Over 50 contemporary entryway furniture ideas

Over 50 contemporary entryway furniture ideas

Over 50 contemporary entryway furniture ideas

If you come to the design workshop and say that you want to order furniture in the hallway in a modern style, a good specialist will clarify which of the proposed directions you prefer. Because under this concept, in addition to modernity, minimalism and hi-tech, there are many very diverse trends.

Variety of styles for furniture

And so, let’s look at the different directions of design and determine your taste. Here are new modernable styles that you will not find in every second apartment.


Imagine that you are a millionaire tired of the bustle of the city. For a couple of months, he fled to the countryside to reflect on the mystery of being. You settled in an old barn, where you made a cozy nest. There is a place for comfortable furniture, but you have no time to do renovations.

The walls remain unfinished. Concrete, brick, boards open to the eye, giving a certain brutality to the interior.

There may be slabs, boards on the floor, rough stone is allowed.

The furniture contrasts brightly with the background and impresses with the softness of the forms and the smoothness of the lines. Expensive upholstery is used. Instead of cabinets – open shelving. Tables are replaced by consoles and cabinets.

Retro posters and furniture can be used as accents.

Suitable for a spacious hallway where there is an opportunity to show a striking contrast between a simple background and rich furniture.


This style appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, when revolutionary-minded comrades fought against the bourgeois remnants of the past. Any display of luxury is misplaced. The priority is functionality and simplicity.

Universal furniture made of modern materials is used. The industrial origin of interior elements is emphasized. There is no place for manual work. A minimum of decor and no dust collectors. The style is closely related to the direction of constructivism and cubism.

In the hallway, decorated in this style, furniture of clear rectangular-square outlines with smooth facades is suitable.

Discreet plaster or wallpaper with a small graphic pattern is suitable for walls. Laminate, linoleum can be laid on the floor. Tiles are allowed.

Instead of soft poufs, it is better to use strict benches and bankones. Seat cushions are made in the form of clear rectangles.


What will happen if comics and anime break into the strict atmosphere of minimalism? In this case, you will get a youth style manga. It is characterized by bold color accents against a black and white palette. And, of course, pictures from comics and cartoons. They can be found on the facades of cabinets, among wall posters and on textiles that are upholstered in a bench seat.

The style actively uses modern materials and technologies. Soaring countertops and cabinets, weightless cabinets, neon and acid colors – everything is used. But in a strictly dosed amount.

The hallway in this is distinguished by functionality. The walls, floor and ceiling are decorated in achromatic colors. Graphics are welcome. However, she plays the role of an accent.

If you are tired of the teenage environment, just remove the posters and you will find yourself in a modern version of minimalism. The main base color is grey. Against its background, any bright shades inherent in anime-style graphics look.


Democratic style, which is characterized by modern technologies and materials. Nothing extra. The entrance hall turns into a self-sufficient room, where each piece of furniture performs a clear function. All elements are interchangeable. For example, a picture on the wall can easily turn into a bench or a table. And the closet will act as a screen.

Furniture is selected with classic straight lines. No carvings or panels. Straight smooth facades. Give preference to built-in wardrobes hidden in niches.

The walls are covered with graphic wallpaper. A light-colored laminate is suitable for the floor: white and ivory, gray, sand, cream.

The color palette can be in calm and bright colors.

In this case, you may well use elements from different eras. For example, a carob lamp or a rug a la the 70s. If you like to travel, then small souvenirs brought from different countries will organically fit into the overall picture. The main thing is a sense of proportion so that contemporary with its democratic character does not turn into boho.


Are you bored of looking at strict minimalist plots? Do you love the riot of colors and creative mess? Then boho is just for you.

This is one of the few styles where you can show the world your needlework. A handmade housekeeper will settle in the hallway. An unusual bright shelf for hats will keep her company. At the same time, do not spare bright colors. Ripples in the eyes? So everything is going as it should.

Vintage furniture, wickerwork, forging – all this magically fits into a single space and mixes with colorful textiles.

Rug in patchwork technique, knitted capes on the ottoman and bench. Hand-painted sconces. All this will find its application in this style.


The strict atmosphere of a military office with clear lines, discreet shades and business functionality.

Walls can be covered with imitation stone or plastered. There is no need to use marble solutions. Let there be a slight roughness. Metal cabinets, shelving, a sense of minimalism and functionalism.

Nothing extra. Everything is strictly to the point. Only clothes that will be used in the near future are on hooks. Elements of heraldry, imitation of weapons are used as decor. Depending on the wishes of the client, it is possible to imitate a military headquarters or a dugout from different eras from Napoleon to the present day.


This is a style in love with the natural beauty of natural materials. If you are using wood, then do not paint over it. Show how the fibers shimmer, show their structure. For walls, you can use clay, lime, stone, mica. Laminate and decking look good on the floor.

In the rustic hallway, ancient and modern materials meet. For example, a polymer tabletop against a stone wall. The furniture is solid, massive. Usually made from natural wood. The point is to stand for centuries and go to great-grandchildren.

The color scheme in this case provides for natural natural shades.

In the hallway, a chest of drawers made in the form of an old rustic chest is ideal. Instead of a pouffe, use a simple solid stool taken from the interior of a Russian hut.

How to furnish the hallway?

Having chosen a style, you can proceed to the direct filling of the room. To do this, decide on the number of things to be stored, measure the hallway up and down, explore all the available niches, beams and bumps. It is quite possible that it will be possible to redevelop and demolish the internal partition separating the living room and the hallway.

What will it give? The place of the wall will be taken by a large closet up to the ceiling. It will even look like a wall. But it’s a great storage space. In addition, in the upper part, you can expand its space, imitating a mezzanine. By the way, this is a favorite technique of the Japanese. Low cabinets and chests of drawers serve only as an addition to the storage system hidden under the ceiling, floor and walls.

Furnishing a small corridor makes you look for ergonomic options that combine multifunctional elements into a single composition.

In one design, from a meter to two meters wide, a wardrobe, hooks or bars for outerwear, a shelf for hats, holders for umbrellas are placed. In addition, you will need a couple of boxes for haberdashery and cosmetics, as well as a shoe.

In narrow corridors, look for any opportunity to expand the space at least visually through mirrors, panoramic wallpapers and glossy surfaces.

And if you have only 60 cm of free wall, then use a built-in wardrobe with a mirrored facade or an open multifunctional shelf with hooks.

Having chosen modern furniture, proceed to the choice of style for the hallway. We have prepared a separate article in which we talked about the new design for the hallway.

Photo prop of modern hallway furniture

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