The interior of a small bedroom 10 sq m in the photo

The interior of a small bedroom 10 sq m in the photo

The interior of a small bedroom 10 sq m in the photo

Limited space poses exciting challenges for designers, which they cope with with the help of clever tricks. What? You will learn about this on the example of a small bedroom of 10 sq. m., where you will see photos of real projects in the apartments of ordinary people.


Before you start doing anything, you need to carefully study all the nuances of the existing space.

  • Ceiling height.
  • The length and shape of the walls.
  • Niches.
  • Possibility of redevelopment.
  • Communications.

Why is it important? Because if it is possible to take at least part of the closet into the corridor or the next room, this is already a huge plus. And when there are ready-made niches, it’s generally gorgeous.

Sometimes bedrooms are less than 12 square meters. m are formed by dividing larger rooms into functional areas. In this case, the nuances of wiring TV cables, electrical wires, etc. are important. Yes, today you can move the outlet to any place on the wall. However, when it is possible to combine holes in neighboring rooms for the internal filling of switches and sockets, this can and should be used.

narrow bedroom

In a rectangular narrow room, you want to push the walls apart. Sometimes it can be done. But today we are not talking about redevelopment, but about how you can use the space that is available. What can be done in such a situation?

  • Hang a large mirror on one of the long sides. This will allow you to visually expand the bedroom and give it volume. This is the perfect wardrobe. However, there is not always enough space for it. Therefore, you can limit yourself to a dressing table or a mirror to the floor.
  • Use small furniture. If you agree to reduce the width of the bed from two meters to 1.6 m, then you will receive an additional 40 cm. This is enough to put a small bedside table on the side of the bed or a full-fledged wardrobe.
  • Transformer beds. the storage system under the mattress can freely accommodate the contents of a spacious closet. In fact, this is a closet laid on the floor. With niches, shelves and compartments. A reclining mattress serves as a facade. With this approach to business, you need to choose models with reliable closers, for which the manufacturer gives a guarantee.
  • vertical lines. Divide long walls into proportional sections. Use pilasters, moldings, vertical patterns on wallpaper, etc. for this.
  • Panorama. Photo wallpapers with a realistic panorama work very well to expand the space and blur the real boundaries of the room. Add to them stucco imitating a portal, patio, window, terrace. This will make the effect even more pronounced.
  • Refuse to place furniture in the center. To give the opportunity to approach the bed from two sides, you need a place that is already sorely lacking. If you abandon the hotel European model of the location of the bed in the center with two aisles on the sides, then you can win a lot of space by placing it under the wall. Additional space can be used for a closet or a line of low chests of drawers.


The square is convenient because it leaves a lot of space in the center of the room. However, short walls do not allow you to place everything you want. And again, you have to apply design tricks.

  • Bed without legs. Convenient solution. Under low furniture it is difficult to clean up and keep clean. Especially in a situation where you can’t particularly swing either a mop or a vacuum cleaner. Often, even the mop handle does not squeeze under the sofa. Why produce dust and create a breeding ground for spiders under the bed? No legs – no gaps.
  • Bed-chest. The square gives the necessary freedom of movement to push long drawers of linen out from under the bed. Yes, it is most convenient to make them on both sides of the bed. But the width of the room does not always give this opportunity. Therefore, you can use a combined option between a chest and a reclining mattress.
  • Sofa instead of a bed. Suitable for dynamic people who have enough energy to make and fold their bed every day. Keep in mind that the quality of modern furniture in most cases does not allow sofa mechanisms to live longer than 5 years.
  • accent wall. The harmonious arrangement of the walls allows you to highlight one of them with an accent color, mirror coating or photo wallpaper.
  • Diagonal laminate flooring. Diagonal lines on the floor visually enlarge the room. At the same time, try to choose small elements. Instead of wide laminate plates, take a smaller parquet. Or a small tile.

With a balcony

The balcony is an additional space that can and should be used. However, it is not always possible to turn it into an insulated section of a living room. There could be many reasons for this. The first thing that the owners of a bedroom with a balcony face is the need for a competent choice of textiles for its design.

  • Light curtains or roll-curtains. Heavy lush textiles are not for this occasion. Just like bulky stucco. Opt for lightweight fabrics. And to avoid drafts, add roller blinds made of thick fabric. In this design, you will be reliably protected from discomfort, and the interior will retain its attractiveness and integrity.
  • Window sill instead of a sofa. A wide low window sill with pillows easily turns into a cozy sofa. Especially with a glazed balcony.
  • Remove all storage systems from the room, except for the wardrobe. Set them up on the balcony. Make the most of the space.
  • Organize a work area on an insulated balcony. Here you can take out the desktop, shelves with books and CDs.

And how to beat the window in the bedroom with curtains without a balcony, read here.

Furniture arrangement

On design projects, you often see the queen of the bedroom, the bed, in the center of the room. Yes, with this layout it is convenient to approach it from both sides. At the same time, on each side, the passage occupies a minimum of 60 cm. This is 120 cm of space. If you move the bed against the wall, you gain an additional 60 cm. And with a shortened model of the bed, 160 cm wide, you get another 40 cm of additional space. In total, you have already won a whole meter.

At the same time, try to “dissolve” the closet. To do this, use mirror facades. They double the size of the bedroom. But they have one drawback. In the twilight, the brain on a subconscious level perceives the reflection in the mirror as real people. Therefore, Feng Shui does not recommend placing mirrors near the bed. In this case, the subconscious does not relax, but guards your peace all night, no matter what happens.

You can get rid of this by using curtains over the mirror at night. This approach is possible for Provence and Country. Or, instead of a mirror, use panoramic photo printing. It also effectively erases the boundaries of space and does not create negative sensations during sleep.

Another way to hide bulky furniture is to paint the body and walls the same color. Preferably a light shade.

Bedside tables are handy. But if there is not enough space, it is better to make a couple of shelves above the headboard. In this case, the interior will be perceived easier.

For a sofa for the night, you need additional space for unfolding the mechanism. Therefore, it is not advisable to occupy it with other pieces of furniture. Although if you really want to, you can. In this case, you need to slightly upgrade the mechanism itself. The mattress will simply lie on top of a coffee table or bedside tables. You can hide a wide bed by turning it into the back of a sofa. Again, in this case, it will not be possible to use the section of the wall to which the back rests. Only mezzanines are suitable here.

Style and color

Not every style is suitable for tiny rooms. In design practice, the favorites for such premises are:

  • Provence;
  • Country;
  • Scandinavian;
  • neoclassical;
  • minimalism.

They are characterized by the use of delicate light shades. Yes, bright juicy colors are allowed. But only as accents. Their volume does not exceed 10% of the total area of ​​the premises.

If you like some other style, then it is better to use only a slight hint of it. For example, from the classics, you can take the shape of a bed, fine carvings on a chest of drawers. And refuse heavy chandeliers and lush curtains.

In any case, before embarking on an adventure called repair, it is better to create a project in a 3D planner, and only after that buy materials and call the masters. Better yet, invite an experienced designer who will help you competently design every millimeter of the bedroom so that it looks like one piece and pleases you for more than one year.

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Photo of a bedroom 10 sq m in a modern style

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