Stretch ceiling in the kitchen: design options

Stretch ceiling in the kitchen: design options

Stretch ceiling in the kitchen: design options

Stretch ceiling is a convenient and practical solution for a modern kitchen. It can compete well with any finishing material for the ceiling. Such a product is distinguished by reliability and durability, which is especially important for the kitchen. You can install a stretch ceiling in the kitchen over the entire area, or you can use it to insert an insert into a plasterboard structure.

Pros and cons

Stretch ceilings are a modern solution, so some are still skeptical about them. Often they are credited with shortcomings that arose solely due to poor-quality installation. If such a product is installed correctly, it will not only look beautiful and stylish, but also have a number of significant advantages that can make life easier for all households.

  • Stretch ceilings are made from eco-friendly materials.
  • They do not attract dust and do not allow the appearance of fungus and various microorganisms.
  • They have a high resistance to ignition, which makes them ideal for the kitchen, especially if a gas stove is used on the farm.
  • With careful handling, they can last more than twenty years, retaining their color.
  • Fit into any interior, thanks to the ability to choose the right color and texture.

In addition, it is not more difficult to care for a stretch ceiling than for windows – the surface gets dirty very slowly and can be easily washed if necessary. A large number of positive properties and ease of care inspire confidence in tension models for many housewives.

Despite the impressive list of advantages, stretch fabrics have some minor drawbacks:

  • With a temperature difference in the gap between the ceiling and the stretch fabric, blisters may appear on the surface. To avoid them, you need to carefully prepare the ceiling before installation, make sure there are no cracks or cracks.
  • At least 5-10 cm takes the height of the room.
  • High-quality European and domestic ceilings are produced with a limited width, often seams are used to cover the entire room. The seam is the most vulnerable section of the canvas, it is he who is most susceptible to damage.
  • If the household uses a gas stove, the cooking process is complicated by a large increase in the temperature in the room. In cold weather, this disadvantage can be compensated by an ajar window, but in summer it will be difficult without an air conditioner.

Each of these shortcomings is fully compensated during operation, so a stretch ceiling can be an excellent choice for any modern kitchen.

How to choose a stretch ceiling for the kitchen?

Models of stretch fabrics differ in appearance, type of coating and design. Thus, you can choose the perfect ceiling for a kitchen of any size and design.

Types of paintings

There are several common types of coating for the canvas:

  • Glossy. Such a surface will reflect light, thanks to which the whole room will seem much more spacious and brighter. Glossy ceilings are suitable for small, cramped kitchens in small apartments, especially if you choose a beige or milky white shade. To care for them, you will need a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner.
  • Matte. Does not reflect light, outwardly resembles a traditional putty ceiling, on which the seams remaining from the installation are invisible. Such a coating fits well into a room decorated in a classic style. Great for creating a single-level ceiling in the kitchen.
  • Satin. It can be called the golden mean between a matte and glossy finish, it has a characteristic unobtrusive sheen. Reflects enough light to visually expand the room a little. Satin finish is unpretentious in care, the surface is much easier to clean from soot and dust.

Vinyl stretch ceilings are less common. They can hold a lot of water in, which can save the interior from flooding if the upstairs neighbors get in trouble. However, vinyl is the worst resistant to mechanical damage, the canvas requires more careful handling not only in operation, but even during installation.


The color of the stretch ceiling is chosen to match the overall design of the kitchen. For a glossy finish, it is best to choose delicate light shades that will not hurt the eyes and bother. The color palette for a matte finish is more diverse, but it is still recommended to stop your choice on neutral options. Universal colors such as beige, cream, white or white and blue will look organic in any interior.

If you like dark colors, you can pay attention to cherry or dark green shades, which will look great in a modern kitchen. Dark blue or black colors will make the room look gloomy, but this can be corrected with the right amount of lighting.

Recently, designers often use two-tone stretch ceilings in the interior of the kitchen. For this, a soldering of canvases of two different colors is used.

Or several tiers are played interestingly.

A special category of canvases is an artistic stretch ceiling. This is an original and modern option that allows you to create an unusual, unique design.

You can order photo printing from your drawing or choose one of the classic options – the image of the starry sky, animals, paintings or architectural structures. Artistic stretch ceiling can harmoniously fit into the interior. If it is emphasized, other items should be decorated neutrally.

A stretch ceiling with a pattern is always an unusual option, but at the same time interesting.

Bright fruits and berries fit perfectly in the kitchen on the ceiling.

Well complement the image of a butterfly and a flower garden.

Two-level stretch ceilings

Two-level stretch ceilings for the kitchen are well suited if you need to zone the room.

If you visually separate the cooking area from the dining table, the room will seem much more spacious. A two-level design can be of an unusual shape and combine bold color combinations.

Currently, designers are moving away from two-level designs and are increasingly preferring single-level ceilings.

What to do with lighting?

Good lighting for the kitchen is incredibly important. There are several lighting options that are ideal for a stretch ceiling. First of all, it is recommended to hang a chandelier over the dining table. For workplaces, it is best to use several powerful spotlights.

Pay attention to the schemes of the possible location of spotlights in combination with a chandelier:

  • The most optimal for a medium-sized room can be called the second, fifth, eighth and ninth options.
  • The fifth scheme is suitable if there is a desire to create a romantic atmosphere of twilight in a separate part of the kitchen.
  • The seventh, tenth and twelfth pictures show ideal options for a spacious room, which should be evenly lit from all sides.

The choice of a specific scheme depends on the dimensions of the kitchen and the type of coating of the stretch fabric. In a room with glossy ceilings, fewer lighting fixtures can be used, as they will reflect light on their own.

Reviews of stretch ceilings

According to reviews on the Internet, you can judge the quality of the selected product, since people who have already tested the new product for themselves write reviews.

Svetlana, Moscow

Before installing the ceiling in the kitchen, I was worried that I would have to take out all the previously installed furniture. But the masters convinced me that you can leave everything in its place, because when installing a stretch ceiling, other items will not suffer. The two-level structure was installed for two days. When everything was ready, it remained only to wash the floors and dust the furniture.

I was afraid that steam and fumes could harm the canvas, but so far nothing has happened to him. For care I use a damp cloth, everything is washed off easily and quickly.

Alexey, Voronezh

My husband and I live on the top floor, only the roof is on top. We decided to install a French stretch ceiling in the kitchen. Shortly after the overhaul, we went on vacation for a month. When we returned, I was in for a shock! In the kitchen, a huge bubble hung from the ceiling. It turns out that while we were away, there were lingering heavy downpours.

I had to call the masters who mounted the ceiling. They pumped out the water using the holes for the lamps and unfastened a piece of linen. After drying, the canvas was stretched again, in the place where there was water, there was a small yellow spot. I think it’s a small price to pay to keep all the furniture in the kitchen intact.

There are a lot of similar positive reviews about stretch ceilings on the Internet. Dissatisfied buyers are also less common, but, usually, their dissatisfaction is associated with improper installation or poor-quality material for making the canvas.

Photo of stretch ceilings in the interior of the kitchen:

Next, look at the options for implementing stretch ceilings in ordinary apartments. To your attention glossy, matte ceilings of various colors.

Having chosen a stretch ceiling, look at modern ideas in kitchen design in the photo.

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