Stretch ceiling design in the living room – 77 photo ideas

Stretch ceiling design in the living room - 77 photo ideas

Stretch ceiling design in the living room – 77 photo ideas

Stretch ceilings have become a good solution for finishing, thanks to the variety of designs and practicality. You can decorate any room with them, and for the living room this option can be the most profitable, allowing you to distinguish this room from other rooms due to the original decoration.

The design of the stretch ceiling is a frame with a canvas stretched over it. For an initially uneven surface that cannot be corrected in other ways, this solution is the only correct one. Additionally, it becomes possible to hide communications under the structure and install built-in lights.

Design of stretch ceilings for the hall

For any interior, you can choose the right version of the ceiling. Today, a wide range of textures and colors is offered, allowing you to install beautiful stretch ceilings for the living room, harmoniously complementing the given style of the room.

In a modern interior, you can safely experiment with patterns and shapes, but do not forget about the harmony of space. In such a room, various color variations and photo printing may appear on the ceiling.

The classic style of the room involves the use of a simple ceiling design: white with a central chandelier. However, light shades are acceptable here, for example, beige or gray of a plain canvas.

For a Scandinavian-style living room, white dominates, so there is no other choice. But an interesting variety can give a two-level design of a stretch ceiling.

In the loft style, as a rule, a matte finish is used. With the help of different colors, you can beat different zones.

You can apply a white one-level ceiling, which will give a finished look to the room.

For Provence, two-stage options are most often used.


Stretch ceiling installation systems allow you to mount several levels. This option makes it possible not only to hide communications, but also to arrange multi-point lighting. But in the case of low ceilings, one-level placement should be followed so as not to reduce the height of the room even more.

For rooms with high ceilings, two-level and multi-level systems can be used. The first option is the most common, because it does not complicate the design too much and at the same time makes the room more original. This technique allows you to use canvases of different textures or colors, visually changing and increasing the space.

Complex options with several levels can only be used in large living rooms.


Any room can be transformed by the color of the finish. This also applies to the ceiling.

The white ceiling is a classic, versatile option. It matches with any living room style. Modern canvases are practical, do not accumulate dust and make it easy to clean them from dirt.

An original solution for a large room can be a black stretch ceiling. It looks luxurious and deep, but to maintain the balance of light, you need to take care of bright lighting in the room and give preference to a glossy finish.

Read more about black stretch ceilings in the interior here –

Pastel colors of ceilings are often used.

Often choose the color of the stretch ceiling, which merges with the overall color scheme of the room. It can be a variety of colors. For example:

Burgundy ceilings.





Two-tone canvases installed at different levels add a visual effect of spaciousness and lightness to the room. They can be contrasting or pastel shades.

It is acceptable to use two colors and at the same level.

As well as combining levels. As an example, a two-color stretch ceiling Yin Yang.

A frequent choice when combining 2 colors are black and white ceilings.

With photo printing

Modern interiors are often complemented with photo-printed ceilings. This idea allows you to transfer to the canvas any motive given by the customer. It can be a blue sky with clouds, starry outer space, an image from a famous fresco, etc. Any bold idea can easily be transferred to a stretch ceiling and become a highlight of the interior.

Stretch ceiling covering

The texture of the stretch ceiling can be glossy or matte.

Matte surfaces are suitable for any style and can be made in any color. Such a canvas has the ability to absorb light, install more sources of artificial lighting for comfort.

Glossy stretch ceilings have a mirror effect. Due to this property, they expand the space of the living room and increase the illumination.

Therefore, in such a room it is necessary to carefully consider the number and power of lighting fixtures.


For the living room, it is very important to have a sufficient level of lighting so that no corner is left in the shade. Therefore, the number and type of lamps must be planned in advance.

To achieve an unusual effect of a floating ceiling, you can lay a linear LED backlight around the perimeter of the ceiling or tier. Additionally, this option will create the illusion of bulge.

Spotlights create diffused light, filling the entire space and are used as main or additional lighting. Linear and point systems look especially original in two-level ceiling systems. By separating them and connecting them one by one, you can dim the lighting or make it brighter.

The traditional interior implies the presence of a central chandelier. Such a light source is easily mounted in a stretch ceiling. Additionally, you can use table lamps and floor lamps.

Also, instead of a chandelier, designers use pendant lamps in their work to illuminate a separate area.

6 cool ideas for your living room

With the help of stretch ceiling structures, you can transform the interior, make it interesting and unique. Designers are advised to use several ideas for this:

  • the effect of a floating ceiling can be created using the built-in LED backlight located along the contour;
  • heaven can descend right over your living room with a photo print applied to the ceiling canvas;
  • inserts made in the form of a vault or arch are used to ensure smooth lines between the ceiling surface and walls;
  • the most daring owners decide to cover with unusual patterns. It can be floral motifs, intricate patterns and even celebrity portraits;
  • an option for a two-level ceiling can be a circle in the central part with built-in lights.
  • use a stretch ceiling as a zoning option.

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