Plasterboard arches: 77 photos of interior design ideas in the hallway

Plasterboard arches: 77 photos of interior design ideas in the hallway

Plasterboard arches: 77 photos of interior design ideas in the hallway

The entrance hall is the first thing guests see when they enter the house, so this room is the face of the entire home. Monotonous doorways, rectangular in shape, are becoming a thing of the past, giving way to arched structures. Plasterboard arches are a modernable decor element that allows you to visually expand the room and conditionally divide the room into zones.


The arch can be made of a number of materials – stone, wood, drywall. But most often people opt for drywall arches. This is because this material is a favorite in terms of price-quality ratio. The versatility of drywall allows you to use it in almost all areas of repair.

This material is plastic and light, almost everything can be made from it. Due to its low weight, it is quickly fixed and installed. The texture of drywall will help hide the unevenness of the wall, which is also a plus. The material is made from natural ingredients, so you can safely use it indoors and not be afraid for your health.

The decorative possibilities of arched openings can have an original design and shape. In addition, the arches will add zest to the overall interior of the room and give it uniqueness. Another advantage of the arch is practicality. The drywall arch is easy to install and dismantle due to its low weight.

The arch can be installed in any shape, you can make a shelf in it for storing books, figurines, vases or souvenirs. To do this, you just need to make niches on the sides of the arched structure and the shelves are ready.

In small apartments, doorways visually reduce an already small room. To add spaciousness to the hallway, you can replace the door with an arched structure. It will expand the space and turn a small room into a spacious studio apartment.

What are the arches in shape

Arches were used in ancient Rome and the East in the construction of bridges, windows and doors. It was a good way to save building materials and significantly reduce the weight of structures. Now arches are popular both in construction and in interior design. There are 15 types of arches that have original shapes.


  • Classic arch. This type involves the use of smooth arcuate lines. The classic style has always been and will be in modern, so this type of arches can be safely installed in any room.
  • Modern. Arches of this type have a circle bounded by an arc and a cutting plane. The original form of arches in modern style, suitable for wide openings, thick walls. Combines with wood and stone.
  • Slavic style in the design of arches. This look is combined with almost any room design as it has a simple shape. A rectangular opening and small roundings at the corners will perfectly fit into the overall interior of the room.
  • Portal. This type of arch has a simple rectangular shape. Very convenient to use for those who do not want to dismantle the wall.
  • Thai arch. This style has an original design, with an arched arch on one side and a rectangular one on the other.
  • Ellipse. This style uses ovals of various shapes, it all depends on the imagination of the designer. Ellipse-style arches are used, often in rooms with low ceilings.
  • Trapeze. Arch with right angles, in the form of a trapezoid, decorated with decorative trim.
  • Romance style. This type of arch is suitable for absolutely any room. Romantic style involves the use of rectangular openings with rounded corners.
  • Vanguard. This arch style uses a truncated radius to make the structure look wider. You can supplement the design with columns or other avant-garde elements.
  • Transom. In this style, a partition with an arch is combined with a door leaf. A stained-glass window or other decorative element is installed on a large opening.
  • East arch. This type of arched openings has the shape of a pointed dome. The arch can be diluted with wavy or jagged reliefs.

Fancy arches

There is another interesting design style for arches, it is called enigmatic. This style involves the use of asymmetrical, repeating lines. Thanks to this, a cosmic atmosphere is created in the room, which will never get bored. An important element of any arch is lighting, with which you can turn a simple arch into an unusual one. You can use spot, reflective or LED lighting, it all depends on the imagination and the overall interior of the room.

How to make a drywall arch with your own hands

Having figured out what type of arch and what finish will be used, you can begin to create an arched structure with your own hands. But before that, you need to prepare the necessary tools and purchase materials. What you need to make an arch with your own hands:

  • putty solution on gypsum;
  • fiberglass mesh;
  • metal rack profiles;
  • dowel;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • drywall: thin sheets of drywall – 6.5 mm. and wall drywall – 12 mm;
  • hacksaw or jigsaw;
  • knife;
  • sandpaper;
  • arched corner;
  • needle roller;
  • level;
  • putty knife;
  • scissors for cutting metal;
  • pliers;
  • perforator;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • grater for pouring;
  • joiner’s square;
  • pencil.

The installation of the arch consists of several stages that must be performed sequentially. First you need to accurately calculate the diameter of the arc and the height of the arch.

  • After that, you need to prepare a doorway for installing the arch. It is necessary to dismantle the doorway clearly according to the plan, observing all proportions. The next step is to install the profile.
  • This is followed by installation work and finishing. You need to take a UW profile and cut it into 3 parts. The first one must be fixed to the ceiling, and the second and third on the sides of the arched structure. You need to plant profiles on dowels.
  • After that, you need to take two rectangular arched sheets and cut out the desired shape from them according to a pre-made blank.
  • Two sheets of drywall must be attached to the opening on 2 sides of the room, and a metal U-shaped profile should be placed inside.
  • You will need a U-shaped profile, on which you need to make cuts 1 cm wide, thanks to which the profile will become flexible and take on any shape.
  • Now fix the prepared drywall sheet with self-tapping screws and a screwdriver.
  • Now you need to prepare the drywall for work, it needs to be sewn into the lower part of the structure. Thin sheets are suitable for this, they are flexible and thin, they bend more easily. After that, cuts of 1 cm should be made on the sheets of drywall. You need to work carefully as the sheet holds only one cardboard plate.
  • Prime the surface and apply a layer of putty to smooth out the corners, do not forget to lay the mesh for strength.
  • Putty is applied in two stages with a spatula.
  • After complete drying (12 hours), you can start finishing. The arch should be smooth and even.
  • Next comes the decorative finish. It can be wallpaper, paint, stone or wood. It all depends on the imagination and desires of the owner of the premises.
  • Finishing

    After completion of all work on the installation of the arch, the arch is finished with decorative elements. There are many options for finishing the arched surface, it all depends on the overall design of the room and the style of the arch. It can be both artificial and natural material, for example: stone, wood, wallpaper, decoration with decorative mixtures, stucco, alkyd enamel or veneer. Ceramics, mirror, stained glass will also look very original and elegant. Wooden carvings or columns will look interesting in the avant-garde or trapezium style. You can apply drawings to the arch using stencils, or apply it yourself.

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