Provence style bedroom: 40 beautiful photo examples

Provence style bedroom: 40 beautiful photo examples

Provence style bedroom: 40 beautiful photo examples

The Provence style bedroom looks gentle and light. This style is ideal for a bedroom, because in this place a person wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the day, relax and gain new strength.


Provence is distinguished by its beauty and freshness of details, making this style stand out among other trends.

Characteristic features include:

  • the use of predominantly light, pastel and even pure white colors;
  • floral patterns on surfaces;
  • decorative elements in large quantities;
  • artificially aged or antique pieces of furniture;
  • plentiful lighting.

To achieve the last point, the Provence-style bedroom has large window openings.

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Color solution

When choosing a color scheme, you can choose warm tones (beige or brown), or cold tones (shades of blue, purple), or choose universal white.

Brown color

Dark shades of brown are rarely found in bedroom textiles, while its light shades, on the contrary, are in demand. Whether cream or beige surfaces make the room cozy and warm. Different colors of brown harmonize perfectly with each other and can be combined in various variations, ranging from curtains to floor and wall coverings.

Beige tones

So that the beige bedroom does not seem boring, it is complemented with original decorative elements. Provence involves the use of a floral or checkered print. Clear lines or romantic flowers on bedspreads, furniture upholstery or curtains will make the interior complete and harmonious.

blue bedroom

The blue color in the interior has a positive effect on the mood. Delicate light blue color will create an atmosphere of tenderness and tranquility. In the presence of walls of this color, furniture with white forged elements harmoniously looks.

Depending on individual preferences, you can choose a color scheme suitable for the Provence style and dilute it with various decorative elements.

Furniture selection

The highlight of the Provence style bedroom is the feeling of antiquity. Getting into such a room, it seems that you are not the first owner of this room. Depending on the area, the interior may consist of a bed, chairs, ottomans, shelving and bookshelves. It is important to observe the measure and not overload the room with unnecessary items. It is important that all furniture is made of wood or painted with paint.

The main detail of the bedroom is the bed. She should be given special attention, since she must meet the requirements of both spouses. Provence is considered more of a girly interior, so when choosing a bed, you should look at carved, massive models made of natural wood. Bedding should be made of natural fabrics with a minimal print.

A vintage bookcase or an old chest of drawers will perfectly fit into the interior and become an additional storage place. It is not necessary to purchase such furniture in a store; you can look at antique items in the country. After proper restoration and change of fittings, they will become an integral part of the bedroom.

A dressing table or a dressing table with carved legs will make the hostess of the room feel like a princess and fill the room with romance.

Antique furniture can give a feeling of calm and noble chic, as if returning their owner several centuries ago.

window decoration

Curtains give the room a complete look, add comfort and charm to it. Provence style dictates its own rules when choosing curtains – they should not interfere with the penetration of natural light. For this, natural fabrics (linen, cotton, chintz) are used, decorated with a pattern of small flowers, a checkered or striped ornament.

When choosing plain curtains, bright edging or ruffles look original, which echo other details of the room. When deciding on a form, it is worth paying attention to several interesting options:

  • Austrian curtains. The model is graceful, thanks to the fold that forms at the bottom when tying the curtain.
  • Roman curtain. A large amount of sunlight must be limited during sleep. The model, decorated with small flowers, harmoniously looks with a light tulle.
  • Curtains in combination with original tiebacks;
  • Lace decor and elegant lambrequins;

Curtains made of two types of fabric, originally tied up on both sides, look unusual. If the windows are on the sunny side, you can add light blinds that will allow you to limit natural light if necessary.

wall decoration

When decorating a bedroom in the Provence style, natural materials are used to decorate pastel colors. Suitable wallpaper colors are:

  • pistachio;
  • lactic;
  • blue;
  • beige;
  • pale lilac;
  • terracotta.

The texture can be stylized as a plaster coating, have a floral pattern or a cage. Geometric patterns on a light background can look advantageous with the right selection of furniture and decor.

The traditional style involves the use of natural materials for wall decoration, which include brick, rough boards, and plaster. To achieve the most approximate effect, you can combine the wallpaper at the head of the bed with one of the listed materials.

Wallpaper with small roses add romanticism to the bedroom.

Wallpapers with birds make us closer to forest nature.

Large buds on the walls accentuate the look at yourself.

artificial lighting

In Provence, special attention is paid to the chandelier, located in the center of the ceiling and illuminating most of the room. To illuminate the rest of the areas, table, pendant lamps and sconces are used.


The chandelier is eye-catching, a source of light and an important decorative element. The matching chandelier is made up of specially aged wrought iron parts in black, gold or silver.

Bronze-colored models are especially sophisticated, but their cost is quite high.

The main difference between the chandelier is the presence of several lamps, which can be in the form of a candle.

Table lamps and sconces

An additional light source will create a romantic atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Lampshades and details of lamps are made of natural materials of light shades, giving soft lighting to the room.

As an addition, ceiling lights can be built in, which illuminate a specific area in the bedroom as needed.

decorative elements

The finished look of French Provence can be achieved using accessories:

  • The main element of the decor are flowers in various vases, baskets and planters. They will fill the bedroom with a pleasant aroma and freshness.
  • Textile elements in the form of curtains, pillows, bedspreads and napkins, made using the patchwork technique.
  • A do-it-yourself plaid, a cover for an ottoman or a cape for an armchair will make the interior of the bedroom individual and unique;
  • Porcelain figurines, a photo in a carved frame, antique wooden boxes and painted vases are an integral part of the Provence style.

DIY ideas

The Provence style in the design of the bedroom is not in vain popular. A sense of comfort, peace and coziness is essential in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The embodiment of such an interior into reality does not require special design skills and expensive furniture, since you can use hand-made items when decorating a room.

For example, you can beat textiles in a stylized way. Pillows, bedspreads, curtains are made in the same color palette.

We hang numerous paintings and photographs on the walls.

We arrange flowers in a flower pot in the bedroom.

Provence-style bedrooms in the interior:

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