Room design 18 sq.m: 50 photos of the bedroom-living room

Room design 18 sq.m: 50 photos of the bedroom-living room

Room design 18 sq.m: 50 photos of the bedroom-living room

Proper distribution of space in a small living area can be called a real art, especially if you need to combine the functionality of the rooms. Sophisticated interior design of a room of 18 sq.m. for the living room and bedroom will make the room original, comfortable and cozy. The main thing is to correctly zone the space.

This can be done in several ways:

  • Using different materials to create an additional wall. The advantage is given to drywall. It is easy to use, it is easy to create partitions, fences from it.
  • Wall decoration with different shades, textures. This makes it possible to visually divide the space into several zones using wallpaper, paint, plaster, and other finishing materials.
  • Zoning a room using furniture.

In our article you will see real examples in the photo, where a room of 18 square meters is divided into 2 zones: a bedroom and a living room.


Dividing a room into several zones will allow partitions that change the perception of space.

Partitions are of 2 types:

  • Mobile. They can be easily removed and moved.
  • Static. Always in the same place.

Movable partitions are also called mobile, they are often made of bamboo panels, wooden frames, which are covered with fabric. Any pattern that fits the interior design is applied to textiles.

Static partitions are often made from materials:

  • plastic;
  • drywall;
  • wood;
  • lakomat;
  • metal;
  • frame covered with fabric;
  • decoracryl.

Partitions emphasize the elegance of the room. Models made of metal will demonstrate luxury. Plastic partitions are cheap, but they are practical, and wooden partitions will suit any style. Zoning a room using a plasterboard partition will allow you to embody various creative ideas, put any image on them or design any shape.


These are lightweight structures of a rectilinear or arcuate shape that will not occupy floor space.

Arches are popular when zoning space. Designers recommend combining arches with partitions. This method makes it possible to delimit the bedroom and living room into several functional areas. They look luxurious, give the room coziness, they are regularly given an advantage when zoning the room.


A sliding screen is a decorative design. It is installed where there is no need for a static partition. The screen can always be put up or removed at any time.

The structure is made up of several frame frames. It is made of wood, as well as other popular materials:

  • rattan;
  • bamboo;
  • rice paper;
  • cane.

Quite often, screens in the interior are used for oriental-style rooms. The design is easy to rearrange from place to place, this is a common option for zoning a room.

In order for the charm to transmit light, transparent materials, light shades are used. The disadvantage of the design is the lack of sound insulation between rooms. The screen should harmoniously fit into the interior.


A cabinet or rack that will be used as a delimiter perfectly divides the space into zones. The cabinet is recommended to choose in light shades.

Shelving, which is used to delimit space, has many advantages:

  • universality;
  • the ability to combine several materials;
  • simple installation of the structure;
  • mobility;
  • decor element.

Installing shelving for zoning the living room and bedroom makes it possible to make the room functional. Various small things can be placed on the design. Shelves can be updated regularly to change and diversify the interior.

Sliding doors

This design has an advantage over an ordinary door. The range of products allows the buyer to choose not only the material from which the sliding doors will be made, but also the design of the leaf.

Frames are mainly made of chipboard, PVC, as well as timber. Cloths are mainly plastic, glass, made of wood boards.

Also on sale there are options with different patterns and patterns, a combination of materials. The sliding structure is mainly of a standard form in a line; it is also possible to make a corner or semicircular door on order.


This is the most curious method for delimiting a room. The podium in the interior will serve not only as a decoration, it is a great place to store things that can be hidden behind the steps. The podium can be purchased or made independently.

For this you will need:

  • Make a project.
  • Pick up material.
  • Create a frame and sheathe it.
  • Decorative finish.

The weight load must be taken into account. The frame is recommended to be made of metal. Lamps will become an original addition to the podium.

Decorative zoning

Used to effectively divide the room into a living room and a bedroom, different finishing materials are used.

You can zone the space using:

  • decorative plaster.
  • siding panels.
  • painting.
  • combination of wallpaper by color, texture, pattern.
  • curtains, curtains

Dividing space is easy. The main thing is to use imagination and creativity.


Using wallpaper for zoning a room allows you to make it visually wider. Wallpaper makes it possible to designate the living room and bedroom.

Zoning with wallpaper will create the necessary mood in the room, a relaxed atmosphere. Wall covering should be combined with the chosen style in the interior.


Textiles are considered to be the most economical solution for zoning the bedroom and living room.

This is an ideal option for a budget renovation. The cornice must be installed on one of the lines that will connect the opposite walls.

During the day, the curtains can be moved apart, and when necessary, make a partition out of them. It is advised to choose the shade of the curtain to match the walls or curtains.

glass zoning

It is a natural material, of high quality, equipped with aesthetic properties. Glass structures allow you to save usable space, make the room open and spacious. The disadvantages of the partition include the need for regular maintenance of the surface.

Glass is used for stationary partitions, used as a mobile screen. Light easily passes through such a screen. The design is resistant to temperature changes, humidity, has a long service life.

See a few more ideas for zoning a room into a bedroom and living room.

Design Ideas

Now it is popular to zone space. The bedroom and living room are separated by partitions so as not to expose a place to relax for show.

To properly zone a room, you need to consider a few rules:

  • The contrast makes it possible to hide the bed from prying eyes.
  • Light shades allow you to expand the room.
  • Do not put a lot of furniture in the room, do not clutter up the space.
  • Dark colors should be only in accessories, and light shades are used for interior items.

In order to give the room originality, they use different ideas. For registration use:

  • original texture, floor coverings;
  • stucco;
  • relief drawings on drywall or on walls;
  • combination of materials with different textures.

Furnishing features

Before starting repairs in the room, it is necessary to think through all the nuances in detail. Do not pile up the room with unnecessary furniture, which is not necessary. This includes ottomans and armchairs, chairs, dressing rooms.

A number of rules will help make the room spacious:

  • Give preference to functional interior items.
  • Use open shelves to store miscellaneous items along the walls.
  • Skip the TV stand.
  • The sofa can act as a bed.
  • Things should not be bulky and voluminous.

Also in the room it is not advised to place interior items on the lines of motion. A great idea is to buy transformer furniture, it can be a sofa bed, folding chairs or tables. Do not litter the bedroom and living room by using niches and bay windows for storage.

Which type of partition to choose will depend on the chosen interior design, room lighting, and financial capabilities. Zoning a room is a great idea for dividing a space that designers use.

Photo of the bedroom-living room 18 sq. m. in the interior

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