Tile for an apron in the kitchen: photo ideas and design

Tile for an apron in the kitchen: photo ideas and design

Tile for an apron in the kitchen: photo ideas and design

Tile for an apron in the kitchen: photo ideas and design 2018-10-06

An apron is a mandatory attribute of every modern kitchen. Easily soiled surfaces in the cooking area make it indispensable.

In our article we will talk about the design of an apron for a tile kitchen. How to choose it, about its varieties, sizes, modernable colors and trends this year. See current photo ideas that will help you make the right choice.

What is an apron tile?

Tile boar

The most popular choice of the majority is this tile. Has different sizes:

  • The most popular is 7.5 × 15.
  • There are also – 10 × 20, 15 × 30, 7.5 × 30.

The most commonly used white boar tile for an apron.

The color is selected according to the interior of the room and can have any color scheme.

A popular trend this year is the decorated boar tile.

Classic styling is used

And herringbone


Creates various patterns and makes the cooking area interesting.


This tile creates an imitation of brick or stone. Perfectly zones the workspace.


The rhombus tile on the backsplash is the highlight of the interior, making it interesting and modern.

It can be a classic tile, originally located.

honeycomb tile

Can go as an independent element.

Or be part of the decoration when finishing the wall.

small squares

Such tiles are often used to decorate individual areas.


The tile not only differs in size and shape, but also in the composition of the manufacture.


Huge variety of sizes, designs, shapes. Ceramics has been a classic for many years in the market of finishing materials.


Usually used to achieve a shiny surface.


It will make your apron brighter, but at the same time, more easily soiled.

Mirror tiles with facet

Matte coating

The obvious plus is ease of use, does not get very dirty.

Popular colors and colors of backsplash tiles

2018 pleases buyers with a variety of tile color palettes.


White tiles will add airiness to your kitchen.


Perfectly merges with the color of the headset


Soft pastel color will match almost any furniture


For those who want a bright mood. A kitchen with such an apron looks juicy.


Loft style lovers choose black.

black and white


Associated with the classics and chosen with the expectation of many years.

coffee tile


Creates a sunny mood

With drawing


trendy patterns will make your apron attractive and interesting.


Creates a complete portrait from a tile.

Combination options

For those who want to make the work area original.

Patchwork + Light Tile

Patchwork + Brown Square Tile

Honeycombs with a pattern on a white background

Classic tiles with gray

How to calculate tiles for an apron?

We suggest you use a convenient calculator for calculating tiles for an apron.

An illustrative example of different tile laying options

Real examples of backsplash tiles in the interior of ordinary apartments

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