The combination of wallpaper of two colors in the bedroom in the photo

The combination of wallpaper of two colors in the bedroom in the photo

The combination of wallpaper of two colors in the bedroom in the photo

Combined wallpaper for the bedroom is a popular solution for modern design in 2018. In our article, we will analyze beautiful combinations, see photos of new items and learn the basic techniques for using wallpaper in two colors in the bedroom.

Combination of 2 types of wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom

There are several classic options. Each of them has its pros and cons. Therefore, the designer makes a decision based on the geometry of the room, the chosen style and the location of the apartment.

The three by five rule

The classical school of design applies the rule of thirds, which divides the wall into three equal parts in the vertical direction. At the same time, it can be divided horizontally into three or five parts.

This is due to the fact that in the old days, when hand-painting was popular, artists used the same principles for interior design that were used to create paintings.

The traditional breakdown of the canvas was carried out on a grid in the proportion of 3×5.

Practical aristocrats fell in love with this approach, because. he made it possible to show off wealth and at the same time save money.

For example, for 1/3 use overseas rare types of wood, and decorate 2/3 of the surface with ordinary plaster.

Today, designers are happy to use the same principle.

The wall is divided into three equal parts in height. Two of them will be decorated with one material, two – with another. At the same time, you need to decide in advance what will be more in your landscape – the earth or the sky. Where will the horizon line go?

The wide bottom will help lower the high ceilings and make the walls a little wider. The border will serve as a guide when hanging shelves and upper cabinets. An elegant solution when you need to fit hanging furniture and hide its dimensions.

The wide top raises the ceiling. The lower part in this case imitates stone or wood panels. This option fits perfectly into the classic design trends.

The convenience of this method is that you can save on expensive material. In this case, you often have to deal with the fact that you need to combine wallpapers of different thicknesses. In this case, flexible baguettes and a flat plinth come to the rescue.

Vertical breakdown divides the wall into 3 or 5 parts. This highlights the central band. The rest can alternate or be decorated in one color. The accent area in this case will be slightly wider. Usually its width is tied to the dimensions of the head of the bed. If the bed is in a different place, the rule of the golden section is preserved.

If you have a spacious rectangular bedroom, then you can go for the trick and highlight the area of ​​paintings and posters with a central horizontal stripe. It can be any convenient width. Modern trends allow liberties in relation to the classical canons.

Frame design

The 3×5 rule was gradually modernized and frame design was born on its basis. The wall is broken according to the classical grid. Get squares or rectangles. Combining or breaking them, you can get frames into which accent wallpapers will fit, which differ in texture and color from the base background.

If you create a kind of triptych, then there are no strict restrictions in size. The main thing is that the frames fit organically into the interior. Glue baguettes along the edges of the frames, forming a beautiful frame.

This method is good for foil-based metallic wallpapers. As a rule, they are issued with a plot colorful print. This approach will allow you to decorate the bedroom and at the same time get by with one roll of expensive linen.


When designing niches, you need to remember that light colors bring the surface closer, and dark colors move it away. If you make a light frame around the niche, and paste over its bowels with darker material, then you will increase the effect of depth.

On this principle, you can make fakes using a gradient from light to dark.


It is not easy to arrange a smooth transition of light shades into dark wallpaper. However, nothing is impossible. Especially in the age of photography. However, it is not always necessary to look for 30 tones of red or blue. It is enough to paste over one wall with a lighter shade, and for the other, take a slightly darker wallpaper.


When creating a project, it is imperative to take into account the perspective of the room, slight changes in the slope of the lines can change the visual perception of its dimensions.

It all depends on where the door to the room is located.

According to the laws of perspective, distant objects appear smaller, and all lines converge to one point on the horizon. If the horizontal lines are lowered by 3-4 degrees, and the ceiling is made inclined, lowering it at the same angle to the opposite wall from the door, then the room will seem much deeper.

However, it is often not necessary to build such complex scenery. It is enough to stick wallpaper with high-quality 3D photo printing on the accent wall. Choose an image with a deep perspective. In this case, the visual boundary of the room will blur and disappear. The room will seem larger than it actually is.

Landscapes depicting nature, a metropolis, an old Mediterranean city are well suited for these purposes. At the same time, the realism of the picture can be maintained by choosing a suitable floor covering (if the image shows a patio) or frame it in the form of an open window, door or railing.

Interesting options

In the works of designers, there are often successful combinations of various design techniques.

  • The wall is divided into three parts. The lower third is decorated with wallpaper imitating wood. At the top, painted fiberglass fabric with frames in which decorative stripes in a contrasting color or with an expressive pattern are glued.
  • The niche near the head of the bed is decorated with a wide accent ribbon that rises up, flows to the ceiling and forms a canopy.
  • The opposite wall is divided into three parts. The upper and lower thirds are glued with emulsion-coated glass wall paper. And the middle one forms a frame in which family photos and posters will find a place.

This topic can be continued indefinitely. Because there are so many possible combinations.

+ 8 combination ideas

Modern collections are designed in such a way that you can easily use two types of wallpaper or more. At the same time, they should fit into a single color scheme of the interior.

Try to introduce strict graphic elements into a strict design. And for modern, for example, use soft smooth lines.

Today you can find imitation of stone, wood, leather, metal. Combining different textures, immediately pay attention to how the joints of the canvases will lie. If you see that the thickness of the canvases is different, you need to decorate the seam with baguettes or moldings.

Interesting and unusual wallpaper models allow you to significantly expand the design possibilities.

  • Coloring pages. Yes, black and white contour drawings can be used not only in the children’s bedroom. Especially for creative people, wallpapers are produced that you can paint yourself. Their surface is covered with many miniatures. As a result, the room is constantly changing, adding new accents and colors.
  • Mirrored. In fact – metallized. The mirror effect is provided by a thin layer of foil. However, they look really magical.
  • 3D printing. They belong to the category of photo wallpapers. The difference is multilayer paint application and stereo effect. With the right environment, images look very realistic. However, it’s easy to kill this effect by placing your nightstand or wardrobe in front of a tiger jumping on your bed.
  • Patchwork. Patchwork technique has also come to the world of wallpaper. Using fragments from different canvases of the same collection, you can achieve the effect of a patchwork blanket. In this case, care must be taken that the canvases have the same thickness. This is important for the formation of a beautiful seam.
  • Photo frames. Wallpaper with ready-made frames that you can paste photos or posters into is a great idea for a bedroom.

The possibilities for combining two wallpaper models with different textures and colors are endless. The main thing is to find the combination in which the bedroom will give you pleasure, peace, coziness and comfort.

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