not for mass production. To emphasize the status of the owner, expensive dishes and porcelain are installed in display cabinets. For closed cabinets, chests of drawers and wardrobes, MDF panels are used, processed on machines with numerical control according to an individual order. In addition to the wall in the common room, there should be other furniture in this style: tables, chairs, chests of drawers, bedside tables.

There is no escape from real life. When designing furniture, it is necessary to provide a place for a TV.

High tech

High-tech furniture was formed as a result of mixing minimalism, pop art and constructivism. It combines: high manufacturability, the use of modern materials, functionality, clear geometric lines.

In this style, technical achievements are not hidden, but put on display. The central element of the modular wall can be a TV or music center. Minimum items to see. Everything superfluous is removed in hanging lockers. The facades of cabinets and cabinets are smooth, even, matte or polished surfaces. The division of zones is carried out due to the light and dark colors of the facades.


The minimum filling of the room is the most popular trend in modern design. Colors are selected white, black, gray, beige. The wall should not be flashy, clearly fit into the overall interior. The main part of the furniture structure should be closed from prying eyes.


The wall in the Loft-style hall is more like a tool rack than the usual furniture wall. And this is not surprising. This is one of the styles of industrial design that came to us from America. To decorate a room in this style, you need large areas and rooms with high ceilings. All objects in the wall are put on display.

Materials for the manufacture of furniture walls

The main materials for the manufacture of furniture have not changed, these are:

  • solid wood;
  • MDF;
  • Chipboard laminated.

Progress has moved towards color diversity. Furniture makers have a lot of different films that imitate valuable breeds, varnishes, paints, stains and mordants.

solid wood

Solid wood furniture is the most expensive because of the complexity of manufacturing. Wood must be dried for years to achieve the required moisture content. Technically, making solid wood furniture is not a problem. Modern technologies and tools allow us to make furniture of any complexity and shape. The main difficulty is finishing. Pay attention to the carved furniture from the royal chambers.

Masters did not just finish their furniture with gold. They simply did not have the technology to achieve the necessary surface cleanliness. It was cheaper for them to overlay their products with gold leaf, ivory and precious stones than to try to polish the surface without having either the equipment or materials for this. Modern technologies allow wood to be sanded and coated with clear lacquers to bring out the beauty of the wood. Solid wood furniture still remains expensive due to the high labor costs for its production.


Modern material for the manufacture of furniture facades. It is perfectly cut, pressed, covered with decorative films, paints and varnishes. The wood pulp is mobile and easily fills curved molds. This allows you to achieve the manufacture of furniture walls for a common room of any complexity for different styles.

Stamped overhead parts, carving imitation make it possible to achieve similarity with antique products. Modern production technologies have made it possible to reduce prices for MDF furniture facades. Today, the walls of MDF facades are in the middle price category. In terms of strength and durability, MDF products are not inferior to wood.


The walls in the hall made of laminated chipboard are the cheapest. Thanks to the variety of films for precious woods, manufacturers have been able to produce modular sections of different styles. Basically it is sectional furniture for wide consumption. Chipboards are also used to make office furniture and cabinets for furniture with MDF facades. This makes it possible to somewhat diversify the budget look of the furniture walls. The only difficulty is the isolation of phenols and formaldehydes from finished products.

In modern furniture fashion there are no clearly established styles and trends. Everyone chooses for himself the style and design of the furniture wall for the hall according to his own taste and financial capabilities.

Photo of the novelty of the walls in the interior of the living room:

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