Photo of kitchen design in gray

Photo kitchen design in gray

Photo of kitchen design in gray

To design a kitchen in gray is a modern and practical solution. This shade will easily fit into any style, it does not show dirt and it goes well with all the colors of the rainbow. Today we have prepared useful material, where you will learn what a gray set can be like, how to choose wallpaper, floor, add bright accessories to it. And of course, a lot of photo examples in the interior.

Kitchen in gray tones

The kitchen with gray facades brings peace and warmth to the room. There are many shades of gray.

Basic shades:

Photo examples:

Light gray kitchen interior.

Dark gray kitchen interior.

headset surface

Can be glossy and matte.

Gray gloss makes the headset luxurious.

Matte surface speaks of rigor.

Color tandem gray headset

Further, in the photo examples, we will see what headsets are, in combination with gray.

A gray and white kitchen is a popular solution to the use of gray.

A win-win option is “White top + gray bottom”.

The opposite is also true.

The gray-blue palette makes the kitchen romantic and light.

A gray worktop in a blue set emphasizes the cooking area.

Gray-beige harmony will clearly fit into the interior and make the atmosphere homely.

White is often added to a black and gray kitchen, thus diluting a too dark interior.

The red and gray palette makes the kitchen environment unique, bright and solemn.

Gray-yellow creates a really hot mood.

The grey-green kitchen adds freshness, filling the room with a summery atmosphere.

Gray-olive fronts of the kitchen create a sophisticated environment.

A gray-pink palette, like a soft tone, will make the hostess happy and carefree.

Gray-orange set makes the kitchen cheerful.

Gray-turquoise has a Mediterranean style.

Gray-wood makes the room solid and serious.

A gray kitchen with wood countertops is a popular design choice.

Gray-lilac set makes the room sophisticated and elegant.


Our photo detail will help you choose a style solution. Here you will see what are the most commonly used styles for a gray kitchen. So,

Modern style.





Ikea Budbin gray.

Apron for gray kitchen

You can choose absolutely any apron, but it is best to pay attention to the tile. It can be ceramics under a stone or painted.

White tiles.

Bright apron.

Dark tiles.

Gray apron.

Under the brick

Multi-colored skinali.

What wallpapers are suitable?

Wallpaper for a gray kitchen can be of a variety of colors and materials. Consider the most popular of them.

Light wallpaper.



Read more about choosing wallpaper for the kitchen here –

What color should the floor be?

What can be the floor in the gray kitchen is decided by the owners of the apartment. And we will show you the practical and beautiful floors that modern designers use.

Gray floor.

Ceramic tiles are on the way.

Tiles can be of any size and use different styling.

Dark floor. For this purpose, laminate or linoleum is most often used.

Light floor. Apply wood, laminate, linoleum.

What to choose curtains?

Curtains can complement a simple design, or act as a highlight of the interior. The choice of curtains for the kitchen is huge, you can read more about it here.

Well, we will move on to the curtains, which are well suited for a gray kitchen.

  • Blinds

2. Light roller blinds.

3. Light curtains.

4. Short bright curtains.

5. Gray and white curtains.

Bright accents

So that the kitchen does not seem faceless, various accents are added. Let’s look at some of them:

  • natural plants.
  • Artificial flowers.
  • Textiles: pillows, bedspreads, carpets.
  • Beautiful interior items: vases, cutlery.
  • Gold fittings.
  • Bright furniture.

Gray kitchens in the interior in the photo

Further successful solutions in the apartments of ordinary people. We look, we think, we choose.

Bonus: The combination of gray with other colors in the interior.

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