Provence style kitchen design – 155 photos of arrangement ideas

Provence style kitchen design - 155 photos of arrangement ideas

Provence style kitchen design – 155 photos of arrangement ideas

A Provence-style kitchen is a modern and popular solution for many apartment owners. Today we will tell you about what this style is and how to recreate it in the kitchen. Let’s talk about some subtleties that will help make the space more tender and elegant. And of course, all this will be accompanied by photographs in the interior.

Provence style kitchen design

We have a separate article about what Provence style is. For the kitchen, facades, decorations, accessories, open spaces, cute prints and images play a special role. All this symbolizes antiquity, rustic kindness and simplicity. Natural materials, a large amount of textiles, soft colors are welcome.

Photo interiors

Next, take a walk through the photo projects of different cuisines in the Provencal style.

A small kitchen needs a lot of attention. Here you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. After all, a small kitchen has a small size and a specific layout. Let’s pay attention to the main points:

  • Finishing and facades are used in light colors.
  • Floral prints, which can be on curtains, walls, dishes, tablecloths, are bright accents.
  • Wherever possible, openwork elements are used.

In Khrushchev, as a rule, kitchens are small in size. Despite this, the Provencal style fits interestingly into the interior.

Light and open spaces matter.

The Provence-style corner kitchen looks interesting and unusual.

A wooden kitchen brings us closer to nature. The aged canvas gives a rustic charm.

The living room kitchen gives free rein to the imagination. In the course are kitchens with an island and numerous accessories.

In the dining room kitchen, you need to think about where to put the dining area.

  • Leave it close to the headset.
  • In the middle of the room. Thus, zone the space.
  • Take it to the rest area. Relevant for families who like to invite guests.

Curtains for the kitchen in Provence style

Curtains in Provence style are of no small importance. Since they can play a major role in the style direction. In the course are short and long models. First, let’s look at the options for short curtains.

  • Roman blinds will act as a backdrop for a colorful room. Can go in a compartment with classic curtains.
  • The French dip us into the old town. Perfect for this style.
  • Bright short curtains will look like a bright spot in the room.

Now let’s turn our attention to the long curtains. These are different versions of classic curtains.

  • Monophonic.
  • With lambrequins.
  • In duet with the French.
  • Bright long classic curtains.


The walls are covered with bright wallpaper with matching prints.

It can be light, slightly noticeable drawings.

There may be small roses on a light background.

Or large flowers: roses, peonies.

Monochromatic colors of large buds.

Unusual design is also practiced. The combination of colorful wallpaper with plain. The color should be in harmony with the overall decor of the room.

Murals on the walls are also a popular option.


Any Provence style tile can be used.

Tile panels are popular.

Bright tile in patchwork style.

The apron can be monophonic, or variegated, colored.

Provencal drawings are used.

Floral decorations.

Combination of different types of ceramic tiles.

Provence style chandelier

The ceiling chandelier is chosen large, with several tiers.

Metal inserts and white colors are used.

It is also important to use pairs of hanging chandeliers.


The furniture reflects French sophistication. Here we will see old surfaces, vintage details, natural materials.

Bright textiles in the most daring incarnation.

The floors match the overall tone of the room. The wooden floor completes the look of the room.

Pastel ceramic tiles make the floor invisible.

You can use carpets with geometric patterns.

Bright tiles on the floor are in perfect harmony with the corresponding textiles.

Shelves play an important role. They store dishes, household items, accessories. Stylish shelves of different colors and sizes are used. They are characterized by: curved legs, rounded edges, wavy lines.

The longer the board, the better.

You can add openwork metal inserts and cut-out patterns.

The buffet will complement the old image of the kitchen. It is performed in one tone with a headset. It is a storage for kitchen utensils.

Tableware. Metal utensils are hung in prominent places: hooks, rating systems.

For placement in open spaces, bright painted dishes are chosen.

Dishes with faded, gray-beige images will fit perfectly into a wooden interior.

Monochromatic dishes, mostly white, look good on bright shelves.

Paintings. Numerous paintings, photographs or panels will decorate any wall in the style of Provence.

Fresh flowers are uplifting and are actively used to create a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Provence style colors

Everyone chooses the color palette that he likes. But still pay attention to the colors characteristic of Provence.

  • Provence style white kitchen
  • Light. Pastel and cream shades dominate here.
  • Blue fills the room with the scent of the sea.
  • Green, dips us into the atmosphere of a hot summer.
  • The mint kitchen makes the room cozy and simple.
  • Olive color immerses us in a fragrant grove.
  • Gray accentuates burnt surfaces.
  • Pistachio colors make the space carefree and airy.
  • In eggplant color, the kitchen looks noble.
  • Lavender colors send us to flowery meadows.

DIY ideas

You can dilute southern motifs with do-it-yourself decorations.

Decoupage makes ordinary objects interesting and stylized. Can be applied to any surface: tables, chairs, shelves, drawers, cabinets.


Numerous village items are used.

Figures of roosters, hens, chickens, bunnies, ducks will perfectly complement the image.

You can add vintage elements, interior dolls.

Photos in real apartments

A few more beautiful projects that people have implemented in their kitchens.

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