Partitions for zoning a room – 99 photo ideas

Partitions for zoning a room - 99 photo ideas

Partitions for zoning a room – 99 photo ideas

Having a large or small area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe apartment, there is often a question with zoning the space. Today we will talk about what partitions are. Let’s look at the photo examples in the interior and find out what materials this design can be made of.

False wall

False walls have become a popular trend in recent years. This is the name of any decorative partitions made of various materials.

Partition shelving

They serve as an excellent decorative element, while they are of great benefit to the household. In addition to the main purpose, it can be used to store any items: magazines, documents, flowers, etc.

They are also called “Partitions with shelves”, as they often play the role of an open cabinet.

Most often, shelves are used for storing books, souvenirs, and decorative items.


Lightly cover the space. Visually delimiting zones.

Curtains are also referred to as a light delimiter.

Sliding partitions

Set to separate individual rooms. Choose comfortable designs that fit the design. Glass is often used.

The folding accordion partition is suitable for unusual requests. For example, it will save space on an area of ​​​​up to 2 meters.

For zoning, compartment doors, which we are used to seeing in special cabinets, will be used.


Horizontal blinds can be used.

Or vertical blinds.

Screen for the room

There are many options for using screen partitions. The most popular in the photo examples below.

Drywall partitions

The most popular solution for space zoning is plasterboard partitions.

From the drywall profile, you can beat any shape that suits your specific needs.

Make special niches in the cavity.

An option is also used to delimit rooms in tandem with a compartment door.

From MDF

Beautiful openwork partitions made of MDF will be the highlight of a modern interior.

They look good in any room. Can be used for zoning interior space.

Glass partitions

Transparent glass partitions look airy and do not clutter up the space.

With the help of glass blocks, you can completely fence off the area. For example, a bed, a bathroom, a kitchenette.

Wooden partitions

Timber structures fit perfectly into the eco style.

Wooden slatted partitions are usually used to delimit the interior space.

They can also serve to delimit zones in a room.

You can apply the original version – vertical partitions made of branches, bamboo.

Photos in the interior of ordinary apartments:

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with other zoning options in apartments:

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