The interiors of the living room 18 square meters: simple and tasteful!

The interiors of the living room 18 square meters: simple and tasteful!

The hall in the apartment is a central place for family rest and communication. This is where guests are welcomed. As a rule, the living room in the apartment combines many different functions at the same time. What is needed for the interior to be beautiful, light and cozy? Today we will talk about a hall with an area of ​​​​18 sq.

What is important to know?

Whatever style of design you choose, the basis of the project is the functional component of the room. Therefore, before spending money on the purchase of furniture and building materials, it is advisable to indicate in advance the functions that the living room will perform. To do this, it is enough to analyze the habits of households.

How do you like to spend the evening?

  • Watch TV while lying on the couch.
  • Talk to family members at the table, sitting in easy chairs.
  • Engage in your favorite hobby at your desk.
  • Play computer games.

How often do you receive guests in the hall?

  • About once every six months.
  • Never.
  • Sometimes.
  • Often.

How many beds do you need to provide?

  • A double bed for adult family members, because the bedroom is occupied by children.
  • Single bed for a child.
  • A guest bed that is frequently used.
  • A guest bed that is rarely used.

Do you like to fold the sofa every morning, or is it better to take a separate place with a full bed under the sleeping area?

What do you prefer to watch in the evenings: TV or videos on the Internet? It depends on the location and type of screen.

  • Plasma on the wall.
  • Laptop on the desktop.
  • Large monitor on the nightstand.

How many things do you plan to store in closets?

  • All clothes and tools are stored in the bedrooms and in the pantry. In the hall, you only need a couple of nightstands for video equipment.
  • We need a wardrobe and a schoolboy’s corner.
  • Requires a lot of storage space for clothes, books, supplies and hobby equipment.

When you honestly answer these questions, it will be much easier for you to choose the right style for your living room. And when ordering a designer, he will receive a good basis for creativity.

Features and Tricks

Comfort is a combination of beauty and convenience. What tricks and tricks will help create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and family communication?

1. Use the desired shades in order to achieve the desired temperature sensation.

What does it mean? Cold shades of the palette are able to convince our brain that the room is a couple of three degrees cooler than it really is. And the red-yellow spectrum has the opposite effect. If your batteries are not as hot as you would like in winter, then the warm spectrum will help you feel more comfortable. Even a distant reminder of the fire gives a signal to the subconscious that the house is a little warmer than the deceitful thermometer shows.

2. Lighter is better than darker.

An area of ​​18 m2 is considered average for a hall. However, it is not spacious enough to boldly paint the walls and floor in a trendy wenge shade. However, this does not mean at all that deep dramatic tones cannot be used.

The base background is better to arrange in delicate pastel colors or use a white and gray palette.

Dark shades are good for accent lines, borders, skirting boards, cornices. They give dynamism to the interior and help emphasize the beauty of the base tone.



And what do you like the main tone for the hall?

  • pastel shades
  • White
  • I prefer dark interior

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3. You can mix styles.

This will help reconcile the tastes of family members. However, you should not use more than two styles in one mix. Try to combine directions that are close in character.

For example, country, Scandinavian direction and Russian country style look good with Provence. Minimalism, lounge and constructivism are close in meaning just like romanticism and shabby chic.

4. Multifunctional furniture.

Transformers are a real find for a small room in which you need to find a place for several zones.

Coffee tables are welcome that can turn into huge tabletops, behind which a noisy company can sit. Sofas and armchairs with built-in beds help out in difficult situations.

But with folding beds, not everything is so simple. Single models that occupy the bottom of the wall cabinet are good in any form. They take up very little space, both on the floor and on the wall.

Double options, which are supposed to be lifted and hidden in a closet, take up the useful space that can be taken away by shelves and wall cabinets. At the same time, an ordinary sofa will easily provide a sleeping place for two. Models that combine a sofa and a drop-down bed are especially incomprehensible. Why such difficulties are not always clear.

Furniture arrangement

When arranging furniture, you need to take into account the answers to the questions given at the beginning of the article. As you have already noticed, the sleeping and working place, together with the storage system, determines the entire arrangement of elements in the room.

Rectangular hall

In some projects, there is a niche near the door in which a double bed is placed. In this case, the problem with the placement of a permanent bed is successfully solved. It remains only to make a screen that will hide an intimate corner from prying eyes.

If the architect did not take care of this possibility, then it remains to install the bed near the window. At the same time, few people want the bed to be on public display when receiving guests. The way out is a translucent screen. It can be a rack with through shelves, a glass partition, a high headboard or a beautiful curtain on the ceiling cornice.

In the case when a bed is needed only in rare cases, you can get by with a folding sofa.

In beautiful catalogs, you can often find interiors where the sofa is located in the center of the living room. It looks fresh, unusual and fashionable. However, before deciding to take such a step, it is worth carefully measuring the room and weighing the pros and cons.

There should be a passage of 1 m on each side of the sofa. This means that if it stands parallel to a long wall, then there is 1 meter in front and behind. If the furniture has a standard depth of 80-90 cm, then we have: 1 + 1 + 0.9 m

If you have a hall width of 3 m, then the sofa eats up all the usable space, leaving no room for a closet, headset, etc.

In such a room, upholstered furniture should be placed either along the wall or across the room, thereby separating the work area or stationary bed from the rest of the area.

To achieve a beautiful and harmonious overall look, it is desirable to use a minimum number of cabinets. It is advisable to do with floor pedestals and low pencil cases.

If you need to place high models, you should give preference to hinged structures. They are easier to perceive, have a modern design. In addition, during cleaning, the vacuum cleaner and mop do not touch the legs. Cleanliness is achieved with a wave of the hand.

With access to the balcony

The balcony is an extra space. And this is an undeniable plus. This complicates the arrangement of furniture. The fact is that if we work with a regular window, you can put a sofa or a bed in front of it. When a door is added to the overall picture, then it is automatically necessary to allocate space for the movement of the sash, as well as for another passage 1 m wide.

In this case, the location of the sofa or bed near the window is difficult. The sleeping place is transferred to the opposite or side wall.

However, an insulated balcony can become a small office with a work desk and a small closet for storage. As an alternative, you can offer a tea area with a small sofa or cafe-style dining set.

In any case, first of all, think over the functionality of the hall, and then, using this base, select the stylistic design and invite designers. With this approach, you will always enjoy the interior.

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