Trendy and stylish wenge color kitchen design

Fashionable and stylish wenge color kitchen design

Trendy and stylish wenge color kitchen design

The wenge-colored kitchen has become a classic in the 21st century. A decade ago, this shade was incredibly in demand, but even when interest in it faded a little, many still love the original coloring. Now it is gaining popularity again and is actively used in the interior.

What are the shades of wenge

Manufacturers today produce an imitation of wenge using various film materials, stains, and wax coatings. Or they make furniture with African wood veneer, but it costs more.

On a note!

Wenge color is almost never found in its natural form, since natural raw materials are an expensive rarity. Felling of trees of this species is almost never carried out.

Usually on the market there is furniture of this color, pasted over with film material. Many people think that wenge is only a rich brown with a lot of light veins. But natural wood has more shades: the color depends on the age and the part where the cut was made. The shade can be from milk to almost dark chocolate. Often there are purple tones or burgundy.

Wenge subtones are called:

  • melinge – cold chocolate;
  • tsavo – warm medium-saturated;
  • aruba – dark with burgundy inclusions.

All colors are trendy. They fit well into the interior, made in different styles.

Features of the design of the kitchen color wenge

Dark brown shades and a variety of undertones are used for kitchen interiors in different styles. Wenge does not distract, does not act irritatingly, does not strain during cooking and eating. This color, on the contrary, calms and adjusts to the positive. A well-known fact from psychological color perception: each shade in its own way affects a person, his behavior and mood. The color of African wood is a great choice for a kitchen space.

The combination of wenge with other colors

It is important to understand what colors unique wenge is combined with. Furniture of rare colors is rarely made in one shade. Usually dark wood is combined with other wenge tones:

Dark bottom, light top
  • soft wood and bleached oak (or cappuccino) – a classic, traditionally used in the form of “dark bottom, light top”;
  • combining the bottom of wenge furniture with imitation walnut at the top, you should be scrupulous about the shades: both woods can be warm or cold, it’s right to create a tandem in the same color temperature;
  • combined furniture with shamani creates a unique performance in the interior.

The current use case is the symbiosis of African wood with pure white. The kitchen on a light background does not look uncomfortable.

With pure white

On a note!

If you add glass or metal details to the white gloss, you get a modernable hi-tech.

The combination of wenge with heavenly, pistachio, lilac is relevant. The more complex the shade, the more expensive the kitchen set looks.

With lilac

Classic – a combination of ebony with vanilla. But this is no longer relevant. Therefore, it is right to forget the traditional symbiosis with milk, preferring a different light color.

with vanilla

If you want, you can create a more active kitchen interior by making the walls bright. But for small spaces, this option is not suitable.

Bright design

What countertop to choose for the kitchen

Due to the fact that the facade of the wenge kitchen set is already bright, it is right to choose a light countertop. It will give the overall interior lightness and weightlessness.

The wenge kitchen set with a beige marble panel looks great. A more modern solution is terrazzo.

Beige countertop

It is better to abandon the texture of wood in favor of a plain glossy surface or stone. The African tree goes well with them.

Choice of finishes

Which wallpaper to choose is no less an urgent question. Dark wood kitchens are self-sufficient. So that the cabinets do not look very cumbersome, they are placed on a light background. Well, if the kitchen has a white ceiling, walls, flooring under oak, alder, walnut board.

On a note!

Light walls get dirty easily and quickly, therefore it is correct and practical to choose moisture-resistant paint, ceramics, and washable panels for decoration.

Which apron for the kitchen is better to choose

The apron in the kitchen, as well as a small part of the wall, is often veneered with wenge, plastic that imitates the shade of African wood. When a luxury-class interior is taken, even natural raw materials, which are almost immune to the action of moisture and fat, will do.

The apron can also be made of colored glass, ceramic tiles. Decorate it with various patterns in the chosen style. The apron is traditionally combined in color with the countertop, kitchen decoration, and decor.

Textiles and accessories

Curtains in the kitchen may not be. In addition, trends today actively recommend abandoning textiles in this room. Open windows are especially good in small kitchens. They visually enlarge the room, as if filling the room with air.

Another suggestion from the designers: when the corner is placed under the window, there is no need for curtains. Especially in those kitchens where there is a sink or table opposite the window.

If it seems uncomfortable without curtains, they are chosen not to match the color of the headset, but to the style of the overall design: beige, dusty pink, ashy are suitable for classics. Red, fuchsia, aquamarine, purple will perfectly complement the kitchen in a modern design.

Types of textiles for windows are selected in accordance with the size of the room. In large ones, you can hang curtains with tulle, in small ones it is right to prefer roller blinds.

As for accessories, they can be anything. The main thing is to match the overall style of the interior and not overload the space.

What furniture to choose for a wenge kitchen

Furniture in the color of a rare African tree looks advantageous against the background of light walls, suitable for interiors in various styles: modern, hi-tech, classic, oriental. This is proved by real photos in modern magazines on the interior.

On a note!

Naturally, it is not necessary to look for pieces of furniture made from rare and expensive African wood. Among manufacturers, wenge veneer is relevant, which perfectly replaces natural material.

Kitchens in this trendy color are offered by many brands. In the choice of design, configuration, the flight of fantasy is unlimited. Everything is limited only by the financial capabilities of the consumer. The colors of such products are multifaceted, which makes it possible to choose the perfect set for any style. Having listened to the recommendations of the designers, it will be possible to independently create a cozy wenge kitchen.

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